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Discussion in 'Canada' started by Anonymous, Jul 7, 2011.

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    There was a protest today in front of Pfizer against anti-depressants. The protesters swore they were not Scientologists, but their flyer did have a link to CCHRint. I don't think they were Scientologists, as they were protesting the fact that their family member committed a suicide at the age of 27 because he was on chantix, but I think some of CCHR people were there, as one lady kept on calling me ignorant, after I explained to the family that by linking the protest to CCHR won't do them any good. ry%3D480.jpg
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    Sorry I don't have a better quality of a flyer that they were giving away. I'm curious if it was the family that contacted CCHR or the other way around.
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    He is not a kook. He is humanitarian for the year 2011 of the Simon Wiesenthal Center. And he is not glib.
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    Well, the family itself was catholic. They even had a little altar with some Saint [Anthony? Thomas?] there with a cross. They were obviously very upset that their son/brother was dead. However, there was a really big bunch of people that were clearly not family members. On top of that, they had a big pile of T-shirts that they were giving away for free to any of the passers by that wanted one [costs money!!!]. When I refused to sign a petition because of the CCHR connection, some lady started screaming at me and calling me ignorant. So yeah.....scientologists were there. I think they were using the family tragedy to promote their goals.
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    Excellent Photos, Bozuri! Nicely Done! Bravo!
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    I don't have any issue with the family protesting. It's perfectly within their right and I feel their pain.
    But the CCHR are vultures! I bet they provided the funds for those T-shirts. Gotta do something loud now that Jan Eastgate is under investigation.
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    I do take SSRIs and frankly, they saved my life. OK, I wasn't really dying, but I lost 10 kilos of weight from stress and and was unable to eat anything but chicken soup. SSRIs really helped. I'm normal nowadays [well, almost, lol].
    I think psychiatric drugs help lots and lots of people. But any drug has side affects, not necessarily on everybody, but say 1 in a thousand would get a real bad reaction from the drug. But the same goes for the polio vaccination.
    Anyways, the flyer from the protest [I have it in PDF, but don't know how to upload it] does quote Dr. Szasz.
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    Mark Miglio has been around for a few weeks now. Also Sandra Gortez. And yesterday this Sandra brought a little friend as well, named Bortez [I'm not kidding].

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