Boycotting Scientology

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Randomness, Feb 1, 2008.


Boycotting y/n

y 2 vote(s) 66.7%
n 1 vote(s) 33.3%
  1. pi Member

    I'm not sure the simpsons is fair.
    While nancy cartwright is a scientologist, Groening has long been a critic of scientology. Both the simpsons and futurama have mocked them.
    Granted if you don't wnat to watch it because new episodes suck, thats fine.
  2. it is long overdue for Bart to hit puberty and get a new voice
  3. nonanon2 Member

    While groening may dislike them, the fact is that money poured towards the simpson will end up paying Cartwright. Thus, to hurt her income, we have to hurt the simpsons total income.
  4. donotstalk Member

    Justin Timberlake
    Celine Dion
    Maroon 5
    Phil Collins
    Bon Jovi
    Lisa Marie Presley
    Hilary Duff
    Green Day
    Ashlee Simpson
    Sixpence None the Richer
    Hootie and the Blowfish
    Enrique Iglesias
    Avril Lavigne
    Rod Stewart
    Ashley Tisdale
    Mariah Carey
    Will Smith
    Robbie Williams
    Ricky Martin
    Goo Goo Dolls
    Kelly Clarkson (American Idol)
    Lindsay Lohan
    Melanie C
    Julio Iglesias

    So without Beck's Father, I never would have had to listen to these musical catastrophes?
    Now I have two reasons to never purposefully listen to them again.
  5. Unlisted Member

    Book boycotts are bad form, it's among those things that totalitarian regimes have always done and it's just really a horrible thing to do.

    I'm not going to boycott a bunch of product because a record company or movie studio/or whatever company had a brief indirect interaction with Scientology, nor is it too interesting that some intern that was holding 34234 cups of coffee during the production of a movie had scientology connections.

    However Actors, Musicians, etc. are interesting to boycott. Because they're the public figures of scientology.
    Leah Reminininini is a shitty actress anyways, and king of queens a show that I'd only watch briefly if I was staying up late and flippin' through the channels.
    Seinfeld was a show I hated when it was at its prime so I'm not prone to watch the reruns.
    Tom Cruise is a shitty actor, if you've ever watched a TC movie you'll note the following, it's all about TC smiling everything leads up to that and it's pathetic, or about TC having an "intense" moment or whatever.

    Ever noticed that Batman Begins has an awesome story and awesome acting performances from everyone except Katie Holmes? No wonder she got replaced :p

    I find the image of Nancy Cartwright jumping up and down clapping her hands ferociously at whatever DM said in the OT 2007 summit video, she reminds me of those poor souls that fall in love with the religious cult or sect leader. :/ So though I like the simpsons, it's now off the table for me, I'll miss the Halloween specials and the Maggie centric episodes.

    John Travolta is another shitty actor who may be abusing his kid who is rumoured to be autistic by giving the kid vitamins or whatever in stead of proper treatment for the autism.

    I'll be sad to boycott some of the Kevin Smith movies as Jason Lee are in those :/

    The best episodes of Cheers took place before Kirstie Ally
    Beck is a Loser. (lol)

    Will Smith and Jada just hurt man :/
  6. Anonamour Member

    How would you like to have been there for this? That's Beck's daddy in the white suit:
  7. AnonMomAnon Member

    as long as i can still listen to jerry lee lewis and my old johnny cash cd's...i'm good.

    i also boycott every fucking place i find out is $cieno-owned. it used to be i just had to know who owned what in dunedin and they've branched out to largo.
  8. Anonamour Member

    I'm sorry if I've derailed your boycott plans a little bit. I've been looking into the behind the scenes manipulations of these CoS assholes for a few months now and I have to tell you, it is bad. Really really bad. I just want our boycott to be really hard hitting and fully informed. It is not just the entertainment industry we are dealing with...

    How do you boycott your own government?


    You can read about the deeper darker CoS connections here:
  9. dawnanon Member


    That is just... painful to read. Argh.

    I suppose this might be obvious but it has to be said, is it necessary to boycott ALL of those artists if we all probably got it for free anyway?

    Yeah, Principles, I know, I know.
  10. Anonamour Member

    Terrible, I know. The main point is to show how pervasive their influence is. CoS consider themselves to be at war with anyone who is not CoS. They have been running an intelligence branch for what? 50 years? They do not play by the rules. They use blackmail, litigation, intimidation and coercion.

    In order to be effective we have to root them out from where they are hiding and stop inadvertently funding them.

    What about setting up a podcast that mixes CoS-free music with discussion? We would need a few researchers and a host to produce the show. Then people who want to boycott could just tune in. Easy.

    What about it?
  11. nonanon2 Member

    While the government info is a bit scary, I doubt they have that much power- maybe a couple connections, but no real influence.
  12. dawnanon Member

    That sounds like a cool idea. Are you thinking with maybe just a few anons and maybe have a skype call-in show? That might be harder to keep anon, but then what do I know.

    It mostly just freaks me out because all that time I was buying Green Day albums or whatever, I was indirectly funding $cientology, and so were thousands (millions?) of others.
  13. Anonamour Member

    I don't think a call-in show is a good idea, but what about something like Live365 where you create a playlist and run it for a week. The host(s) can record segments talking about CoS influence in the music/movie industries. That way people can tune in and know that they are not contributing to CoS and will be learning too.

    For the artists themselves this kind of action may be a godsend. Imagine if you were in their position- surrounded by sneaky lying bastards who are looking to strong arm you into joining their cult? It must be a nightmare.

    If we do a good job, CoS will lose it's teeth in the entertainment industry.
  14. Daywatch Member

    TO try to boycott EVERYTHING Co$ has touched would be nigh impossible, though picking a few bigger targets ( IE United Artist ) very vocally could get the ball rolling
  15. Anonamour Member

    So, how do you all feel about a boycott of United Artists, then?
  16. Daywatch Member

    I am all for it
  17. nonanon2 Member

    (sorry if i'm incoherent- trying to multitask)

    Well, there are two strategies here for focused, well publicised boycotts- boycott the Scilon celebs. and attack their reputation, try to knock down their star power.. Or boycott united artists, and try to heart their income.

    I'm actually more tempted to go with the first. While we could get a lot of media attention on the boycott, i don't think most of the public takes note of which studio produces what, and would be more inclined to see a movie that looks good, even if they knew it was produced by a scientologist owned studio.

    However, if we get a lot of attention on the celebs, we could freak their agents out. make hollywood question if say, Will Smith would be as profitable a choice for their movie, if the thousands of anon are boycotting them.

    In order to hurt united artists, we'd have to convince thousands of people who would be tempted to go the the movie theater to not go. (Let's be honest, a large portion of Anon probably get things off of piratebay, rather then go to see it in theaters..)

    On the other hand, if some SciCeleb's were told by their agents that thousands of people were talking/discussing/petitioning a protest against them... what would they think? what would directors trying to cast for their next blockbuster think?
  18. badwolf Member

    There would have to be publicity. Just us spouting off on here that we're boycotting is useless. Picketing an opening of a big movie might draw some attention, or has it been done?

    You tube has been very successful, too at exposing scientologist celebs.

    Be sure to single out the ACTIVE ones, not ones that were roped in for a "try it" session and came to their senses. Its not fair to include them.

    I'd love to see some celebrity interviews on the subject of scientology. The ones that are not involved seem to be so hush hush about it...afraid?
  19. anon78941 Member

    Just out of curiosity, has any anon posted a "shame on you celebrities!" video yet? I think it's well past time someone called them on supporting the actions of their cult.
  20. Well, through rigorous research and investigation, we do know what we're against. unless she means we cant criticize unless we joined. which would mean almost no one can criticize the nazis or kkk since we havent joined.

    not watching tv shows only matter if u have the counter thing that finds out what people watch

    ive always found that the best way to boycott movies u dont want to support but do want to watch is to download them. perhaps we should teach people how to download movies....since knowledge should be free
  21. Anonamour Member

    There is a rumor that Beck was trying to get out of CoS with the help of Theresa Duncan and Jeremy Blake. Can't tell if it's true, but if so, helping him get out would be an epic win.
  22. Bananon Member

    Beck was born into a Scientologist family, and isn't prominant in the religion (that is to say he doesn't make a public issue of it). It's quite possible that he'd leave.
  23. Grey Anon Member

    Laura Prepon is a scio? Fuck those red headed tits were hawt :xenu:
  24. badwolf Member

  25. Heyanonnyno Member

    Let's save Beck! I love Beck. :,(

    And Laura Prepon's awesome titties. DAMN IT!
  26. Furo Member

    Thank you for making this thread Randomness. Once a list has been setup, I would love if the anon who made the precious official youtube videos would make an announcement pertaining to the boycott and also spread word of the list where the public can find which movies/show/etc should be boycotted. Ideally the list should be updated frequently.

    I'll do a quick copy and paste of what I wrote concerning boycotting on a different forum.

  27. Malle Member

  28. Senso Member

    I already download Simpsons episodes, movies, music, etc. I never watch Tom Cruise or Travolta movies anyways. It's not like boycotting would rob them of my money anyway.

    The only culture I pay for are books and I don't read Scientology crap.
  29. Furo Member

    I'm quoting a post from the SA thread that may be relevant to the boycott.
    Also, I'd like this thread to be stickied or moved somewhere where it will get more attention, if possible.
  30. Furo Member

    Also, this
    Check out the end of it.

    Edit: the SA thread is currently working on confirmation on this by calling the companies. I will update this post with confirmation or denial on this.
  31. Grey Anon Member

  32. badwolf Member

    thanks for those numbers. I'll be writing dell. There's also Phillips, 7-11, coca-cola mentioned, althought its overseas.
  33. Can anyone say what exactly is in this Way to Happiness pamphlet? For a second I couldn't believe what I was hearing about their reach, for a second I thought he was just holding up all these (including Kimora Lee's campaign) as examples of PR campaign's that work. Oh well, maybe the pamphlet is so completely innocuous and watered down in its message that it's meaningless in the long run. After all Miscavige did seem to tout their horn over little things like getting licenses pulled and a couple news stories about how certain drugs "might" be dubious. It's possible those corporations were unwittingly part of one of the CoS' front groups.

    I haven't watched Simpsons in forever but I am disappointed in Cartwright's donation considering she must have been a Scieno during one of the greatest episodes involving a Scientology style cult called the Movementarians

    Marge: "So who do you love?"
    Bart and Lisa: "HOVER BIKES!"
    Marge: "eh, close enough

    note: not that it matters since he's still a member, but there's rumors that Travolta freaked out about Xenu and wanted out but they are holding the skeletons in his "closet" over his head as blackmail to stay. After all when's the last time you heard him defend Scientology in the way Cruise has?

    After all, Battlefield Earth may have been a clever way to discredit L. Ron Tubbard...

    there was also talk in the SA thread about the possibility of protesting against Scientology wherever prominent Scienos were having movie/TV premieres. While the movement is in its infancy I think it might be a worthwhile pursuit. It would get attention to the cause because of such shocking allegations at such a glitzy and glamorous event, and should the Scienos or said celebrity respond, they will likely do so in a way that would confirm everything we said
  34. WMAnon Member

    Possible target

    Struck is a short film which has received a lot of critical acclaim. It also features 5 Scientologists.

    I spent the better part of the other day just researching upcoming movies as potential boycott targets, but I copy pastaed it onto partyvan, which is down for the moment. Once it's back, I can retrieve the info and dump it here. Maybe someone can even put it into a useful form...
  35. SpongeBob Member

    I was under the impression that Will Smith took a few Scientology courses, but decided it "wasn't for him"? I could've swore I read that somewhere :<
  36. I read that also a couple of weeks back, I hope that information is correct since he seems like a good guy.

    I have boycotted scientology influensed products and entertainment for a good while now. And it is not so hard, realy. the only problem is Simpsons and that's 70's show. Tom cruise and jhon travolta are no problem since theyr movies sucks anyway, same goes for usher, his "music" is crap, Never listened much to Beck and soo on, the hard part is to tell what products/services that is influenced by scientology (ie. until yesterday I didn't know that my dads favorite movie (crash) was made by a Scio director) and how much scio influence is enough to justify a boycott.
  37. Furo Member

    This was just posted on SA forums. I'm quite relieved.

  38. Anonamour Member

    They have reach into the White House- as in Colin Powell and Richard Armitage are both $cions- so don't underestimate their reach even though they are also stupid.

    Scathing Way to Happiness critique:
  39. Anonamour Member

    Get this shit:

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