Book-a-thon downstats

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A.Non Hubbard, May 25, 2008.

  1. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    So they did manage to sell two copies in Plymouth, thanks for confirming our figures. :grin:

    14 Scilons for at least 6 hours = 84 man hours to gross £20, that's about 48p per man hour gross. That's £2.88 total gross per person. That's keep running a business like that and you bust. Hahahahaha.
  2. Selleck Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    This is pretty much win, Kansas City - 2, rofl. They will never win the midwest.
  3. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Here in SF we put them into a hard pime taradox tailspin. After some hilarious enturbulations, and two very stern Anon-initiated police warnings, our Scilons were forced to concede that the books were "for display only." We got a report later from someone else that at 10:30 pm the Scilons were packing up.

  4. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    How the H#ll at this late date in history are they selling ANY books in Germany? let alone 97 in Berlin? Undoubtedly Scilons are buying these.
  5. Aeros Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I wonder what the Scilons think to have there own "tech" of using the law turned on them?
  6. Pirate Anon Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Um, if this is true then we need to organize raids where we empty them out for 0$.

    It's possible that they might HAVE to give them to whoever wants one in which case there are major lulz to be had.
  7. Baconator Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Philadelphia - 0

    Uh oh...looks like Bruce isnt doing too well with his book sales!
  8. tazor Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    If an org has a good hard sell registrar and a couple of wealthy public $cilons they can get them to buy up a bunch of books so that they can "donate" them to libraries. Plus some orgs will send staff door to door selling DMSMH.
    Each org is on it's own on stuff like this.

    The orgs don't seem to have a lot of staff so the ones who sold 0 just don't have enough staff to go out and sell books probably. Germany had a lot to prove because of all the crap going on there so I bet they got some wealthy $cilon to buy books there to show that people in Germany want $cientology. But orgs have been known to give out false data and stats so who knows if it's all true or not.

    I know the public $cilons are probably getting sick and tired of being hit up to buy books because of the big deal on sending the basic books to libraries all over the world. Funny thing about that is few libraries have them! So what did they do with all the money that was donated? Or was any money actually donated and they are just spinning it like they tend to do?
  9. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Its good to see "the cult is dying" meme starting to spread.

    Because, it is.

    and its beautiful
  10. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Go Toronto! 7 books, and we KNOW at least 2 were sold to plants!
  11. PFD Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I lol'd XD
  12. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I wish I knew where the cult sold 14 books in PHX.

    I'd stop that in a hurry.
  13. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Many Bothians died to bring you this information...
  14. QAnon Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Chicago - 1. Third largest freaking city in the US, and they sold one. I'm of split mind. I'm proud of our Chianons for keeping them on their toes, and I'm proud of all Chifags for not falling for this. But I want to find that one person who bought that book and find out why.
  15. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    One of the mortgages was an attempt to hide assets from the judgment in Hill v. Scientology by transferring ownership to the mother cthurch and mortgaging back. (The court didn't buy that shell game for a minute and ordered the mother cthurch to pay up.)

    The plastic sheets are more recent. In the spring of 2004, they had the members "donating" time and money to refurbish the org, and they did some work on the first three floors, but that soon ground to a halt and it's been stuck like that ever since.

    March 2004.
    A few dozen views of Scientology's Toronto Org
  16. DeathHamster Member

  17. leroyjenkins Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    The scilons only sold 1 book - 10 hours today in San Francisco. We enturbulated them so bad that they were depressed themselves. They tried to call the cops but the cops wasnt falling for that shit!!!
  18. GetTheCans Member

  19. Asian-anon Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Philadelphia - 0 :twisted:
    Makes me want to giggle like a little girl.
  20. Scythe Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Could the source send a similar report of a bookathon of let's say, same date last year, for comparison purpose?
  21. ladybug2 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    good job!
  22. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

  23. enronanonron Member

  24. Re: Book-a-thon downstats


    Will there be a possiblity of more? I was thinking of starting a friendly competion for Anonville Australia. The city that has the most sales has to buy the cake or something.
  25. bodger Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    they nearly had one sale in sunderland but I shouted across to him dont buy
    it, the guy got a free DVD instead then I went across to him and told him to throw it away, next thing I no is I have this cultist shouting in my ear LOL
    vid to come hopefully

    YouTube - first sighting of the sunderland stress test cart
  26. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Well done Bodger lets keep the Sunderland org down to ZERO and try and keep it that way. Super win!!!!!!!!!!!
  27. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    CC Nashville = 0

    Yeah, that's awesome!
  28. Anondelivers Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I bet they make up those figures... if its true then London has some work to do.
  29. unidentified Member

  30. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Ummmm, so according to the stats we have the UK total was 135 and then this 'blog' of theirs says London sold 1,557 in total??!! WTF?!
  31. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    love the ENG post lol !!!!!!!
  32. LockStepS.P. Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    NYC got word of this late and we start table raids today...
  33. A.Non Hubbard Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    They also claim 8 million members worldwide, while census figures put it around 50,000 tops on a good day.
  34. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    These stats are from Saturday, and the blog stats are from April.
  35. unidentified Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    This story has now been reported in ChanologyNews
  36. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Of course Scienos are going to inflate their stats.

    The value of their life, according to Scientology, boils down to one thing:

    As pathetic as it seems to us who aren't in Scientology, these people are obsessed with increasing their stats because they've been conditioned to think that good stats = good Scientologist, while bad stats = bad Scientologist.
  37. Kaz Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I wonder what they'd do if one of us bought a copy of dianetics and then tore it up in front of them. Hugely demoralising.
  38. ScudMuffin Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Wouldn't waste the cash.

    Should any of the books mysteriously disappear though, that would upset them.

  39. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I was looking at this page from the blog it's dated May 20th though but STILL...this is such bs:
    LONDON IS THE WINNER! Dianetics Book-a-Thon!

    O RLY??!!
    Londonfags....did y'all see them handing books out one every 36 seconds??!!

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