Book-a-thon downstats

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A.Non Hubbard, May 25, 2008.

  1. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Take a look at some of the comments:


    I've actually met Fred Thompson, the politician/actor. Sat beside him at a Vanderbilt Commodores football game.
  2. AnonyK23 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Seattle hasn't even been least not that we've been able to find. It's kind of disappointing.
  3. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Harpoons are slow to impact? Or are harpoons moderated?
  4. SLOJOE Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Great Job Nashvegas!!
    You know I have never seen a stress test cart here or book cart here in Memfus.
  5. Whitehatv2 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

  6. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I left this comment (on behalf of Ryan) on the bookathon website:

    Awaiting moderation.
  7. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Even with the comments being moderated and most of Anonymous' most likely to be rejected, there is still enturbulation by absence becuase someone will have to read the comments and deal with the facts and delicious sardonica.
  8. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Excellent for hunting down the scilon locations. See May Bookathon 2008 comments. "Interested" people looking for the locations...
  9. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Ahahaha... some of the anon comments are getting through

  10. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I liked dave's over 9000 sold comment, as well as the lines from Still Alive. A triumph, indeed!

    And the poor deluded scifag in LA, claiming they sold over 1000. Shame we have their own email! \o/
  11. Spathi Member

  12. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    mmmm, i love the smell of caek in the moar-ning. Thmells like WIN (and puthy!)
  13. hh123 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I posted this in the other book-a-thon thread, but it bears repeating.

    The blog links to this collection of pictures from the book-a-thon.

    Flickr: Explore scientologytoday's photos on the map

    Interesting to see that THE TORONTO ORG IS LYING.

    The pictures from Toronto are clearly taken before renovations, meaning that they are a few years old and not from this book-a-thon at all. What else are they lying about?
  14. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    No no. That decayed picture that I posted was in the middle of their renovations in 2004. They eventually fixed up the first floor for business a year later, but left the plastic wrap and that piece of green foam on the other floors.

    Mind you, their pictures were obviously taken a few months ago. (And it wouldn't shock me if all the people in the pictures are Scientologists. [Do they get people taking the stress test to sign a model release for the advert photo? Doubt it.])

    This is what it looked like last year (the blind-shields are usually down during this year's protests. I think there are more self-cracked windows now.)
  15. hh123 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I wasnt talking about your pictures, I was talking about the pictures on the Scientology website.

    The claim to be pics from April's book-a-thon, but the ones from Toronto clearly happened pre-renovations. You can tell because you can see one wall that used to have big signs up saying things like "The Aims of Scientology" are still in those pics, whereas they are now windows.
  16. MarcabEmpress Member

  17. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Not this April, and I doubt April last year. On Flicker, the pictures are "from the 2007 Scientology & Dianetics Basics Books Book-a-thon" and uploaded Dec 15th, 2007. They're consistent with December 2007. Pre-renovation (2004-2005), the Brothers Restaurant space would still be there but isn't.
    Toronto - Dianetics & Scientology Basics Book-a-Thon on Flickr - Photo Sharing!

    P.S. Rechecking my photos, they'd removed the door on the corner (700 Yonge) before the 2004 renovation, and were using the present entrance (formerly the Brothers Restaurant door), but the layout in their pictures matches post renovation.
  18. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    It'll never go past moderation (but someone will read it), but I left this:

  19. storge Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    they're lost since their booth got booted from the fremont market. maybe they need a troll nearby to function. seattle has so many psychiatrists.
  20. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Plymouth failed to sell a single copy of dianetics, and only gave about 3-4 stress tests today. They are very stressed and miserable (they called the cops yet again), and one of them shouted at Mike on the way back.

    The org has more boxes of Bridge Publication boxes.... (which they didn't want me to film at all)

    Video to come (as always).
  21. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    So are scientologists incapable of learning? How many times have they called the cops on you, Stu, and in fact, haven't you mentioned that there are CCTV cameras that the police can watch from out there anyway?
  22. anon1957 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    For those leaving comments on the book-a-thon blog, don't forget to mention that NYC tables were shut down due and the org fined by the police because they were selling merchandise on the street w/out a valid peddler's license.

    They have also been recently chased out of the NYC subway tunnels, because it is illegal for anyone to sell merchandise in it.
  23. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    im guessing this wont be their best bookathon ever. Though it may be their best for a long time to come.
  24. MarcAnon Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Keep this up and they're going to an hero on you
  25. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Their time is not long. Last of the Book-a-thons.

  26. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Sad... People desperately trying to offload the scambooks: from ARS (someone found this elsewhere and posted it on ARS):

    need help selling books to get onto OTVII

    Attention all FSM's or book sellers:
    My name is Nola Aronson. I am a supervisor at the Mission of Santa Clarita,
    run a full time business, am on course and have a 15yr old son. (single
    parent). I bought about 30 book packages thinking I would have time to sell
    them and help get people on course at the mission.

    However the money was taken off my FLAG account and I realize I don't have
    time to sell them. I just found out I am going to able to get on VI and
    hopefully VII and plan to leave in the next 3 weeks. Some of the packages I bought before the prices went up and I would just like to get the money I
    paid for them and put it back on my account.
    Whoever can buy them from me can make a nice profit and help someone get
    onto OTVII I would really really appreciate it.
  27. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Good luck with that, Nola. I mean, there's a bunch of folks who are trying to offload all these books but those garsh darned Anonymous people just keep getting in the way! Can she not set up a stress test table in Santa Clarita? LOL

  28. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Elsewhere (Scientologist forum site)
    And more:
    LRH Congresses Package for sale at TheRazzline!?

    *sigh* They don't post the really good stuff on Razzline anymore after getting nailed a few times.
    VMs needed at Virginia Tech! (archive)
    USA - Urgently need someone experienced in muzzled destim program (archive)
    (Gosh, did they think that robots-blocking Wayback was going to hide anything?)
  29. MarcabEmpress Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    The Razzline seems to be wilting on the vine.
  30. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I've lost count how many times the cops have been called. They were called again today (and arrived)... While the local police are professionally neutral, I think they are starting to get pretty pissed off at being called out for non-crimes.

    Todays vid
    YouTube - Its Book-a-thon Staturday - And the stats were not good :(
  31. AnonMSW Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    The answer to your question is a resounding "NO! They are completely incapable of learning outside the Tech!" That's the beauty of the entire thing.. think dinasaur response time and EXPLOIT the Hell out of it!

    They do the "always attack, never retreat thing" based on their "religious" beliefs as stated by LRH in the Tech. It's a reflexive response and can only escalate.

    USE IT FOR ALL ITS WORTH! They, like the dinos of old, will fail to evolve (tactically) and will soon face extinction. Whenever it is that Miscavige begins to realize this is the ULTIMATE DANGER POINT. Whenever the rank and file begin to realize it is when the "Church" will fall.

    :anon:, MSW
  32. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Stu, you rock like a great big rocking thing. Nice one, again!

    AnonMSW- while that question was mostly rhetorical, I certainly agree with your answer. It just astounds and amazes me. This is what a cult does, what scientology does; stripping away critical thought to a degree unheard of outside of such a setting- repitition in the face of failure because they either know/are not allowed another way, and because their imagination has been cauterized. Fucking sad. Not that that will stop me even the slightest bit from working for scientology's final loss against the last boss of the internet. :fuckyou:
  33. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    The last boss isn't going to be the "____ ate my balls" guy, is it? Because I hated that trend.
  34. Anon76 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    In Birmingham UK, they have just spent £4.5Million on a big new building in the suburbs.

    They sell a grand total of 22 books on their big sales push.

    Their business model just doesn't seem tenable to me.
  35. adeathofcult Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Stu, was it just me or were the policemen a bit irritated?
    Oh, any new summary stats leaked yet?
  36. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    They were irritated because they were there for a non-crime. They spent a lot of time talking to the sci's both before and after they chatted with me. They called to claim harassment from the guy who was talking about the OTO... who was nothing to do with the protest group, and who was not harassing in the first place.

    Cry wolf comes to mine.
  37. AnonPyro Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Interesting tactic using trading standards against them there stu, surprised me that the coppers weren't particularly interested or is there something you didn't put up on youtube regarding that?

    I'd say a lot of their activity breaks trading standards... could be another epic footbullet if we expose it correctly.
  38. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Anonymous is the last boss.

    And scilons seem to have a talent for pissing off cops with constant badgering and calls. They should keep it up!
  39. Crackbaby G Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I love stu's vids!
    There is nothing sweeter than watching the $cilon lackeys do the walk of shame, day after day, as they push their cartload of bullshit back where it belongs, inside the org.
  40. Crackbaby G Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    cocks - i suck 'em

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