"Boo-hoo!" Cries thuggish regime over Oxford's new Neda scholarship

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by FreedomForAll-IRAN, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. If you can't do the time, don't do the crime (or crimes)"--My advice to the Supreme Thug and Gang who constantly shoot themselves in the foot, imagining they won't be exposed.

    Writing to Oxford’s chancellor, the embassy expressed surprise at “a politically-motivated move”, which involves the university “n a criminal case which is still under investigation by the Iranian police”.

    The embassy adds that Neda’s death was “far from the scene of protests [which] erupted after the June presidential election”. Indeed, the Iranian officials hint unsubtly, her slaying was part of a “complicated and planned” scenario.

    So, the embassy concludes, “The involvement of the university in Iran’s internal affairs, particularly in the country’s post-election events of which the British media played a leading role, would lead to the loss of the university’s scientific prestige and academic goal. This has nothing to do with the university’s position and goals and will not help Iran and Britain improve their relations.”

    --From Enduring America
  2. If it were not so sad an event I would laugh. These extremely weak attempts to change history are laughable. Could the regime really be so stupid as to believe that anyone outside the regime and it's most fervent supporters might even consider such obvious and blatant lies before rejecting them? We SAW what happened! It is on video for ANYONE to see! How foolish can they be? Don't they realize that things like this continue to devastate what little credibility they may retain?
  3. ManBearPig Member

    I don't think we or the world has ever been witness to such flagrant lies from a government. Sometimes there are doubts about what a regime says, whether Putin or Bush or Chavez. But what's happened in Iran the past six months has been so ridiculously documented that there really isn't any question of what's happening. Yet, the IRI regime comes out with one preposterous lie after another. Do they even expect anybody to believe them? I mean we've gotten to a level now that is beyond Baghdad "no tanks in Iraq" Bob. It's the most pathetic thing I've ever seen.

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