blocking just got tighter?

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by sarakhs, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. sarakhs Member

    As September 20th I think blocking has just got tighter! :(
    VPN PPTP port is blocked altogether!! vpn clients like Your-Freedom that provide free services for Iranians don't work anymore! SSL protocol was blocked for several hours yesterday too!
    strangest of all, I can't connect to TOR either! even by setting alternate bridges! I thought TOR was more resistant to this kind of attack!! (are they blocking any specific ports for that?). this is so frustrating!
    I really hope Austin would release a public version of Haystack ASAP, we are all looking forward to that!
  2. change ports?

    does it make sense, then, to start running Tor bridges on port 80?

    also, you can tunnel ssh via http i beleive...
  3. Azad Member

    I'm sorry to say that i have to confirm what sarakhs mentioned. They have managed to block all your freedom servers. Still no luck on TOR either (i've never been able to effectively use tor, either it doesn't connect at all or it's too slow to be of any use). I've heard it is possible to connect to yourfreedom servers via the CGI protocol but i have no idea how. I'd really appreciate any info on how to appropriately configure tor or yf so they will work again. I'm getting desperate!
  4. maxoud Member

    Most of the people in Iran usually use freegate or U95. They are much faster than Tor or other proxies. It's a while that freegate is not working but U95 is still the best one. On Friday u95 was not working either but now it's ok and is working properly.
  5. I have to confirm that TOR network is still inaccessible in Iran (well, I can confirm that on my own ISP, Shatel). Up until friday, I was able to connect to TOR network directly but now it cannot create a single circuit. Even I tried to use bridges but no luck with them either. The funny thing is everything else seems to be back to normal again (I can access Yahoo Mail, Gmail, many HTTPS websites, even some anti-censorship softwares such as U95, Phzilla, etc is working again) but TOR doesn't work!! (which means they fear TOR the most!)
    I believe they are using some sort of sophisticated deep packet inspection which is capable of censoring everything. But as it has been proved after this friday as well as 2 month ago, they don't use it unless it is necessary. This way porn guys won't need a new way of accessing the internet (which can decrease their power on the net) and in the same time it will not be very helpful to the protesters.
  6. Jakomeyu Member

    there are other alternate servers, do they work?

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