Book: Epic Win for Anonymous gets trolled on Amazon

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by exOT8Michael, Sep 10, 2011.

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    Cole Stryker is portrayed in reviews as a slick opportunist.

    "It reads as if you've simply copied and pasted fragments of the Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Dramatica articles on Anonymous, with a sprinkling of the articles on 4chan and /b/. You clearly don't know or abide by the first two rules. Anyone who knows the first thing about 4chan and Anonymous knows exactly what happens when a self-proclaimed member or leader of either goes to the media. Why did you expect anyone would treat you differently? The book is rubbish and obviously written from an uneducated point of view and with no experience."

    "The fact that this has been written shows a lack of understanding for what Anonymous is all about... To be honest it is disappointing to see writing like this. It is College level at best. It reads like an essay. Very sad."
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  3. Anonymous Member
  4. exOT8Michael Member

    I wonder if Chanology is even mentioned in the book?
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. exOT8Michael Member

    Looks like I get a Slowpoke for this thread. LOL.
    Oh well...
  7. Anonymous Member

    That's what happens when you approach 70.
  8. exOT8Michael Member

    Haha herro
  9. Herro Member

  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    As Nr 1 author of ad hom, you should not be surprised.
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