Boston Marathon Explosions

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Kilia, Apr 15, 2013.

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    It'll take a while to process the blood, but it certainly would help to replentish supplies -- and several victims are in for multiple surgeries over the next days and weeks. Donating really is simple, and they seem to have a little topical anaesthetic in the iodine scrub nowadays; I haven't even felt the needle the last several donations I've given.

    Cash donations may be more helpful at this point, but I'd be careful who I give to. Lots of scammers out there...

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    I think we're on the same page here. I sincerely doubt this was any kind of Islamic extremist terrorism, and racial profiling is appalling in every situation, especially this one. Investigating as a terrorist act doesn't mean assuming you know which group did it, it's just a different way of analyzing a crime scene. I think it's highly likely that this was an act of violence with a political motive of some kind, given the target and the timing, so it's important for investigators to treat it as such. I will not speculate on who or why.

    And just to be clear: every one of the victims in Boston who needed blood was able to get it. Donations made now will help cover the normal demand for blood. Being a regular blood donor is the best way to help keep the supply available in the event of disasters such as this. Pretty please, if you never donate anything else in your life, make this part of your routine. You *will* save lives.
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    i apologize for missunderstanding ur previouse reply... there have been allot of people around this area jumping to dumb accusations, not that that is any excuse
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  8. These pictures are disrespectful; you really need to take them off, please
    This message by AnonymousPerson12345 has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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    I agree! PLEASE take them off!
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    I kinda like the moonieites one...
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    Too soon?
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    No. This is an Anon site, not a memorial page.
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    The dislike button works and it helps people.
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    Shaw's point was apparently lost on both of you.
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  18. the attack happened because its patriots day the suspected people could either be North Korean or working with middle eastern terrorist cells or it could be a sick random attack by a US national it could be anyone for now we dont know much about who did this attack all we know is that if it was an iranian they land will be nuked
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    And one more thing:

    Giving Blood Advice.jpg
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    Purports to show guy near bomb area with backpack then without...
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    Oh shi- the internet is here.
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    IDK but when I think of pressure cookers, I think of D.C. cause there is always pressure there!
    Or not.
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    This pressure cooker thing used with strong hydrogen peroxide is something new to me.
    My god!
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    Wish this pic was larger..
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    Never mind..I took it into my photo program and lightened it up and sharpened it.
    Large file. 9P7AaGfh.jpg
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    I think the red circles are to point out a common reference point, the bench. The bomb must have been set against the storefront wall, by the look of the gray debris halo spreading outward from the wall.

    The guy who does then doesn't have a backpack has one of those "my mom cuts my hair" haircuts. So I think that rules out the Scientologists. Their hair is usually fabulous.
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    Nice work - Kudos to 4chan
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    Oh for pete's sake!
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    OMG Paul is trolling us again!

    That haircut is pretty suspicious. I hope the FBI bring him in for questioning.

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    There's something behind him (restaurant special-of-the-day sign?) that bulks out the profile. He appears to have a backpack, but it's a small one big enough for a drink and a sammich. In the second shot, he could still be wearing it, but it's in the middle of his back and small, so we wouldn't see it.
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