Boycotting Scientology

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Randomness, Feb 1, 2008.


Boycotting y/n

y 2 vote(s) 66.7%
n 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. Randomness Member

    Boycotting Scientology

    Right, I'm boycotting:

    King of Queens
    The Simpsons
    Every Tom and Katy Cruise movie
    Every John Travolta movie
    Beck (who's a fucking nonentity anyway)
    Jenna Elfman
    Anything with Laura Prepon (which hurts as she's hot)
    United Artists

    On the other hand I'm loathe to boycott the Mastersons (Malcolm in the Middle's oldest brother and Danny from that 70s show) as they were raised Scieno.
    Although Danny recruited Laura Prepon, which pains me.

    I will DEFINATELY boycott all WISE companies.

    Edit: Stick by request
  2. The Simpsons have fallen into this too? Dear Christ.

    Seconding this and supporting to boycott, and advising all my friends and family to do the same.
  3. AB Member

    there should be a section on the main site that lists all movies shows products and services that have a heavy scientologist influence.

    if there is not one now.
  4. Anonymous 845 Member

    Re: Boycotting Scientology

    we can still do google image searches on them tho rite?
  5. WinstonSmith Member

    The entire cast of My Name is Earl.
  6. xenuslc Member

    I didn't watch/enjoy any of those anyway, except Beck, and he's kinda meh. Although, after doing a Google image search on Laura Prepon, I have to tell you guys that I might compromise my identity if she agrees to sleep with me.

    Sorry, but that's just how it is.
  7. mistegirl Member

    Damnit. Why you Jason Lee?? WHY!

    And poor John Travolta, if you believe the gossip he's more or less blackmailed into staying.

    But this is a good idea and I support it.
  8. Atomosk Member

    Wait, King of Queens?
  9. Kirstie Alley
    Jenna Elfman (Dharma and Greg)
    Juliette Lewis
    Greta Van Susteren
  10. Re: Boycotting Scientology

    unfortunately i've always "boycotted" them.

    i don't know if i've ever seen an elron hubbard book in a bookshop, but we should boycott shops that do sell them.
  11. Re: Boycotting Scientology

    They would not know why, making it ineffective.

    Better to find out where they're filed - and if they're anywhere outside "new age" or "finance", ask that they be moved.
  12. Re: Boycotting Scientology

    we could post a list of shops that do have them on the shelves, then digg the hell out of it
  13. donotstalk Member

    The Mastersons!
    Oh lord, the tears I was so close to shedding when I realized that my late night TV schedule of Malcolm in the Middle, and The Fresh Prince was going to hurt the cause.
    I now have to settle for The Nanny, Frasier, and Sabrina the Teenage Witch (if Melissa Joan Hart is a scientologist, I won't be able to hold the tears back).
  14. boycotting bookshops: failz at freedom of [mis]information

    some nice 1/6 or 1/8 page size leaflets inserted carefully into books by L Ron Hubbard in the bookshop: winnar
  15. Boycotts at major hollywood studios?

    I mean $cientology got into hollywood and got Travolta and Cruise quickly because they know that there is a shitload of money to come out of hollywood and it's stars.
  16. Randomness Member

    I think that one of the Hollywood studios is actually run by Scienos, anyone care to add to this?
    I guess the Scio controlled studio would be United Artists now that Cruise has majority ownership it or controls production or whatever the deal is.
  18. Why, Will Smith?! YOU WERE SUCH A DARLING!!
  19. FuzzyBug Member

    Re: Boycotting Scientology

    we could post a list of shops that do have them on the shelves, then digg the hell out of it[/quote:2xa3duup]

    Hold on now - boycotting book stores that carry books you don't like? That hardly seems like striking a blow for freedom of information. What next, burning the books you don't like? Would you boycott a bookstore that carried Mein Kampf or really bad poetry? I think you need to reassess what you really want to accomplish here.
  20. anon78941 Member

    Book Boycots are hard. Especially when the big name bookstores tend to carry them (I have no idea why though since I've never seen one actually bought or sold). Do you really think an anon boycott will hurt Borders or Barnes and Noble? Probably not. Kind of counter "freedom of information" too, as was said above.

    TV boycotts are easier, but not much. The best bet is to publicly shame the celebrities that are a part of Scientology for supporting people whom act like they do. This way their association becomes a liability and celebrities stop joining.

    How? Not sure. But there is no excuse for these people allowing an organization like Scientology to use their star power to exploit people.
  21. I'm willing to bet most, if not all of the celebrities involved with Scientology have any idea of what the church is doing to its average work-a-day members. The most important part of this endeavor is getting information out.
  22. Atomosk Member

    anyone bringing tunes, don't bring Bel Air. A beloved meme, yes, but Smith is no longer on our side.
  23. Re: Boycotting Scientology

    as I mentioned before:
    some nice 1/6 or 1/8 page size leaflets inserted carefully into books by L Ron Hubbard in the bookshop: winnar
  24. You know you don't have to not watch them. All you have to do is tell the telemarketers when they call you that you refuse to watch those those because of sciento links.
  25. Will Smith is a Scientologist?

    Damn, do we still have any celebrities on our side?
  26. Atomosk Member

    Sadly, yes, he was a recent convert, which means we could still save him.
  27. nonanon2 Member

    Someone with better technical skills then myself (well, anyone), needs to create a page that combines the list of SciCelebs with all movies/cds/other projects. Particularly upcoming movies, so we can try to dissuade people from seeing them when they open.

    We also ned to highly publicise this boycott- if a page is created, i'd ad a link to my sig in every forum i participate in. Tom cruise ay pick Scientology over his career, but will Will?
  28. AnonyTsunami Member

    I think this is incredibly important because for every blow we strike at "C"o$ (figuriatively speaking of course), they just have there armies of the rich and mindless whip out thier 20 pound check books and write thier livelyhoods away.

    A well organized boycott would help spread awareness, but I believe more importantly it would reduce the funds that "C"o$ can spend on P.I.'s and thier army of lawyers.

    Someone needs to make this official, and soon. We need a list of people, places and things we are boycotting so we can post the list publicly to let vendors and unaware citizens know what it is thier truely selling/buying.
  29. nonanon2 Member

    or they could at least sticky this thread.
  30. anon13 Member

    I'll boycott anything and everything that supports or is run by Scientology. However, people have a point that you shouldn't blame places that carry the material, but rather the places that make them. For example, boycott the book, not the bookstore. Boycott the movie, not the theatre. If the bookstore or theatre is owned by a Scientologist that's a different story.
  31. Anon883 Member

    Leah Remini is a notorious $cifag. Here's an excerpt from her Wikipedia article:


    Remini is a practitioner of Scientology.[5] After a lot of time and money spent within the church, she had finally reached a level of OT V as recently as September 2007, as evidenced by a letter she wrote to fellow parishoners, seen at this link: In December 2005, she helped promote the gala opening of Scientology's controversial "Psychiatry: An Industry of Death" Museum.[6] Previously, on CNN, responding to criticism of Scientology, she said:[5]

    If somebody is going to get turned off about something because of what they read or heard, then that person's not smart enough to even enter a church. If you're really against something, then know what you're against.

    However, Leah has never commented on the abuses and corrupt ethics of the church that are well documented thanks to now countless internet sites.


    I loled at the last part.
  32. ClearEngram Member

    Yeah, Tom Cruise and his production partner Paula Wagner run United Artists now.
  33. Heyanonnyno Member

    Those bastards. United Artists have released a lot of good stuff. Like "The Party" with Peter Sellers. Jerks.

    I don't tend to watch Tom Cruise movies anyway. I saw War of the Worlds, but only because I wanted to see the aliens brought to life by our current special effects technology (HG Wells fag here) and it was great apart from fucking Tom Dickface. It was fun to take the piss out of him, though.
  34. Anonamour Member

    CoS's involvement in the entertainment industry is deep and wide, brothers.

    You all know that Beck was raised in the Cult but do you know who his daddy is? He is the hit-maker of the corporate music machine. Check him out:


    Here is a fraction of his discography:

    Justin Timberlake
    Maroon 5
    Michelle Branch
    Green Day
    Macy Gray
    Stone Temple Pilots
    Sixpence None the Richer
    Shawn Colvin
    Alanis Morissette
    Nelly Furtado
    Will Smith
    Goo Goo Dolls
    Lindsay Lohan
    Kelly Clarkson
    Eric Clapton
    Sinead O’Connor
    Bonnie Raitt
    Blinker the Star
    Leonard Cohen
    Natalie Merchant


    In 2002 he worked on Wil Smith's album, Born to Reign. Is that when Wil was recruited?

    Check out these allmusic pages to see what albums David Campbell has worked on: ... dte~5~T40B


    Edit: Removed some artists from the list because it was sooo long
  35. AnonyTsunami Member

    I guess it pays to only listen to indie......
  36. Anonamour Member

  37. Anonamour Member

    What I am thinking, brothers is that our beloved musicians and filmmakers are forced to work in an industry climate that is secretly dominated by evil-doing CoS operatives intent on either recruiting or black-balling them. Can you imagine what it must be like? Scary and dangerous for those who know, but many young artists must walk into it like sheep to the slaughter.

    And what does it mean for us that CoS is so involved in our culture production industries? Would the CoS agenda include embedding subliminal messages, do you think? How about skewing public perception to be more receptive to the CoS message?

    I think what we need is to shoot for CoS labeling on CoS products. If we just target the up front CoS celebrities they will simply entrench more deeply into the background and CoS production will just keep chugging along, accruing power and our unwitting dollars.

    What say you? Can we do it?

  38. nonanon2 Member

    we really need a website with a searchable, well indexed database of celebs and their involvement with the CoS. And work out the fine detials of this boycott- for example, if i want to see War of the worlds, i could get it from the local library, or blockbuster. Either way, none of y money ends up directly in their pockets, but it could be argued that i'm still supporting them (since it's justifing blockbuster and the libraries orginal purchase of the movie).

    and soem of the bads listed that worked at a CoS studio- that was a huge list of pretty popular groups. Surely they aren't all in the cult. Godsack or blink 182? they worked with a front orginization, they might not even be aware of it. in cases ike that, i'd just want to know what albums the studio worked with them, so we can boycott those in particular. Getting overly paraniod, we'll all just end up boycotting mainstream media. - which won't be the most effective thing ever.
  39. Anonamour Member

    Great idea. Something like They Rule would be beautiful:

    FourthBase, a regular poster at the Rigorous Intuition forum, has done a lot of work uncovering secret Scientologists. Here is the link to his thread Entertainment industry = Scientology monopoly?: ... sc&start=0
  40. Randomness Member

    Whoever does this will earn a million internets.

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