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Discussion in 'France' started by Ann O'Nymous, Feb 8, 2011.

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    Une rencontre fabriquée de toute pièce (voir l'épilogue), mais qui résume bien les choses, à mon avis.
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  3. ran it through

    The thick fog hardly starts to be dissipated with the top of the tracks of the airport of Roissy when I see the fine silhouette of my guest in the hall of the hotel. Why this maintenance? You will know it at the end of this article!
    “The night was once again too short” entrusts Dr. Black to me who finishes the drafting of some emails before closing the protected connection of his laptop and to arrange his dongle 3G in its pocket.
    It is not yet this time that we will be able to benefit from a Parisian good food, my flight for Amsterdam east at 1 p.m.” says me it while smiling!

    After the usual exchanges of courtesy, we return very quickly in the sharp one of this subject and my impatience is as large as my list of questions is long.
    Dr. Black, in which year do you have join Anonymous?
    I was very impressed by the 9000 warriors mobilized for “Great Habbo Raid” of 2006. Thus in 2007, I could not resist emulously to take part in the raid. I am not sure that one spoke at the time of Anonymous
    In 2007 however, do the media quote already a group called Anonymous?
    Yes, I believe that at the time of the operation Hal Turner, the Anonymous term appeared in the press. It is especially with the Forcand business in Canada that the police force will speak about a group named Internet Vigilant Group and to attach it to a more total group: Anonymous.
    The following year, in 2008, it is the Chanology project and the beginning of the DDoS attacks…
    Yes, when the Church of Scientology asks for the suppression of a video posted on asserting YouTube of a violation of Copyright. The response is then containing attacks of the Denial-of-service type against the Web sites of the organization, of the telephone hoaxes and the massive sending of Black Faxes, of the entirely black pages, faxed in loop. The claims there are clearly signed Anonymous.
    … and appearance of the mask of V?
    At the time of the demonstrations of 2008 against the Church of Scientology, several demonstrations will gather from 7000 to 8000 people in many big cities of the whole world. To avoid all reprisals, the manisfestants carry the mask of V, character of the banse drawn V for Vendetta.
    At the time, you are also shown attacks against Epilepsy Foundation off America?
    If you allow it, I will remain very careful on this history. The magazine Wired News showed members of the Anonymous group to have introduced messages and JavaScript animations on the site of the forum of this association, with an aim of causing migraines and convulsions at the people epileptics. Even the FBI did not take with serious this charge and much think that it is about a counter-offensive related to the Chanology project.
    And already, the ambiguous role of the forum 4chan takes shape?
    Which is the role of 4chan? Here is an excellent question! Much believed a long time that 4chan was the single place of gathering of Anonymous. The truth is however elsewhere, like known as Mulder (laughter). Yes, this forum is an anonymous forum and certain exchanges of matter started for example the DDoS attacks against the site Support Online Hip Hop in 2008, but it forever asserted like property and official den of Anonymous.
    You wish to evoke the operation Youtube Porn Day?
    Not for multiple reasons: many a vidéos pornographic, masked under attractive titles or headings for children or families, was downloaded on the site YouTube at the beginning of 2009. Certain media still brought back there operational instructions incentive to these uploads, which emanated from the forum 4chan. However, nothing made it possible to imply the group of Anonymous in this operation.
    2009 become then for you one pivotal year in the political struggle…
    All starts at the time of the Iranian presidential elections and the riots which were followed from there. Vis-a-vis the censure in the country, the group of Anonymous and The Pirate Bay launch a site of support and information which will gather to 22000 members. Then the operations Didgeridie (DDoS attacks) will follow and Titstorm (défacements) against the Australian authorities which wished to found a legislation relating to the filtering of the Web sites. What was considered per much Anonymous as a form of censure of Internet.
    … and 2010 mark the arrival of more media operations like Payback?
    Payback, it is the sprinkled sprinkler (laughter)! Several companies Indian elects the company Aiplex Software to conduct DDoS attacks off against the sites refusing the injunctions of closing of have-rights like Motion Picture Association America. Anonymous are organized then to counter-attack and launch operations of DDoS of an extreme scale. In the tread, other attacks against have-rights of music industry will take place.
    And like the Father Christmas, Anonymous were very generous in December…
    Generous of number of attacks, certainly! It should be said that the topicality international policy is there for much: the publication of the diplomatic cables by the Wikileaks site involved an important modification of the positions of unquestionable actors, those which hébergaient the data or ensured logistics necessary to the collection of funds for Wikileaks. Arrive then the operation Avenge Aussange and the DDoS attacks of the sites of Amazon, PayPal, MasterCard, Visa and of a Swiss bank. The last events in Tunisia and Egype are also the source of new attacks these last weeks.
    Do you consider the better technically organized organization today?
    Incontestably bus of the new means were installed these last years to ensure the diffusion of certain tools, Low Orbit Ion Canon for example, which was at the beginning only one application to stress the networks. Like any other organization, the presence on Internet results in a blog current events, AnonOps Communications, a site dedicated to infrastructures IRC, AnonOps Network, a radio operator Internet and the emergence of local or national chapters. Would Anonymous thus have a physical localization? Yes, a Bulletproof shelterer domiciled in Panama!
    With the final one, if I asked you to define Anonymous, that would answer me you?
    Contrary to the definition which comes to mind from many people, Anonymous is not somebody which one is unaware of the name or the identity. I will define it rather as a person who is not known or not even recognized. Each and everyone could then, at a given moment, vis-a-vis a situation which it considers unjust or by which it feels not recognized, to join a group without name and leader, that one would call the anonymities. Didn't one allot many works of the beginning of the XXème century to painters says “main anonymities”?
    Epilogue and important note of the writer
    This article is unfortunately only one pure fiction and raises only of the phantasm that it would know possible to in due form obtain to an interview person claiming to be expressed in the name of Anonymous.
    Make exposed have nevertheless like source the many articles published on Wikipédia and Encyclopedia Dramatica and which approach the various operations allotted to Anonymous.
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    intéressant (ou pas)
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