Book 1 auditing - how many hours to Clear

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    I seem to remember the figure of 50 hours to go Clear using Book One auditing and that this is stated somewhere. Can someone track this down?
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    When love-bombing is looked up, this should be the video that shows up first in the results.
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    Nah. Book One will never make you Clear. L Ron Hubbard admitted that in 1958:

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    So actually as I understand it: Nobody goes CLEAR on Dianetics. You can only go DIANETIC CLEAR on Dianetics auditing or not. The state of DIANETIC CLEAR is different to CLEAR. A DIANETIC CLEAR is someone who has no more body problems, such as somatics. WHILE book one auditing (in 1950s) only 2% reached that state called Dianetic Clear. Later while doing Standard Dianetics (about 1965) there was a higher percentage of people making DIANETIC CLEAR. But there where never someone archieving CLEAR on DIANETIC or any step without doing the CLEARING COURSE.

    That's how I got it.
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    As you can see in attatchment (Glossary Of C/S Terms, C/S Series II)

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