Boston Marathon Explosions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kilia, Apr 15, 2013.

  1. ZEO Member

    It has to be an act of just random violence to intimidate us....but you know what it won't....
    .what are we? STRONG! what do we have? EACHOTHER! So why don't we send them(possibly gov.) A message and Let's show them that were not a force to be beckoned with
  2. WMAnon Member

    A bunch of Boston Anons have already checked in. One person was on the scene, but is fine. I should probably check twitter but I have no desire to wade through that shit right now.
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  3. PresidentShaw Member

    Thanks for update, glad that you're safe
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  4. The Wrong Guy Member

    Police searching apartment in Boston suburb

    WBZ-TV reported late Monday that law enforcement officers were searching an apartment in the Boston suburb of Revere. Massachusetts State Police confirmed that a search warrant related to the investigation into the explosions was served Monday night in Revere but provided no further details.
  5. nevarmore Member

    This was found on Reddit: regarding the young man in the wheelchair with both his lower legs blown off.

    "That's my friend Jeff in the wheelchair. This is the latest update I have on him. Google Person Finder says he is alive but for all I know someone saw this and reported him as alive. Carlos Arrendondo should never have to buy a drink in this town again.
    EDIT: I didn't realize I could dive into the Google People Finder results. He was in the Boston Medical Center ER as of 23:20 UTC. Here is a photo of him from his facebook for verification:
    EDIT 2: Received word via facebook that he is in stable condition. Thanks all for sending him thoughts and well wishes.

    Carlos, (cowboy hat) the man running alongside Jeff's wheelchair:
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  6. Incredulicide Member

    How's this?
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  7. Anonymous Member

    Unfortunately it might look a bit more like this:
    then this:
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. grebe Member

    I feel sick reading about the people who've lost legs. So horrible.
  10. Anonymous Member

    The press is saying that this is the anniversary of which you referred to- but the actual date is incorrect (umm bc the 19th of April is my b-day and each time I hear the incorrect info, I haz a confuse. I remember the carnage. Why they do this IDK.)

    By Kevin Dolak
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    Apr 15, 2013 7:35pm
    The bombs that went off at the finish line of the Boston Marathon today marked the third violent incident to occur during mid-April on U.S. soil in the past 20 years.
    Two people were dead and dozens injured after the blasts went off just before 3 p.m. near the annual race’s finish line on Boylston Street, according to police. Authorities believed the blasts were caused by small portable devices, sources told ABC News.
    READ: Bombs Kill 2, Injure Dozens at Boston Marathon
    READ: Boston Marathon Witnesses: ‘Like a War Zone’
    PHOTOS: Boston Marathon Explosions
    READ: Obama Vows, ‘We Will Find Out Who Did This’
    John Tlumacki/Boston Globe/Getty Images
    The federal raid on a religious compound near Waco, Texas, 20 years ago this week, and the bombing of a federal building in Oklahoma City, 18 years ago this week, were two other April tragedies.
    The Waco Siege – April 19, 1993
    On Feb. 28, 1993, the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) attempted to serve a search a search warrant at the Mount Carmel Center ranch in Elk, Texas – just northeast of Waco, Texas – owned by the Branch Davidians, a religious group. The attempt led to an eruption of gunfire, leaving four ATF agents and six Branch Davidians dead.
    As days stretched into weeks during a tense standoff, the government gradually increased the pressure on the religious group’s leader, David Koresh.
    After a standoff that lasted 50 days, on April 19, 1993, the FBI led an assault on the compound. U.S. Attorney General Janet Reno approved a plan to fire CS gas – a form of tear gas – into the compound to force the Branch Davidians out. But the Branch Davidians refused to emerge.
    Around noon, the first sightings of flames within the ranch were reported. Fanned by high winds, the building was soon engulfed in flames. Within minutes, a number of explosions went off in the building.
    At least 74 people — including 25 children — perished in the siege.
    Oklahoma City bombing – April 19, 1995
    On April 19, 1995, an explosion at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in downtown Oklahoma City killed 168 people – including 19 children under the age of 6 – and injured over 800.
    Less than two hours after the explosion rattled the city, Timothy McVeigh, a 26-year-old Gulf War veteran, was arrested. The VIN number from a Ryder box truck rented by McVeigh linked him to the attack.
    McVeigh was convicted of conspiracy, using a weapon of mass destruction and murdering eight federal law enforcement officers, and sentenced to death. Convicted co-conspirator Terry Nichols, 46, is serving a sentence of life in prison.
    McVeigh was executed by lethal injection on June 11, 2001. The bombing remains the most deadly domestic terrorism attack in U.S. history.
    SHOWS: World News
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  11. The Wrong Guy Member

    Adam Gabbatt@AdamGabbatt
    None of the officials will answer questions about the earlier search [on the fifth floor of the apartment building at 364 Ocean Ave. in Revere]. Been told to direct questions to FBI Boston office.

    Revere Fire Department confirms "person of interest" search in Boston Marathon bombings

    New Haven Register reporter Jennifer Swift said a resident told her late Monday that when she got home at 5 p.m. the whole complex’s parking lot was filled with about 20 local, state and FBI cruisers.
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  12. The Wrong Guy Member

    Deputy Chief, Engine 5, Ladder 1, Cataldo Paramedics & Chief were called in for Operational standby for State Police Bomb Techs for search of a "person of interest " apartment at 364 Ocean Ave. FBI, ATF, ICE, Boston PD, Revere PD as well as MSP detectives and Bomb Techs from Boston PD and State.

  13. Anonymous Member

    mods- thread merge w/"boston" thread por favor?
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  15. Kilia Member

    It's been one hell of a day, hasn't it? *sigh*
  16. Kilia Member

    We have ourselves.....we have faith....and we have Anonymous.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Tax day -- Patriot's Day -- Boston.

    Yeah, those are three things I think of immediately whenever someone mentions Islamic Jihad...

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  18. Anonymous Member

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  19. BlooAnon Member

    Me too, Grebe.
  20. Anonymous Member

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  21. grebe Member

    Derp, everybody knows that shit going down in your neighborhood is a bigger deal than shit going down far away. That's just how humans tend to feel, right or wrong.
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  22. RightOn Member

    horrible just horrible
  23. Ersatz Global Moderator

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  24. WMAnon Member

    I don't know if there's another thread for this somewhere, but there is discussion that the WBC may show up to be jerks about this. Anons are well-suited to act as foils for their particular brand of bullshit, I think we should be ready in case asshats materialize. I'll be in touch with the MotherFuckery crowd, they've had some very successful WBC counter-trolls.
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  28. Kilia Member

  29. WMAnon Member

    Oh, fuck that. They just volunteered for a game of "let's you and me yell at each other" and there are people who've got some yelling to do. Never hit them, never threaten, back away when you start losing your temper, but have your fun.
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  31. Anonymous Member

    Suggest a new thread in the planning forum to round up support? Also, fuck yeah.
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  34. betterunsaid Member

    ur right its fucking gross... i live only an hour a way from boston but theres still no right for the media to jump to such unlogical assumptions so fast... our government kills so many and just says, "oops" while when we are faced with the same realness that other countries expreince on a day to day... they (US Gov.) say its "terror"..... and its "war" how is one life worth more then another. i wouldn't b surprised if its our own gov doin these bombing they'll put the blame on a north korean man and then there u have it ww3, and then they'll b able to gain all the power they need in the new world order..... sorry for ranting
  35. WMAnon Member

    It's appropriate for them to be conducting the investigation on the assumption that this is a terrorist act. It's not appropriate for the media to be spending every minute of the day talking about it. It's not healthy, it's not helpful, and it's certainly not balanced. I've been shooing people away from TVs as much as possible. Staring at the screen isn't going to help anyone and it's going to hurt you.

    Incidentally, this is an excellent time for you all to donate blood. You can call the Red Cross to schedule an appointment or you can call your local hospitals. If you don't know whether you're eligible to donate, you can look up the requirements online or ask when you call. (I have an appointment scheduled for two weeks, I just gave last month)
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  36. WMAnon Member

    Just checked in with the twitter crowd, as far as we can tell all Boston Anons are safe and accounted for (as accounted for as Anons ever get, at least).
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  37. eddieVroom Member

    Yeah, looks like he was pinching the femoral artery closed, probably the only thing preventing that person from bleeding out. Few army medics even see that kind of action as I recall.

    I expect a presidential medal to be in his future.
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  38. eddieVroom Member

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  39. betterunsaid Member

    that is a great point! Everyone who is able should give blood to help the boston victims and everyone in the world who also needs it.
    although i would have to argue ur use of the phrase terrorist act.

    [ter-uh-riz-uh thinsp.png thinsp.png m] Show IPA
    the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
    the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.
    of course its a terrorist act... but there should be no assumptions or rascism for that matter that its a dude name mahamid... there should be a sence of class and evidence to find the person responsible....
  40. Anonymous Member

    When Fred Phelps dies will Westboro picket his funeral?
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