Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by Night_walker, Jul 29, 2011.

  1. Robocat Member

    Reporting for Roll Call!
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  2. WMAnon Member

    Do you guys want to do something minor this weekend? I know it's short notice, but I should be free.
  3. Mudpaw Member

    I'm off work Friday and Saturday. Let me know what you have planned. I should have a few hours to kill.
  4. WMAnon Member

    So, where do people want to yell and what about?
  5. Mudpaw Member

    I'm up for just about anything. I was at Dewey Park alot last week, Not too much going on down there. All they do is sit around. I'm waiting for them to take a hint from Oakland or Wall Street and start doing shit.

    But i'm with the crowd, whatever you guys want to do.
  6. WMAnon Member

    uh, so, plans?
  7. Splendide Member

    I'm up for anything. I hear @WikiLeaks truck is in town. Don't know how long he staying. I also know it's "The Night of A Thousand Masks" but that might just be London.

    EDIT: Looks like Wikileaks truck will still be at Occupy Boston tonight.
  8. WMAnon Member

    How about we meet at park street at noon tomorrow and decide from there?
  9. Mudpaw Member

    Ugh, I'm so bored of Dewey Park. Those Occupy folks don't do anything except sit around, Smoke and sing Kumbaya. Which really does sound intriguing in it's own way. But I'm looking for some Occupy Oakland excitement (Even if it's just once).

    However, If you guys do infact make some plans, I will do almost anything.
  10. Mudpaw Member

    Will this be a Masked event?
  11. Robocat Member

    I am only interested in Chanology.
  12. Mudpaw Member

    There's always Beacon Street.
  13. Robocat Member

    That's the place I'd be willing to go.
  14. WMAnon Member

    park street is the common, it's a good meeting place. And if you fuckers want to plan things by all means, I'm not really up for putting a lot of effort into anything at the moment.
  15. Mudpaw Member

    Like i said..... I'll go just about anywhere, And do just about anything. As for the planning, Me? No thanks. I'm very bad at that, Seriously.. I'm lucky i can organize my sock drawer.
  16. Robocat Member

    Sorry, it sounded like this was going the way of attending an occupy gathering, so I decided to stay home.
  17. Mudpaw Member

    Going to throw this out there now, So we have time to plan it and gather some Anons.

    First weekend in December, Beacon St?

    If you can think of a better, More reasonable date, Throw it out there.
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  18. Robocat Member

    If work doesn't interfere, I'm in. I'll have a certain yea or nay soon.
  19. Me too, depending on work.
  20. Mudpaw Member

    So anyone have any idea's where to meet, Signs, leaflets? Figure we could start something. The last time i was out. Everyone just stood around. This time we should hand out information pamphlets. Some people just see the signs and are like "whatever" But if we could talk to some pedestrians, Give them a quick rundown of why we're there...
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  21. Robocat Member

    Do you have any fliers in mind? I haven't been there, but when raiding multilingual places, I usually go for the Xenu pamphlet. I'd like some advice on that. Also, we can PM about meeting places, if that's alright with you.
  22. Mudpaw Member

    There's a whole thread on this forums filled with pamphlets, leaflets and things, Some really good ones too. Sadly mostly all of the D/L links are down. Could always find some on there you like and PM the poster and ask them if they could re-up it. I'm working for another 4 hours today, Then i'm off for a few days. I'm going to throw some idea's around and see what i get. I should be on later tonight if you see me, Send a PM, If i'm on i'll respond.
  23. Robocat Member

    I used to use this one sometimes. It's not about the myriad of crimes of the cult, but it's enough to pique someone's interest.

    Of course, links to other old ones too.
  24. Mudpaw Member

    Sorry i've been off for a while. I got sick, Ended up in the hospital for a while. I'm back now.

    So does anyone how any idea's on what to do, and when?

    Had to edit. I was on the phone while typing, and i typed out what i said on the phone. I do that a lot.
  25. Robocat Member

    What's a good day of the week to do it? If you like the element of surprise, feel free to PM me. Glad to hear you're back on your feet!
  26. Mudpaw Member

    Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday's are best for me. But, I could probably make almost any day, as long as i know in advance.

    There's so much going on these days. Anti-SOPA, Chanology, Occupy Boston.. Take your pick.

    Also i noticed on this forum there was some talk about visiting Georges island. When the spring comes around (i know it's a while away) but we sure need to get out there.
  27. Splendide Member

    Just to let everyone know the MA Pirate Party is planning a raid//lobbying effort at Scott Browns office next Tuesday at noon. It's Anti-SOPA, Anti-PROTECT IP. Here's the link for more info. Would love to get some numbers over there. Here is the link for the MA Pirates Web Page where there will be more info about it.
  28. Mudpaw Member

    Count me in. All i ask is to let me know if there will be a meeting place before hand to discuss anything before we head to the raid.
  29. Splendide Member

    I am not sure on that detail, this is a Pirate thing so I will be getting updated as the date comes closer. I will keep you all updated.
  30. WMAnon Member

    Next Chanology event: silent vigil at the org on Dec. 5th for Lisa McPherson. I'll make an event over in the thingie.

    I'm thinking about heading down to OB this weekend, maybe a couple of us who are interested in that could informally get together there, too?
  31. Mudpaw Member

    I'm always at Dewey Park. Altho the past few times i've been there i didn't stick around as long as i usually do. I'm all for the movement, Yet some of those Occupiers get on my nerves. I do my part tho, I drop off supplies, Usually coffee and trash bags. They seem to need those things most of all. But yea, If people are going to head down, I guess i can hang the mask up for a few hours and go as a "Civilian"
  32. Mudpaw Member

    So we still on for Tomorrow, Beacon St?
  33. WMAnon Member

    Today! Monday, Dec 5th, 5pm at the org. They close at 6, so getting there an hour earlier would be best.
  34. Mudpaw Member

    I'll be there. I work today till 3, Then i'm omw. Are we meeting at the Org? it would be easier to reply to this on the other forum its easier for me to check via Cellphone.
  35. WMAnon Member

    Anyone have pictures?
  36. YDT10 Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    Very good.
    Create a new planning thread.
  38. YDT10 Member

    I'm a forum newfag, please tell me where to do that so I don't get raped by moderators.
  39. Anonymous Member

    This thread is in the right subforum for starting a new protest on the dates you posted.
    But just in case.
    It's best to start a new planning thread for each new protest.

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