Bob and Trish Duggan propping up South Africa Scientology Ideal Orgs

Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by CommunicatorIC, Mar 21, 2014.

  1. Let's not forget, '' have '' .

    Even ''non-Scientologists but'' get in on the fun.

    Scientologists say such things like that all the time even though there is something rather odd about such usage; like the taste of ever so slightly spoiled milk, drinkable yes, but just a little off putting.

    I expect that like Detective Stephen Bohling we will all talk like that soon because the world's fastest growing religion can't help but influence the English language because it is so awesome.

    So remember to use the word, ''have'' as well. I can have that.
  2. dwest Member

    This is putting it nicely. It needs a full rehab. Their FB page hasn't been used in over a year, they didn't know which booklet TWTH was when I asked for a copy two years ago, and it's often vacant.

    The musty smell is gawd awful, reminding me of a burst underwater pipe. At best it would seem like a "Mission" not an org.
  3. RightOn Member

    I like the way this sounds
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  4. dwest Member

    Article about possibilities of the Santa Barbara building up for sale. Rumor mill wondering if the Duggans will buy it for an ideal org. You can see a bit how it's run down in these photos

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  5. 962

    Church of Scientology For Sale?
    updated: Apr 14, 2014, 7:45 AM

    By Beachbummer
    Is the church of scientology really for sale? I always wanted to be another l. Ron Hubbard when I grew up..
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    2014-04-15 09:04 AM

    Bob & Trish Duggan are billionaires who used to live at Hope Ranch. They have donated a couple hundred million to Scientology and are their largest ever donors. They will probably buy the building and pay to have it remodeled into what Scientology calls an "Ideal Org". The Duggan's have been doing this all over the world for Scientology.
  6. RolandRB Member

    I would flock in there so long as it had deep pile carpets and at least one grand crystal chandelier in the entrance hall - all according to LRH's wishes and set out in his Policy Letters.
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  7. Quentinanon Member

    I predict that Bob Duggan will be first in line to succeed David Miscavige. Tom Cruise can't do the job because he is too busy with his illustrious acting career.
  8. That would be something to see if he did. I suspect he would lose his wog career to start, the one that is making the money to keep these asses afloat. The cash cow company that makes his cancer drug also makes psych drugs. Hellofa conflict of interest potenially goin' on.

    It would be most interesting.;)
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  9. Quentinanon Member

    On the face it certainly does look like a COI, but look underneath the hood:
    Hubbard experimented with psych drugs frequently during his adult life and "it's the greatest good for the greatest number of dynamics." In scientology at the end of the day, it's "MAKE MONEY. MAKE MORE MONEY. MAKE OTHER PEOPLE PRODUCE SO AS TO MAKE MORE MONEY."
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  10. Yes. BUT he will be leader of scientology.

    His employers/contractors have to weigh profits versus millions given to leadership of an organization that that is antagonistic of their livelihood , someone who likely has knowledge of trade secrets and other data.

    I encourage the scenario just for the uncomfortable exchanges.
  11. Nancy Beazley Member

    Reality check: Bob Duggan is 68 years old. He's worth over a billion dollars. He's not going to become the new COB.
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  12. dwest Member

    He is happy where he is right now. I don't see any career shift in his future
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  13. 534

    There's no predicting what a fool who is happy giving Scientology a couple hundred million will do.
  14. dwest Member

    A local has reported the people working at the Org said that once the sale goes through they will be moving/combining with the Ventura org. That's a county over and an hour drive. Besides losing a symbolic and prestigious Org people will be doing a lot of driving or relocating. Very stupid move. Also Ventura doesn't have the money SB does so it's going to be harder to get that Org enough funds to go Ideal.

    In other words, big fail and mission accomplished here soon! I can't wait until proudly we will have this Org closed. Congrats to all who helped this happen by protesting and education of the masses
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  15. Nancy Beazley Member

    Agree with ^^^. Closing Santa Barbara and relocating/combining with Ventura does not upgrade the brand.
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  16. vaLLarrr Member

    Can anyone list the brands of psyche drugs Duggan's company make?

    Could be lulzy trolling material.
  17. His company Phamacyclics doesn't make any. Johnson & Johnson the partner in Pharmacyclics first marketed drug does.
  18. 163

  19. dwest Member

    So according to that, they will be closing our Org and combining in Ventura, just as I was told. Thanks!

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