Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Night_walker, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Night_walker Member

    It feels like there are never any events in boston. Is There anyone else out there who want to host something here???
  2. DarthMalice Member

    I would love a boston event, just not sure how to go about organizing one
  3. Anonymous Member

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  4. Anonymous Member

    Don't forget to keep an eye on the Boston site too.
  5. Night_walker Member

  6. WMAnon Member

    Boston needs new people to get us excited again. If you have an anon facebook pm me and I'll add you to the group there :)
  7. Splendide Member

    I'm new to WWP, but I've been lurking around various anonymous groups online for awhile. I kind of respect WWP more than WITP, and would like to connect with more focused, less crazy people in the Boston area and get involved in anything going down. I have a facebook, but not an "anon" facebook though.
  8. Anonymous Member

    How does this relate to Boston?
  9. Splendide Member

    I'm new, and I'm in the Boston!
  10. Anonymous Member

    Right. The idea is to post a relevant contribution to the OP, not make random remarks.
  11. Splendide Member

    Well, I was sort of wondering about being added to the facebook group as was discussed above, but am unsure if I need to make an "anon" facebook to do so, I didn't think it was that random. Maybe I did not keep it clear enough.
  12. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, it's best to make an 'Anon' FB account. No point in making yourself too easily traced.
  13. James Spader Member

    Here is a link to the planning subforum:
    Looks like there's nothing up and coming for Boston at the moment, but if you check out old Btown planning threads you may get an idea of who on this forum is Boston anon.
  14. Anonymous Member

    If you read a thread, and think of a new question, please start a new thread instead of derailing threads. Thanks. If you want to be added to the poster's FB page, do what they told you to do to join.
  15. WMAnon Member

    Nothing wrong keeping the "where's Boston?" people in one thread.
  16. HOC Member

    Indeed. Welcome to all the new folk from Boston. You may also want to check out our New Members Area at the top of the forum. I hope you enjoy your stay here on WWP.
  17. Nishimori Member

    Very organized. I like.
  18. WMAnon Member

    I'm choosing to take this as sarcasm.

    So, do you guys wanna yell at a building sometime or what?
  19. Nishimori Member

    Roger that. Buildings. Yelling. Check. (I like yelling.) Especially nice buildings occupied by un-nice people.
  20. WMAnon Member

    Awwww, our OSA are nice, you'll love em.
  21. Nishimori Member

    Yeah, they're so sweet they'll rot yer teeth.
  22. WMAnon Member

  23. WMAnon Member

  24. grebe Member

    I could maybe visit Boston, if it would not suck.
  25. Splendide Member

    I'm new, I'm here, and I'll be there next time.

    I'm also curious about the reaction you all get from passerby's in Boston. Do people wave/honk? Are they friendly? Have they heard about what we are doing and trying to accomplish? I like to think we are in an educated area where the Co$ doesn't have much influence, but I'm not too informed yet.
  26. Relative newfag in.
  27. WMAnon Member

    Would folks be up for a flyering somewhere on Oct 1st?
  28. WMAnon Member

  29. WMAnon Member

    October first, I Am Bradley Manning flyering/photo op?
  30. Django Member

    Boston's been a little moribund since the Mega-Raid, a year and a half ago. The cops clamped down on us pretty hard - it's a residential area and there are people in the neighborhood (and not Scilons) who just don't like us disrupting their Saturday mornings, and they made a stink. It was a little disheartening.

    Speaking only for myself, I've had some health issues recently and haven't been showing up. I had planned to attend last Saturday's event, but got some last-minute free-lance work and needed to attend to that.

    Plus, well...the Boston Org is boring as all hell. It's dead, for the same reason most of the Orgs are dead these days, and there's not a lot of Lulz and/or Confront happening there since my 1st protest in Spring '09.

    Not to say that ongoing protests at Boston aren't important - I believe they are, and will endeavor to attend again. If we convince one SO or Staff slave to escape, or even just get some internal wheels turning, it'll be worth it. Shit, I'll risk that Heart Failure that's been threatening for some months - might as well happen on Beacon Street.

    BWG, Gregg, l'il Sister, Silver, Kevin, Boston Anons...I urge you: keep up the fight. I'll (re)join you when I can...
  31. Robocat Member

  32. Mudpaw Member

    If you can get another one going for Boston. i think i can manage a few people, or atleast try.
  33. Mudpaw Member

    I'm in the distance of Boston and would love to see more going here. I'll keep checking
  34. HOC Member

    Boston threads merged. :)
  35. Mudpaw Member

    So i went down to Dewey Park today to see if the Occupy Boston folks had any plans (Like Occupy Wall St, or Oakland). I saw 4 or 5 Anons scattered across the park. Today could have been a great day to get out there and spread the word. Was just wondering if any of them use WWP, If so, Please post next time :)
  36. WMAnon Member

    we should totally do an early evening silent raid for December 5th. I'll see if I can find the electric candles from last year.
  37. Mudpaw Member

    I'm there. I just need to get a new printer so i can print out a leaflet or two. Speaking of which, I noticed many of the links in the leaflet thread are down, Anyway to get them up again? With work, i don't have enough free time at night to make any.
  38. WMAnon Member

    point me at it, I'll see what I can find?
  39. Mudpaw Member

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