Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

Discussion in 'Flash Raids' started by DeliciousCakeSF, Feb 14, 2008.

  1. saerat Member

    does not click ¬_¬ I fear $cientology websites o.o
  2. miltownkid Member

    Oh but the site is packaged with LULZ!

    "L. Ron Hubbard Management Technology" :lol:

    Just when I thought I had read it all...
  3. EFG666 Member

    There are some lists on the interbutts, though the most recent i have seen is from 2004.
  4. Yeah, I know. I saw that 2004 list. In fact, I already know that a far, far acquaintance of mine works for a WISE business. Needless to say, I'm not patronizing that business EVAR.

  5. Whitehat Member

  6. Dubber Member

    Just open a new tab, turn your volume down, and type in the adddress. They won't know you from anyone else who visits the site.
  7. Re: Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

    WISE needs to be stopped (corporate arm of Co$)

  8. number 6 Member

    Re: Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

    I still couldn't find a membership list.

    I would imagine WISE owned businesses are performing badly. That's why we've never heard of them I guess.
  9. southernstate Member

    Re: Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

    Several lists of WISE businesses:

    Apparently there is no complete list anymore. I know there used to be one, but it was taken down fairly recently, according to another Anon. They're probably trying to stop things exactly like this from happening, boycotts and such.
  10. Exscn Member

    Re: Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

    This was 2004, four years ago. Many people on this list are no longer WISE members, myself included. What they're actually trying to prevent is nothing so substantive as a boycott. No-o-o-o-o. They want to prevent the PR flap that would happen when it gets discovered that they're actually shrinking instead of being what they promote themselves to be -- "the fastest-growing religion on the planet." Later lists would show fewer and fewer WISE members.

    I've read that little Davey has declared around 36,000 people SPs since he took over in 1986. That would be over 1600 people a year. Some of them would have been the WISE members on this list. So if you're going to boycott, just know who you're doing it to.
  11. Re: Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

    So because of this shrinkage, they stopped publishing the WISE guide? It would really be nice if someone posted the 2007 list. PLEASE Anonymous, please deliver on this! :raincloud:

  12. anon13 Member

    Re: Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

    FUCK music on websites. I clicked on that link in a quiet study center filled with people. ARG! Just another reason to hate Scientology (albeit, probably the least important reason).
  13. Re: Boycotting WISE (Scientology-owned) Businesses

    Changed OP for your hearing pleasure...
  14. Site is taken down and they seem to be fighting hard. ABC mouse seems fishy based on ownership of previous NEOpet owner. Please do search..
  15. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Fill yer boots, necro'd thread is over 5years old, bring back something juicy for the curious cats :)
  16. kanibal Member

    French scientologist business :

    - Legendre Patrimoine (Robert Fresco)
    - Rock The Street (Nathan Klein)
  17. I remember some other threads on this topic. IIRC, Its hard to nail down all of who's who because. at least at one time, their lists were pretty scarce and it was very hush hush. And there have always been reports of individual business owners with say, 'way to happiness' in their waiting rooms or something.

    This was all awhile back, things have progressed. There has to be an ex out there who has some kind of business directory for WISE. All these groups have them. In fact, these are professionals here. They've fallen for that slick line, and it would have to have all the trimmings to compete in business world. Having a directory of member businesses makes good sense when you are into Chamber of Commerce style boosterism.

    There also are directories for interest group members. Pagans business promoters have 'em, Lesbian groups have them, new agers, hobbyists, born-again-christians, you fucking name it, someone is hawking a yellow pages type directory of businesses run by fellow devotees. If WISE or one of its members doesn't put one out, I would be surprised. In that case, one drawback could be that on that level, these are often very local publications- the pagan-owned stores in the Bay Area, or the Lesbian businesses in Chicagoland. Hard to say how comprehensive it would be.
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  19. Quentinanon Member

    Because WISE has targeted dentists and chiropractors for recruitment.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    There are regular searches. To date, no Bingo.
  21. DeathHamster Member

    If someone had a current good-standing status, they could probably dump a list from the WISE site.
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  22. PickANumber Member

    Weird. I guess maybe early on a dentist and a chiropractor were both on the list and reached out to others in the same professional networks? Or is there a more underhanded reason for those particular professions, which wouldn't surprise me either?
  23. 121

    There are a greater than average number of high earning con artists in both professions.

    "It's easy to con a con."
  24. Incredulicide Member

    Professionals with substantial income who often feel they lack management skills so are more likely to attend a "business management seminar" from brochures placed in their office/reception. Veterinarians are also targeted for this reason.

    There's more in depth detail if you can get the full article version of "Managing to Recruit: Religious Conversion in the Workplace"

    EDIT: Found it!
    Thanks to the wayback machine and a bonus Geocities page from 2003 :)
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