Book-a-thon downstats

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by A.Non Hubbard, May 25, 2008.

  1. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Thanks for the lovely comments guys.

    Yeah - the police won't intervene in trading standards laws as such - they leave that up to Trading Standards themselves. TS themselves are being informed of the Scientologists activities by a number of local protesters, and all it takes is for them to intervene, and it then becomes a criminal matter (i.e. the police will take action)

    Its just a matter of time.


  2. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I personally know one person in London who bought one - but only because they didn't realise it was scientology selling it to them (they're not anon).

    I think we really need to get on to TS about the bullshit stress test having to display a scientology sign.
  3. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    And dont forget the obligatory "This is for entertainment purposes only" - You have to have that if you cannot back up your claims with independent research.
  4. notapplicable Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Any more recent figures on books sold? Need for Enturb digest.
  5. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Hmmmm...maybe we could provide a service for people wanting to properly dispose of their copy of DIEnetics..i consider it hazerdous material
  6. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    "the final standings of last week’s book-a-thon are being calculated" - Dianetics Book-a-Thon!

    The figures in the OP were just a snapshot from Saturday, the weekly figures will be much higher.
  7. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Hey stu whats this is this something to do with the new legislation thats just come into force??
  8. stuwyatt Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Its the new EEC-wide trading standards laws that came into force on Monday. Basically, the cult have to provide independent proof of their claims, or they will be breaking the law (and the sellers could be prosecuted, fined and sent to jail).

    If they cannot provide proof for their claims, they will have to put "FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY" everywhere. They will also have to be upfront by saying that they are Scientologists trying to recruit for Scientology.

    All in all, they are fucked. :)
  9. musketeerwang Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Yep - UK anons, contact your local Trading Standards office. Pick one specific claim for them to investigate, like the free personality or stress tests (which are good as these are free leaders into a hard-sell purchase - exactly what the law is intended to stop), or even claims like curing arthritis.

    Whereas the psychics can probably get away by using the TV-style "for entertainment only" disclaimer, and not lose customers - how the hell are Scn going to get around it?
  10. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Wow this could be a hell of a win LOL i can't see them getting out of this one!!!
  11. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Wow. imagine if they had to have a sign saying 'for entertainment purposes only' on their orgs.

  12. Anonnumition Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Then screw the red tshirts and pull out the effin' clown costumes! :fuckyou:
    This is amazing guys =)
  13. Plups Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Hehehe. That's so Blackadder! (It's true, Stu)
  14. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Anyone any ideas where i can get the official doc to show the cops so they will enforce the law. I tried searching but the legal eu sites are a minefield keep going round in circles LOL
  15. anonymous1312 Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    You need to get evidence of their claims. This should be fairly easy to collect as a lot of it is laying around on the ground after they have been; seems most people just cannot bear to carry it to the nearest bin once they read it.

    From what I understand the book Dianetics contains a bountiful collection of fanciful claims that are not even couched in the usual woolly language of those who know they are skirting on the edge of the law.

    Someone in this thread said they know someone who bought the book. Look for specific claims Like "Dianetics provides a (the) cure for...". You may also find such claims on their literature. The person put in a complaint to Trading Standards that (s)he has been sold the book under false pretenses. In fact they should anyway because they didn't know it was scientology and that would have stopped them buying it.

    "Dianetics helps with..." is a bit more woolly but hopefully with their sincere belief that they are the ONLY ONES WHO CAN HELP (sry caps) they will not be so woolly on their literature. Even then we can say their is no empirical evidence of the claims and even some evidence to suggest the techniques they use are dangerous and should be regulated.

    Dianetics is based on a theory that Freud himself abandon as being of no evident benefit (possibly even damaging). Basically it is the plausible concept that past traumas affect your current behaviour, they may do, but Dianetics goes on to state that past traumas are to blame for all ills (Freud didn't do this far) further more that if you cannot find a past trauma in this life then you are encouraged, during auditing, to go further back, i.e. "past life" regression. Freud had a concept of womb memories but he stopped short of "regressing" people to "past lives" as this can result in a person becoming delusional.

    Regardless of whether you believe in reincarnation these techniques can cause all manner of self generated faux memories which can lead to some serious delusions about your current state. If Derren Brown can make someone believe they wrote something a week ago that they didn't in a few minutes then think what damage an $cilon can do using techniques that induce suggestibility and demands for memories going "further back".

    At the very least they will have to reword and reprint all their literature (moar books for DM to foist on to his flock) to be more woolly or to include disclaimers of some kind; (could be for entertainment purposes only or it could be something a bit more coached; I have a few ideas but I wont share them with the OSA. :grin:
  16. anonymous1312 Member

  17. waitwhat Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    170 IN LONDON!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    I'm ashamed to be londinian. I guess london org have much more people available to dupe, but srsly? That's annoying. To the harpoons in a non-descript way!
  18. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Thanks for that anonymous 1312 !!!!!!
  19. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I'd fap.

    And yes, Plups, good catch- I loves me some BA, especially the Third, though they are all very good.
  20. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    "Everybody wants Dianetics..." wahahahahaha :fuckyou:
  21. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Comments are unmoderated now on the bookathon blog!!
  22. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

  23. Whanonstler Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I don't think Adm Akbar even needs to say it. Obvious cult is obvious!
  24. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Can you see IP addresses for wordpress blogs?
  25. Yoni Alter Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I can't wait to see their totals.

    Is the chocolate ration going up again?
  26. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    is that in EU only? Wish it was stateside too...
  27. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    wordpress blog owners can get ip's.
  28. anonymusicz Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    BTW, Comments are moderated now :(
  29. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Woo! Brighton Org sold only 2 books! *Dances*
  30. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Awww.. Page is now invite only. LAME!
  31. An0nand0n Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    London org were bussing a lot of people in from St Hill- they had way more staff than any regular org would have on hand.
  32. umop apisdn Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I'm getting a little worried about the London stats. Considering how few UK people know about $cientology as a religion, let alone the hidden truth... this day and age, all celebrity fads that become availible to the average person take off quickly, and what with Tom Cruise and all the hollywood glamour associated with him, it could be that the Cult of $cientology really takes off in the UK soon.

    We need to arrange more mini-raids on Stress Test tables, leafleting in general, getting more people involved on a larger scale than just the global protests.

    I'm not particularly good at the interwebs, can someone help me out, I wanna find organising stuff for future London flashraids? I'm a great leafleter and I'd love to take a more active role.
  33. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    umop apisdn check out the London threads, like London calling i'm sure you'll find what your looking for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
  34. SweatyJon Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    Well come on now, it's a lot compared to other orgs, but it's still absolutely abismal.

    Scientology says Dianetics has sold almost 22million since it launched in 1950. It's been roughly 3,000 weeks since it launched, that means on average it's sold about 7,300 copies per week since launch.

    They're now selling roughly a third of their average, on their biggest sales push of the year.

    Any way they spin this, they fucking failed horrifically.
  35. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    They don't do so well when they can't lie or target key bestseller stores.

    Maul, Kimberly (November 9, 2005). Guinness World Records: L. Ron Hubbard Is the Most Translated Author. The Book Standard. Archived from the original on July 4, 2007.
    So, 2001-2005, 52,000 units. That is a lot of doorstops, but not the kind of numbers that CoS keeps inflating like their membership. (And wtf is up with Guinness awarding Hubbard two records without doing any fact-checking??)
  36. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    I am almost certain but the biggest book distrubutors and translators into foreign languages, and their books are given FREE is the bhaktivedanta book trust, best known to me and you as the Hare Krishna movement !!!
  37. Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    "91 SUNDERLAND 0"

    For the most part, trying to sell a book there is definatly not knowing your market. :lol: It they printed Dianetics on roll up paper, however...
  38. vegnej Member

    Re: Book-a-thon downstats

    But from the mountain, these stats are not complete as far as i know we didn't get the grand total. Will sure be surprised if they sell any in Sunderland, although Bodger knows a woman who bought one on Newcastle quayside !!!

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