"Blue collar revolution" VOA translation re: Iran's economy

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Twister, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Twister Member

    With all thanks to @homylafayette (yet again) today's tweets as follows:

    Sharing as I found this interesting. To those in a position to know: how accurate is this? Is not the 'blue movement' part of the greens?

    Again, thanks to @homylafayette.
  2. Dro Member

  3. Twister Member

    Ty Dro, have read them and why I felt this was relevant. If mods feel appropriate, please add to either thread.

  4. No, blue is different. To make green you have to dilute blue with yellow. ;)

    The days of diluting are over.

    Very timely interview... :cool:
  5. If nothing other, this will surely drive the current regime into extinction.

    Many people can put up without legal liberty, freedom of actions and speech, but there are not many out there who could put up without a living. If people get unemployed or impoverished, that will get the entire nation aflame.

    There was another interesting thread on this forum, comparing China with Iran. But China had welfare, money and economic prosperity to offer to people in exchange for their freedom. I ask you: Does Iran have anything to give in exchange for the tortures, show trials and mass executions? Speeches of Jihad will not quench people's hunger!
  6. A very similar situation happened in the last revolution.

    The original sporadic protests in late 77/early 78 were mostly by the religious sector motivated by ideology, and the middle class fed up by political oppression and rampant inflation. The government responded in part by stopping many large scale development projects to curb the inflation, which in turn laid off large numbers of unemployed laborers and turned them into street protesters. This was the turning point that made riots a daily occurrence beginning in later Summer/early Fall of 78.

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