Boycott / DoS this store?

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Woody, Jun 24, 2009.

  1. Habitat (an EU based company) has been using the struggle of the Iranian people to target advertisements on social networking sites such as Twitter! They did this by replacing the tags with those that would target anyone searching for discussions on Iran!

    SCUM like this need to be taught a lesson!

    If any of you hacking entrepreneurs have some spare bandwidth then do the consumer market a favour and hit these mofo's with all you've got! The ONLY shits like this ever learn is when they're hurt in the pocket!

    I've no hacking skillz but you can bet your life I'll not be going through their doors again!

    Full story here: BBC NEWS | UK | Habitat sorry for Iran Tweeting
  2. they apologized are they still doing it?

  3. They apologize BECAUSE they were caught....

    'Oh.. I'm sorry... I used the death of civilians and the troubles of a nation to fill my bank account...'

    'Ahh... that's ok... Thanks for saying sorry and don't do it again!'

    Apology means Jack shit! They should be hit where it hurts! Only then will they regret their actions.
  4. get after it then lol
  5. Ralim Member

    There's a troll in Habitat, definitely. Might be in the upper echelons, might be one disgruntled employee. Who knows.

    But no DDoS attack. If their reputation is tarnished, that's punishment enough for them. DDoS against a UK company is criminal and if trace back to you could end you up in prison. It's a waste of energy.

    The reason why we have to use DDoS is when it is necessary to defend the saftey of the Iranian people. They can take a beating when it comes to their dignity, because they're the strongest people I've seen so far. But even if they're strong, they're as susceptible to any lethal forces as any other person, especially when they can't see it. We may not be able to create a democracy on their behalf, but we can turn our efforts to protecting their lives so that they can do their bit.

    DDoS is a cyber weapon. And like all weapons, they should only be used when it is necessary to defend others. Use it to attack without good reason, and you'll be left with bits on your hand... and soon, blood.
  6. the more we 'need' DDoS weapons the better they will get, they will be even more effective and easy to use.. the more effective and easy to use they become the more they will 'need' to used....
  7. Ralim Member

    But when it comes to us facing DDoS... you're talking guns but in cyber warfare.

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