Boston, MA

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by MaskingJudgment, Nov 18, 2008.

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  1. Boston, MA

    Operation: Snow White Christmas

    Saturday, December 13th, 11AM

    Hawt planning action going on: Operation: Snow White Christmas

    Link fixed. kthnxbye.
  2. falccon86 Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    link broke :-( but i know were your goin so its cool!
  3. Panama Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    I'm there, and I'm making some signs ahead of time. I'm tired of waiting for someone to go on a Staples run every month because we don't have enough signs!
  4. Re: Boston, MA

    Second half location still being worked on, all ideas/opinions welcomed.
  5. anon1989 Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    i have myself and 4 others attending. Ill be bring few thermos with hot water for coffee and hot chocolate.
  6. Re: Boston, MA

    I thought we were going to be at Boston Common. Considering we raised the money to get a sound permit there and all...
  7. Anon Aggro Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    I'll be thar
  8. Re: Boston, MA

    We have the money for the sound permit, but the permit for the actual protest is still pending. The money was gathered/pledged ahead of time in hopes of a successful permit request.

    You = my hero
  9. Panama Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    I made 7 signs already. I really need to stop because I have so much work due this week.

    so far, the signs are:
    "Say 'No No No' to Scientology"
    "We're not ANTI-RELIGION, We're ANTI-ABUSE"
    "Google: Operation Snow White"
    "Does Your Church Raid Government Offices?"
    "Free Speech Is Not Terrorism"
    "Honk If You Oppose Destructive Cults"
    and the latest one:
    "Scientology: Naughty List Since 1952"
  10. anon1989 Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    Good News the 13th is going to be sunny with temperatures ranging from 34-42 degrees. Its going to be cold but Have to admit at least its not sleeting or poring down with rain.
  11. Re: Boston, MA

    Just a suggestion: "Free Speech Is Not Terrorism" gives the public reason to falsely suspect that Chanology is somehow involved with terrorism. All of the others sound good though.
  12. Panama Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    doesn't the public already think we're cyber-terrorists?
  13. Re: Boston, MA

    Not necessarily, and going on the defensive will hurt us in that respect. I like the "We're not ANTI-RELIGION, We're ANTI-ABUSE" one, for example, since in addition to defending us, it draws attention to the abuses by the Co$ and makes people want to know more. I think something along those lines is a lot more effective.
  14. Panama Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    thanks, I made that one with my friend in mind. my best friend has practically been bull-baiting me, especially today, about how they're protected by the first amendment, people can do what they want, they're no worse than any other religion, they have the right to sue us, shit like that. I wish she'd stop by the raid but she refuses to.

    there are allegations that we're terrorists, usually from our targets. there's an article about us in Bitch magazine, there's a brief mention of our fight against Scientology but for the most part we're portrayed as cyber-terrorists.

    I didn't come up with the terrorism one anyway, I found it on a list of picket sign ideas posted on this forum a few weeks back and thought it was a good one to use. my bad.
  15. JFawkeson Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    I'll just leave this here...

  16. Re: Boston, MA

    I dun get it. They C&Ded two permit holders to try and prevent the raid; it's not like they didn't know we'd be there on the 13th. It's like they're trying to fail. I thought our Anons in OSA were waiting until January to begin the sabotage.
  17. JFawkeson Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    I know, right? It's completely ridiculous. I can't even begin to twist my mind in such a way that it would make sense to invite the potential dupes on the one day they are guaranteed to have, um... company.
  18. Re: Boston, MA

    I think I figured it out. They must be trying the same strategy as last month's raid, trying to get lots of people going in and out to seem busy. Even though we know that's a lie.
  19. Masakuni Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    Hello good sirs. I had the fortunate event of meeting you all today by accident. I was the cameraman filming the weaboo cosplay group that ran into you in the commons. I have some good footage of you, plus that awesome homeless guy that says he's a troll since he lives under a bridge.

    If you'd be interested I can post the footage here.
  20. Re: Boston, MA


    Three pictures from a dead camera are not enough to do justice to a raid. And Anonymous always delivers.
  21. Re: Boston, MA

    Maybe they wanted to have everyone inside and away from the windows by the time you got there?
  22. Re: Boston, MA

    I hope so. Since the raid started at 11 and went until 2.
  23. JFawkeson Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    But... they scheduled it smack dab in the middle of that time period.

    Did many show up for their little shindig?
  24. Gothanon Member

    Re: Boston, MA

    hey im new to this forum but i went to the protest. scientologists are such faggots
  25. Re: Boston, MA

    Welcome aboard - Bonus points for using "faggots" in your first post.
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