Blue Jacking in the name of anti-scinetology

Discussion in 'Projects' started by mtlanon, Jan 30, 2008.

  1. mtlanon Member

    Blue Jacking in the name of anti-scinetology

    I have been doing this for the past few days.

    Alot of phones these days have blue tooth and the ability to send contacts between each other.
    So what I've done is changed my bluetooth name to "Google chanology" and I created a contact named "Scientology must be stopped"
    no more info on that contact, if you need a phone number choose 555-5555

    then you go to a public location with lotsa people and open your contact list, select the contact and choose "send" you then should have a choice of methods, choose "bluetooth" and it will then scan the area for bluetooth phones. You then then proceed to go trough the list and send the contact to anything that comes up. (Unfortunately this part is manual)
    some phones will accept the contact right away, others won't if it doesn't go through within 5-10 seconds just cancel and go to the next one on the list.
    wash rinse repeat..

    the person receiving the contact will get a message on their phone reading along the lines of

    You are being sent a contact from
    "Google Chanology"
    "Scientology must be stopped"
  2. Atomosk Member

    sounds legal, and may get people curious

    well played, Anon
  3. L.the.Anon Member

    Great idea actually.
    It will probably work best in public spaces with lots of people, but could get some attention in places with less people as well.
  4. mtlanon Member

    I made a edit to my original post, I mistakenly made it sound like the phone will send to everyone on its own, that is not the case after it scans you will then need to select a bluetooth phone to try and send to.

    sorry for the misinformation.

    there are some bluetooth enabled devices that you can get a software for that will brodcast contacts though.
  5. mtlanon Member

    and yes its 100% legal.
  6. how about creating some fake accounts on Facebook... since everybodys now has a Fagbook account, create a pseudo-realistic dude, upload some crappy random photos and as soon as you get approoved start spamming the "I bet I can find 1,000,000 person who ..." groups walls and so on. You might get deleted/banned but who cares, we'll bet on the admins/mods reaction time of those groups.
  7. Violajoker Member

    How 'bout we don't spam? Create groups all you want though. Spamming only irritates people we want to support us.
  8. L.the.Anon Member

    Anon agrees with Violajoker, no spam, that just gets people annoyed.
  9. anonipanda Member

    Better idea, just send info on this to someone your good friends with, and have them send some to some else they know, etc. Like a chain letter, just a pass it along kind of thing. Maybe. Though I think that's already happening in some form.
  10. mtlanon Member

    How did this turn into a facebook thread from a bluejacking thread? *blink*
  11. Atomosk Member

    Legal ways to use networks in order to spread Chanology
  12. mtlanon Member

    ah my bad.
  13. DamOTclese Member

    I like it!

    I like this beneficial useage of technology.

    My opinions only and only my opinions.

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