Blind Gossip Hints that Travolta's Are Next to Divorce!

Discussion in 'Celebrity News' started by Anonymous, Jul 16, 2012.

  1. moarxenu Member

    This is all just so sad.

    Scientology is John Travolta's ruin and Tom Cruise's as well. These are not happy people let alone some sort sort of homines novi.
  2. The Wrong Guy Member

    5 Reasons John Travolta is Definitely, Absolutely NOT Gay - LA Weekly

    5. He's a Scientologist. Forget all the things you've heard about Scientology allegedly blackmailing stars with reportedly checkered pasts. This religion does not welcome gay behavior. Founder L. Ron Hubbard called homosexuality a "perversion." Scientology's San Diego outpost even supported Prop. 8, the California law, under review by the U.S. Supreme Court, that bans same-sex marriage. Travolta couldn't have chosen a less-gay belief system, besides maybe gun collecting or woman-on-man massages.

    The full article is at
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Dumb article is dumb. Because he's a pilot, he's not gay? Wow....that's insulting to all gay pilots.
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  4. rickybobby Member

    No, he's not gay, because no self-respecting gay man would be caught with that CATERPILLAR on his chin. That's just nasty.
  5. Anonymous Member

    There's a nice cover spread this week about John T and Kelly getting divorced.
    Talk of $220 million.
    The Enquirer has the scoop.
  6. pbb91a46vhp8aep19kq6.jpeg
  7. Anonymous Member

    I don't care if he's gay or not.

    Is he bald?

    That's what I want to know.
  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Anonymous Member

    Not only is he bald, but he wears too much makeup.
  10. The Wrong Guy Member


    April 9, 2013

    By Maggie Harbour and Michael Glynn

    John Travolta and his wife Kelly Preston are headed toward a $220 million divorce!

    That’s what pals of the couple are telling The Enquirer, and sources say that humiliated Kelly told her hubby of 21 years that they’re through for good unless he becomes more supportive of her career.

    “Kelly has had it up to here with John,” confided a source close to the couple. “She’s tired of always having to take care of their family while he goes off gallivanting around the globe, for work or pleasure. Now it’s her time.”

    Continued at
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  11. Anonymous Member

    No mention of Scientology, or of their super duper "marriage counseling" where the company gets to interrogate and browbeat into submission the party they believe might be quitting the cult, or perhaps just not giving away their life savings fast enough.

    I wonder in this case which side the Scientology corporation will take...
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  12. Bipolart Member

    His beard, er, wife, was on Letterman last night. She is really showing her age. David said "God Bless you" at the end of the interview, haha. He also said Travolta was pissed at him for not attending his Broadway play.
  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta's Latest Boyfriend, Todd Dwayne Holly, Ruins Any Chance of Keeping Kelly Preston | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    By Cate Meighan

    Either Kelly Preston is the most long-suffering wife in Hollywood, or else for the last 23 years she has had some hefty secrets of her own that were masked by her marriage to John Travolta. Either way, it looks like things have totally imploded between the couple and that $220 million divorce battle is about to proceed full speed ahead. John has been plagued by accusations of sexual battery by more than one masseuse and of course he has adamantly denied any wrong doing. He also denied having a gay sexual relationship for seven years with his former pilot.

    Kelly has stood by her man through mountains of bull shit but the latest situation for some reason seems to be the proverbial straw to break the camel’s back. According to the April 29th print edition of National Enquirer John has gotten extremely close to L.A. Based photographer, Todd Dwayne Holly, who is said to be little more than a glorified obsessed fan of the actor. Apparently Holly shot John’s Grease take-off video last year and the two bonded over personal issues. They both lost a son and understood each others’ pain. The fact that Holly’s studio is covered in photos of John doesn’t seem to creep him out. Instead he was happy to take a 28 hour train ride with Holly and the two men were caught in a compromising position.

    Continued at
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  14. Anonymous Member

    "Either Kelly Preston is the most long-suffering wife in Hollywood"
    hell no
    "Kelly has stood by her man through mountains of bull shit "
    uh... again no.
    Kelly isn't Lucille Ball!

    although I love that they are exposing stuff about Travolta, they are cluleless when it comes to Kelly.

    Dear Celebdirtylaundry, (in IMO)
    get yer facts straight. (no pun intended)
    Kelly knows all about John and everything else and has been living the lie just like Johhny boy. Their marriage is for appearances only and she has gone along with this charade for years. Oh! and Kelly is also supporting an insidious, money grubbing cult which has a branch of drug rehab that is killing people. You know... it's called Narconon.
    The same drug rehab they put their son Jett through (the Purification Rundown) and that Kelly ahd Johnny endorsed in Hawaii.
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  15. The Wrong Guy Member


    JOHN TRAVOLTA’s marriage to Kelly Preston has exploded under the strain of his gay sex scandals, his indifference about her sputtering career and a mystery man with a shocking past who’s come between them, say sources.


    “John and Kelly put on a happy face while on vacation Down Under in early April,” said an insider. “But the truth is that John rushed his family halfway around the world to smooth things out with Kelly and cover up her frustration about their union.”

    The latest blow to the marriage is Travolta’s close friendship with a 42-year-old obsessed fan and occasional photographer for Travolta, who goes by the name of Rav Holly. The ENQUIRER can reveal that his real name is Todd Dwayne Holly, and sources say they were introduced by a mutual friend and initially bonded because they’d both lost their young sons. Travolta’s boy Jett died at age 16, and Holly’s son Patrick killed himself in his early 20s.

    Holly, a photographer based in L.A., directed Travolta’s widely ridiculed video, “I Think You Might Like It,” which the actor made with his “Grease” co-star Olivia Newton-John and was released with their 2012 holiday album, “This Christmas.”

    As The ENQUIRER’s exclusive photo shows, Holly has taken to dressing just like his idol – in a black T-shirt and jeans – and he’s adopted the same hairstyle. Meanwhile, a source close to the Holly family says his photography studio is plastered with photos of the “Pulp Fiction” star, and Holly “constantly gushes about his friendship with John.”

    As The ENQUIRER previously reported, Travolta and Holly recently spent 28 hours together on a train ride from San Antonio, Texas, to L.A. An eyewitness on the train says that for most of the trip, they stayed in Holly’s cramped compartment with the door locked and curtains drawn. A source close to Holly, however, insists he is not gay!

    But Holly has been hiding a dark past from his famous pal. The ENQUIRER has discovered that Holly was arrested in 2002 for allegedly beating his then-14-year-old son Patrick and chaining him to a bed.

    Officers responding to a tip found Patrick in the kitchen with a chain padlocked to his right ankle. The teenager had a “swollen blackened right eye” and “redness and swelling” to his left side, according to the affidavit.

    Patrick said his father had beaten him after he took the family vehicle without permission, according to police. The teen also said his father had previously hit him in the back with a hockey stick, and tried to run him over while he was intoxicated. “(Patrick)...stated that his mother and father had chained him to his bed to prevent him from leaving the residence,” according to the affidavit.

    Holly pleaded guilty to intentionally and knowingly causing bodily injury to Patrick in December 2002. He received four years probation and a $1,000 fine, but violated probation and was jailed almost a month later.

    While behind bars, court documents say he made outrageous claims that the food and water were poisoned, leading a medical doctor to determine that Travolta’s new pal “has a severe mental illness, major depressive disorder with psychotic features.”

    Sadly, Patrick killed himself with a gunshot to the head on Jan. 7, 2010.

    “It’s impossible to say for sure if Patrick’s father abused him regularly, but Patrick let certain things slip from time to time, indicating their relationship was very strained,” a former Holly family friend told The ENQUIRER.

    According to court documents obtained by The ENQUIRER, Holly and his now ex-wife, Patricia, also filed for Chapter 13 bankruptcy in 2004, owing nearly $75,000.

    “It’s no wonder (Holly) is hiding from his past and using a different name in California,” said the former family friend. “No doubt John Travolta will flip his lid when he finds out his new friend’s real story.”

    The ENQUIRER caught up with Holly at a Long Beach, Calif., gas station on April 7, but when he was approached by a reporter and asked about his relationship with Travolta and the abuse charges against his son, he uttered “no comment” and drove off.

    Another source told The ENQUIRER: “Kelly knows Rav and she doesn’t care for him one bit, which makes John’s friendship with him even worse for their marriage.

    “John told Kelly his train trip with Rav was all business and begged Kelly not to divorce him. He repeated over and over again that he loves her, little Ben and [their 13-year-old daughter] Ella Bleu more than anything on earth.”


    “Everyone is wondering what is wrong with Kelly,” said a source. “She seems to go merrily along with John, accompanying him around the world and even showing him affection.

    “But it’s just a matter of time before she pulls the plug on their marriage. I mean, how much can one woman take?”

    There's more at
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  16. PTS Member

    I wonder who will get custody of the 707?
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  17. JohnnyRUClear Member

    The more you suffer, the more it shows you really care.
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  18. John seems to be taking a leaf from Jodie Foster's book, just living a more openly gay life without ever making an explicit announcement. I can respect that. I mean, why does anyone ever have to announce their sexual orientation, except to someone that's hitting on you?

    Now if only he'd replace all of LRH's books with Jodie Foster's.
  19. The Wrong Guy Member

    Kelly Preston Collapses After $200 Million John Travolta Divorce | Celeb Dirty Laundry

    By Roberta Ferguson on May 29, 2013


    We have all heard the reports of something being terribly wrong in the marriage between John Travolta and Kelly Preston. Basically, I think we’ve all been waiting to hear the news straight from these two that he really just likes men, their religion is stupid and there was something fishy about their son Jet’s death. Would any of that really be shocking?

    John and Kelly are once again featured on the cover of the latest issue of the National Enquirer. The tabloid reports that Kelly has collapsed after having some issues with a cocaine and pot addiction. Interesting that they would report that she has an addiction, which we really don’t think she has. If she did, wouldn’t she have already been in rehab? Or is that against the Scientology stuff. Those Scientolo-weirdos would detox her like a boss, no?

    Continued at
  20. Anonymous Member

    I don't really care if Kelly tokes up or if John's a flamer, but their hypocrisy pisses me off.
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  21. "Interesting that they would report that she has an addiction, which we really don’t think she has. If she did, wouldn’t she have already been in rehab? Or is that against the Scientology stuff. Those Scientolo-weirdos would detox her like a boss, no?"

    WTF, they've never heard of Narconon!?
  22. RightOn Member

    I can't stand celebritylaundrythey always do a poor job and are very uninformed. The only good thing about their coverage is that they usually speak about Cruise. Travolta and Kelly in a humorous and negative way.
    Those two really have to shit or get off the pot (no pun intended)
  23. The Wrong Guy Member

    Kelly Preston...had hoped to revive her career by starring in the pilot of a new sitcom, Keep Calm and Karey On, but ABC passed on the series.

    “Kelly is opting to view this setback as a blessing in disguise,” said an insider. “She sees it as a sign that she should make her family a priority. Now she’ll have the time and energy to focus on salvaging her troubled marriage."
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  24. RightOn Member

    There was a recent article in the Daily Mail saying that Gandolfini helped Travolta with depression after Jett died and wouldn't leave until he felt better. I guess the tech wasn't working good enough.
    But I am too lazy to look it up now.
    They also said that Travolta was planning on helping the Gandolfini family deal with his tragic death or something. Watch out Gandolfini's!
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  25. amaX Member

    I saw that, too, RO. Please don't let the cult vultures descend on the Gandolfini family.
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  26. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta: 'I don't think I would be here without Scientology' | The Guardian

    By Carmen Gray


    Scientology has had so much negative press. Why?

    Well, you know, I love Scientology. I've been involved for 38 years, and I don't think I'd be here without it because I've had a lot of losses and different negative things that have happened over the years and it really got me through brilliantly. I would walk in to a session feeling one way and walk out feeling a lot better.

    You were raised a Catholic. What is it that Scientology gives you that Catholicism couldn't?

    There are techniques for actually ridding you of stresses and pain as opposed to an advisory or recommendation on how to live. I believe L Ron Hubbard resolved the human mind, and in resolving it he has also resolved human pain – that's what I really think has happened here.
  27. Anonymous Member

    They must be holding some huge crap over his head to come out with this now, especially at a time when Scientology is one of the biggest laughing stocks around.
    Hey John, tell them to fuck off and that you won't be disseminating for them any longer.
    Whatever they got on you doesn't matter. Your career has suffered enough. Do you really think you are saving your career by doing this? You are ruining it further.

    Of course this is MY opinion that they are dangling something over his head, and I don't mean DM's yiny balls.
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  28. The Wrong Guy Member

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  29. AnyOldName Member

    This is sad. Almost feel sorry for him. He's (proally) gay, can't face it. He has problems working through his emotional issues - self-imposed "guilt" for being homosexual (Catholic + Scientologist=homophobic), loss of a child (does it get worse for a parent?), etc. The mindfuck numbs his emotions so he can semi-function.
  30. The Wrong Guy Member

    You did notice that he sidestepped the issue of negative press, right?
  31. AnyOldName Member

    Yep. Just like they all do. He decided the "positive" was how it made him an emotionless zombie.
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  32. The Wrong Guy Member

    John Travolta’s Heaven: Now In Video Form! | Dlisted

    John Travolta was happier than a Corgi in a kiddie pool two weeks ago when he shot a Ypióca commercial in Rio with a trio of hot, shirtless Brazilian pieces and here’s the finished product. This really is John Travolta’s heaven. A few seconds into his heavenly dream, he comes across a jogging lady and thinks to himself, “Glitch! Glitch! For why is this woman in my idea of heaven?” Then after he strolls onto the sand, he comes across a hard ball which leads him to a bunch of shirtless dudes. Heaven fully reached!

    Continued at

    Video: Watch John Travolta's Embarrassing Brazilian Commercial | TooFab

    Awkward alert!

    Remember when John Travolta was photographed dancing on the beach in Brazil with a bunch of shirtless soccer studs? Well, now we know why!

    The actor was down there filming a commercial for Ypioca cachaca and the finished product is one of the most ridiculous things we've seen since his cringeworthy Christmas video with Olivia Newton-John.

    Continued at
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  33. Waiting For The Future
  34. Poor John. Perhaps he's gotten some bad botox and/or plastic surgery: his color is frankly not good or natural unless the make-up people on this shoot were into livid corpse shades. Bad make-up, but lord knows what they had to start with.

    He looks like grey gay zombie Travolta shambling down the beach, no doubt the follow up to those scenes shows him eating the brains of his tablemates sometime after drinkies.
  35. dupe, sorry, something's going on on my end...
  36. Reflection
  37. The Wrong Guy Member

    Somewhat relevant. (Slow news day.)

    EXCLUSIVE: Grease star Olivia Newton-John hires priest to perform home exorcism | Daily Express

    By Paul Thompson, September 22, 2013

    Olivia Newton-John has held an exorcism after a builder committed suicide inside her waterfront home in Florida.

    The Grease star flew in a Catholic priest to cast out the victim’s spirit in a bid to reassure potential buyers that the £4.5million property wasn’t haunted.

    The singer, her husband and two friends attended the spiritual cleansing last week during which prayers were said and holy water sprinkled around the rooms. The ceremony took place after builder Christopher Pariseletti committed suicide by shooting himself in the head in the house earlier this month.

    His body was found by a contractor who arrived while the property was empty. Pariseletti had worked on the property in Jupiter, Florida, and had a key. He is thought to have been in financial difficulty with his business facing closure. Friends of the depressed builder said he had asked Olivia, 64, for a loan to keep his company going. It is thought the singer refused to help and one theory is that by killing himself inside her house he knew it would make it difficult to sell.

    At the time, the four-bedroom home was reportedly under offer from US TV personality Rosie O’Donnell. She pulled out of the deal after the suicide, prompting Olivia to hold the spiritual cleansing.

    In an effort to find a new buyer she has also slashed more than £200,000 from the asking price – but still there are no takers. An estate agent in Orlando said the gruesome death of Pariseletti, who had helped re-model the property in 2011, had put off many buyers.

    “Unfortunately there is a grim notoriety to the house and people are put off by that."

    “Whoever buys the home will always know that someone blew their brains out in there. It is not the nicest housewarming present.”

    Continued at
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