Boycotting Scientology

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Boycotting y/n

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  1. Anonamour Member

    Oh and I found out something else about the Way to Happiness:
  2. Daywatch Member

    wait what?
    can we confirm this?
  3. Anonamour Member

    1. Tommy Davis, Tom Cruise and OSA Director Kurt Weiland "visited" Richard Armitage at the Whitehouse during the Valerie Plame scandal:

    2. This article claims that Colin Powell, Armitage's former boss is "like a brother" to him: ... l_abo.html

    3. And here Colin Powell is listed as a known Sciento: ... 1177379392

    As you can imagine there is very little information about the Co$/White House connection out there and it never gets talked about. I would love to have a team looking into this further, find their bro's hidden in the staffers and out the lot of them.

    Neil Bush stumped for Co$'s anti-psyche campaign in Washington with Lisa Marie Presley too.
  4. Yeah I've never heard of Colin Powell being a scieno...
  5. Re: Possible target

    Haven't heard of it, and it may be a small enough movie. But something like this, if there are prominent scienos in movies we should be there to protest the premiere. The only problem with that is it would require location specific people and likely it will be harder to get people to go to those than a bigger event like 2/10. Hopefully though we can get something consistent going at enough events.

    I think the important thing is not to attack the celebrity and their beliefs. What needs to be drawn attention to is the fact that the celebrity likely has no idea what REALLY goes on. I think a sign like "TOM CRUISE (or mad lib your celebrity here) DOESN'T KNOW ABOUT SCIENTOLOGY'S CRIMES" would do the trick[/url]
  6. Anonamour Member

    I know that it is hard to believe guys because it doesn't seem possible, but remember that has always been a $cion objective, to infiltrate governments at every level:

    Edit: Added another link below

    General Colin Powell attended an Applied Scholastics event, Scientology's literacy scam
  7. WMAnon Member

    Found it!

    Is there any way we can force a statement out of Will Smith, one way or the other, on the Scientology issue? I'm guessing "open letter to the Internets is going to be insufficient for the task.

    Edit: Nvm, he took care of that one himself, apparently.
  8. Anon23517 Member

    Regarding Neil Gaiman...

    A very reliable source tells me that he has no connection to the $cios except for being related to David Gaiman - David, retired head (?) of the UK chapter, is his father. The source also tells me that relations between Neil and his family are what could be described as 'not at all the best.' (Please don't ask me for the source. I promised not to reveeal it.)

    However, what I can cite comes from:

    Name: Neil Gaiman
    Profession: writer (sandman comics)
    Status: Declared SP in 1983; was Class VIII auditor, ran the Birmingham
    org for a while.

    There's more info on that above link. [/b]
  9. SPY

    Yes I'm boycotting anything nonessential that has to do with Scientology. Celebrities, companies, companies that help scientology, All the front groups, Chartwells, Earthlink, Anything else that comes to mind later. I must point out the following;


    OSA SPY! Search your own name, even has called you out for parallel posts on ARS under "blownforgood" who is a well known critic, calling Tory a OSA agent (which she isnt) and 5 other well known critics we all know and would be proud to have at any protest!
  10. ma1kel Member

  11. AnonyFag Member

    Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but he's in. At the wrap of his last film production in fact, instead of giving the hard working staff on the set anything "traditional" in the way of a thank you gift, like a bottle of wine, instaed giving them... certificates for a "free stress test at the local Dianetics center...

    I shit you not.
  12. AnonyFag Member

    Re: Boycotting Scientology

    You mean the Vogons finally found a publisher?
  13. Anonamour Member

    This is a great comprehensive list. I'm for it. Lets do it. Anyone wanna do a vid?

    But put Mr. Smith on the top of that list. He's a Co$ noob, let's pressure him to get out before the brainwashing really kick in.

    And if someone wants to politely ask the They Rule folks to set us up, we will have our interactive database with bells on.

    (I would do it, but I'm just too damn rude. :? )
  14. AnonyFag Member


  15. badwolf Member

    Re: Boycotting Scientology


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