Book-a-thon downstats

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A.Non Hubbard, May 25, 2008.

  1. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I notice the blurb on their site is a classic big it up of bad news:

    "They serve a diverse pool of 270 nationalities, with more than 2 million passersby up and down a single boulevard through a 12-hour stretch.

    London Org’s Bookathon teams were trained, drilled and perfectly attired. They moved out with sufficient books for more than a dozen key locations between London’s East and West ends. In perfect synchronization they prepared for their morning action along Oxford Street. Incoming shoppers queued three and four deep for stress testing and books were PLACED IN THEIR HANDS at a rate of one every 36 seconds. Meanwhile, they were running through Middle Eastern, Asian and African ethnic circles at the Hammersmith and Islington cafés.

    By dusk, they had additionally prepared for the nightclub crowd at Piccadilly Circus and in particular, Planet Hollywood and the 20-something culture. In fact, beyond Day One, Stress Test teams were working every key point on the demographic curve, from the hard edge of Brixton to the posh end of Richmond.

    They further directed a lot of people back to their Ideal Org on Queen Victoria, which increased this year’s total of those touring the Public Division displays to more than 19,000 people. Book One was also front and center on the list of the 50 titles that changed our lives. But what ultimately put this team over the top is exactly what a Bookathon is all about. In just 48 hours at 16 locations this org placed 1,557 books IN THE HANDS of new readers."

    No sign of the phrase, "we sold our part of 170 books total in London". (yay) I think this is one of the orgs in London that presumably contributed to the 170 total for London. Either way their write up demonstrates the effort they went to for those sales! Keep running the organisation like that and it will run itself in to the ground. :grin:
  2. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    YAY for lying by omission!!

    "placed in their hands" & then shoved back in their faces is more like it :)
  3. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Subtle wording and ommissions. Acceptable lies for sure!
  4. DNAnon Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Now to keep it that way. :mrgreen:
    To the Sacmobile!! :cake:
  5. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    That is a fucking beautiful sight. We need to see more of those!
  6. gregg Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    In Boston we've been to three of their book-a-thon table setups this week alone. Two we did on purpose. The other one we were just out flyering and ran into one in a place they havent normally been setup. So of course we enturbulated that one too.

    We had a solid week of messing up their book sales. Was a lot of fun.
  7. tamphex Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I couldn't help myself (screenshotted as we all know it'll be removed)

  8. anon9000+ Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

  9. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    My word. Well, I don't think we'll be seeing a leak like this again any time soon.
  10. tamphex Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    You can be rest assured that the moment it hit Enturbulation, OSA was hitting the red button and asking for answers. So, consider this more of a smug grin back at their disgusting lies and misuse of the public trust.
  11. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Tamphex that was a wicked thing to do, especially after I posted that SALES of 1556 books had been replicated around the UK and so the message was clear WE NEED MORE books. :grin: They don't order the books they get sent them, along with an invoice. Ah well, I don't think my comment would have been taken seriously anyway.

    You bad boy you, you just couldn't let them think they'd sold 1556 books could you? :mrgreen:

  12. Samuel Hughes Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    So basically they are running out of social capital. I neverthought of it thatway, and this is huge. Their minions can be counted on indefinitely, or at least more than ordinary relationshiops because they are captives, but their peripheral contacts ... let's just describe it as slowly terminating their terminals!

    As for the income, that is raw sales, not counting commisions, some small overhead, and royalties paid to the RTC which in turn has printing costs. Total profit has to be no more than 25% at most, given the low volume spread over all costs.
  13. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Haha, yeah. I guess we might as well have some fun with it so! :-P
  14. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Okay for clarification the "London sold 1557! Hurrah!" blog is from APRIL. This month, May Bookathon, they sold 170 as of yesterday. Check the dates. Sometimes in our hurry to w00t we overlook.
  15. anon9000+ Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Posted by: martinsoler | May 20, 2008
  16. tamphex Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    These stats are great and it clearly demonstrates that we're reaching the general public. But, can we do better? Can we drive those stats as flat as we possibly can before each of the Orgs have no choice to to all fork out from their own hip pocket to "save face"? If we can, that would mean running them dry and in turn hopefully with some luck; shutting them down permanently.

    With the fact that we have several successful flash raids happening around the globe that is managing to shut down free stress test tables, perhaps its time we all shared how its done. I would like to begin putting together this information for a "Free Stress Test Shutdown" page under the Activism area of the site. That way as more cities wish to get involved, they'd have a one stop place to gather all the tactics/pamphlets/information that can hopefully assist in this.

    So, if people involved in the current very successful flash raids could pass on that information into this thread (or another could be started for this purpose by someone - if you do this, let us know in this thread so people can be redirected) then that would get the ball rolling along nicely.

    We've got em against the ropes, let's go right for the kidneys.
  17. anon9000+ Member

  18. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Naturally the comments didn't make it past the moderator. :sad: So I decided to see what they would do with a comment from an apparent zealot asking for more write ups from around the UK: :wink:


    I bet there will be a lot of "IN THE HANDS OF" used and they will have to write it knowing they are lying.

    See if we can get a comment on there. :twisted:
  19. tazor Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Interesting that the stats are good in London and Germany. The two big pr flaps happened there, right? Davey will get up on his custom made podium on the next dvd event and say;

    "Even when faced with our biggest enemy (Epic Nose Guy) in London we still sold a ____(write in any false number here, they do)copies of DMSMH!" Thunderous, dubbed in, applause.
  20. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Also, saying "IN THE HANDS OF" does not necessarily mean sold to. Anyone sitting down to a stress test table gets the book in their hands... :grin:

    The sales stats are correct (107) and the write up is a bigging up of bad news by subtle wording and omission also known as "acceptable lies".
  21. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats


    God, I bet bricks were shat in anger and frustration!
  22. tamphex Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I'm having fun tonight.

  23. enronanonron Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    In Scieno-speak its called an "acceptable truth", not an acceptable lie.

  24. murx Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    1 LONDON 170
    2 MUNICH 161
    3 MILANO 157
    5 BERLIN 97
    6 ZURICH 90
    7 BUDAPEST 84
    12 STUTTGART 61
    16 AUSTIN 50
    17 CC VIENNA 44
    20 BASEL 31
    21 HAMBURG 30
    So only Euro-Scientologists still have money to buy themselves some books?

  25. avatar2008 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Really evil idea folks, in reference to the library thread where you can buy Dianetics for 1c,
    I can say it would be far worse than tearing Dianetics in their face.

    Imagine, ten paces from Stress test booth is an Anonymous protest selling the same Dianetics for 10c. (with proper licenses of course)
  26. Sargo Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats


    /b/ - Random

    don't worry, not trap^_^
    fucken great^_^
  27. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    (emphasis mine)

    No, please check for m/u.

    The current bookathon began MAY 24. In the CURRENT Bookathon, which began May 24, London sold 170. In the APRIL Bookathon (for which the results were posted May 20), London sold 1557.

    God, no one wonder co$ thinks we can be defeated--I hate to be pedantic here, but reading and paying attention to facts is sorta important.

    To clarify once again: On May 20, a bookathon win for London was posted for their sales of 1557 books in April, over a three day period.

    As of May 25, for the Bookathon beginning May 24, London had sold 170.
  28. CherrieZ Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Hey I'm learning how to lie effectively....THANK YOU SCIENTOLOGY!!

    So in other words....if you TOUCH a book they count it in their stats, lol.

  29. anonheeemous Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    flash raid book tables with signs saying 'DO NOT TOUCH THE BOOKS: ITS A TRAP!'
  30. Quote Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    What the fuck are you doing on that site? Get the fuck off of there, you don't belong on there.

    Also, check your own link, idiot, you obviously don't know how that site works.
  31. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I read recently (I forget where, maybe here someplace) that in the last UK census, only about 1500 people declared themselves to be Scientologists.

    Maybe 1597!

  32. Revanchist Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    General information for the paranoid: when you make a comment on a Wordpress blog, your IP is logged and is visible by the blog owner. So don't post on Scilon blogs without an IP proxy if you're concerned about that sort of thing.
  33. anon131 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Yay for the crashing US Dollar. Americans can't afford to blow money on useless crap anymore.
  34. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    my luxury expenditures are energy drinks. thanks so much fiat currency!
  35. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Cruise and companies donations go alot less further, so they'll be pissed off every time they are asked for more Dollars LOL !!!!!!!!!!!!
  36. anonym0us Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    26 AMSTERDAM 26 !?!?!?
    That's 26 too much! We're gonna have to work on that.

    Also: Why is it that they get epic numbers in europe and less than half in the US?!
  37. ANonScilon Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Well, the answer we would ALL like to hear is that the public has been sufficiently informed that cults are bad and just aren't buying into it anymore.

    But the more probable cause is the imminent recession. Yay for useless currency.
  38. D... Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Didn't expect Germany to sell so much.
  39. AnonyWolf Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Foreign "donations" are worth more in dollars, on the other hand.

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