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  1. Anyone have a .txt of a Farsi book that could be mined by a certain bot for comments?
    Or an online telephone dictionary of Tehran?

    for (entry in telephoneBook) {
    postInFarsi ("I think $randomNr is $, living at $entry.address");
  2. It's for the form on this page..

    ..which is asking for help identifying the protesters in the pictures posted there.
    I figure we could help them a bit.
  3. Basji, Revolutionary Guard, Army........Some of your Generals are unwilling to take orders from Khamanei!

    What happens to you if Mousavi wins????????? We have your photos. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM.

    Basji, Revolutionary Guards......your choice, murder people or freedom. Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM.

    Basji, Revolutionary Guards, if Ahmadjad wins, you continue murdering. If Mosavi wins, what happens to you? Lay down your arms. CHOOSE FREEDOM!

    Ask your mother or your wife, should you continue shooting your people or choose freedom?

    Khamenei, why choose Ahmadjad when your people choose Mousavi? Dump Ahmadjad & make $$$ from tourists, We love your people.
  4. lol
    u have the email adress too

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