Bradley Manning Hit with New Charges in WikiLeaks Case, Including "Aiding the Enemy"

Discussion in 'Wikileaks' started by Mark Cabian, Mar 3, 2011.

  1. whosit Member

    It is not nice to say that the entire Middle East is about to go to hell.

    Burkas for every woman.

    Beards for all the men.

    This is politically incorrect because all Western media wants you to ignore the fact that every person in the middle east is going to get fucked.

  2. Anonymous Member

    Look, I'm not against leaks regarding some seriously fucked up shit, but most of those leaks were only damaging to one thing: OUR SECURITY. How the fuck does it benefit ANYONE by leaking our intelligence reports on such topics as Bulgarian organized crime, or Iran's procurement of materials for manufacturing nuclear weapons? ETC.

    As far as spying on the people (while I don't really agree with, it's something every government does, legal or not) paranoia much? They keep tabs on suspected terrorists and crime syndicates (THIS HELPS ANONS AS IM SURE THE FBI IS BUGGING THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF SCIENTOLOGY).

    We don't NEED comm lines to revolution. Did all the Sci's who left the cult have the internet before it existed to leave? Did the founders have it when they told the redcoats where to shove it?

    I'm more concerned with the recent actions of anonymous factions and the possibility of some serious radicalization. You get a couple sociopaths with some bad ideas online, and all the sudden a large group of stupid teenagers are aiming the LOIC at anything for any reason, hacking emails, spreading disinfo "cause it's cool, brah!".
  3. Anonymous Member

    They think it's all a big conspirazy!
  4. Anonymous Member

    Glad we can at least agree on something.
  5. whosit Member

    I thought that they just had training camps to kill the western infidel pigs. Am I wrong?
  6. Anonymous Member

    No one ever said war was pretty. Protesting ain't going to work against Radical Islam, people.

    How do you suggest we win, HMMM?

    Oh right. Pacifism.......
  7. Anonymous Member

    Your enemies are China and Russia, not the stupid taliban.
  8. Anonymous Member

    Dyncorp, just providing illegal (or was it legal in that country) children to a PARTY for diplomats and LOCALS. Make sure to point the BLAME IN BOTH DIRECTIONS.

    Just because Muslim leaders that happen to be men want Americans to provide sex slaves to them....

    (oh wait, ignore everything else, blame muricka)
  9. whosit Member

    Economic vs. blood.
  10. Anonymous Member

    If we weren't in Afghanistan, then China or Russia would move in and grab it.
    This is a geostrategical war for ressources, not a war against terrorism, you fucking faggots.
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  11. Anonymous Member

    If you like to research, please realize that global affairs are NEVER a one way street. At one point or another, you have to make a choice or be crushed by one side or the other.

    Anyway, here's some dox. Enjoy. (I hope you read it).

    And for future reading, please educate further, there is a LOT of info to keep you busy:

    I am well aware of what our government has done and is capable of. I am also aware of what we have stood for despite our flaws.
  12. whosit Member

    Afghanistan wouldn't even know that they are the new repository of wealth (rare metals, etc..) if it wasn't for the US coming into that country. Funny thing is that the US is going to withdraw and not make shit off of it. In the meantime the current US backed govt. will fall, another will take the place of that one. It might or might not be Isalmic. But it will be a dictatorship eventually, even though it won't start that way.


    you fucking faggot.
  13. Anonymous Member

    You are right and you are wrong. It's both reasons. We kick terrorist ass, and reap cheap oil. I can live with that.
    Maybe if the native peoples' cleaned house before their radicals came to our lands blowing our shit up, we wouldn't be there.
  14. whosit Member

    It wasn't about oil to begin with and it won't be about oil in the end. It was about the Taliban and Al Queda at the beginning. Then it got confused with Americans not wanting them to go back to being backward asshats (I'm sorry, that is politically incorrect) and having a country that was ripe to have asshats like Al Queda coming back in. Now we found out that there are real resources there. Time to set up a friendly government that works with us. The question is how. The other question is do we give a fuck about people over there? Do we want to "risk" them actually having something akin to freedom?
  15. Anonymous Member

    Thank you for pointing that out. Another reason I firmly believe in the 2nd.. but that's a whole different subject.

    We don't have an all powerful centralized government. Our government's logistics and infrastructure relies on the private sector so heavily that it wouldn't exist for the corporate entities who are contracted for everything from MRE's to Apache helicopters to Nuclear arms production.. So if lulzgasm wants to take his arguements to the extreme, he really should hate America's "capitalist pigs" and everything it stands for.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Not arguing at all.
  17. whosit Member

    I was just trolling him.

    Work on that.
  18. Anonymous Member

    Honestly, that would depend on whether the nation would become radicalized all over again or not. This isn't the "nice" answer, but it's reality.
  19. whosit Member

    Sucks but you're right.

    I don't think "we" have a choice. Cross those fingers.
  20. Anonymous Member

    Seriously, fuck "your" security.

    The rest of the world has had enough of their security being compromised by US evil deeds, witness that CIA fuckbag in Pakistan blowing away two people on a motorbike, one MIGHT argue that he was scared because he saw a firearm, but for his backup to wipe out a motorcyclist on its way to rescue the poor scared CIA op, this is how US foreign policy works, non-US citizens just don't matter.

    Fuck your security. These leaks pulled the pants down of the greedy ugly US, and now we see all the warts and saggy ass wrinkles and the rest of the world is laughing at the US. Like Rome before it, the US will collapse HARD because of greed, mismanagement, and generally because of it's selfish uncaring attitude to the rest of the planet. Wikileaks is speeding up that process and I for one am glad that it is.

    I got love for the American people, everyday Joe Blow in the street, but scum like Kissinger, Bush, etc. have dragged you into this, and there is no turning back.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    On balance, the benefits of increased transparency overwhelmingly outweigh the harms. You rationalize the collaterals of waging war, while mostly focusing on your perceived harms of increased transparency.
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  22. Anonymous Member

    Those intelligence reports were leaked?
  23. Anonymous Member

    I was under the impression that all the Wikileaks data is derived from intercepts of Chinese datastreams, the Chinaman hacked the US and the Wikileaks hacked the Chinaman.

    And it benefits the people of countries such as Tunisia, Egypt, by having it proven that their leaders were corrupt and citing examples.

    Worth noting that the citizens who have overthrown their US funded leaders have no love for the US.
  24. Anonymous Member

    Where are those intelligence reports you were talking about?
  25. agent156 Member

    This is why we are failing, you guys are letting the astroturf turn why we protest into were we argue.

    Who ever these people really are they couldn't seem more like the ops the air force and other gov groups want to use, if they were being paid to pretend.

    I'm sure the smarter people here have found statements like this in their in box "So, don’t be shy about looking for a gov’t job if you care to." Cause I have.

    Less of this BS and more of this...
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  26. Not a lawyer, but the UCMJ is the relevant code of law for Bradley Manning, as a member of the Armed Services. Copypasta'd from Wikipedia:

    Mutiny (wikipedia)

    Don't like that? How about Article 92 (§ 892.), copied from here:

    The bold italics are mine. Have any more specious arguments you would like to share with the class?
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  27. So, you're saying it was lawful for the others who viewed the Collateral Murder tape in the military to turn a blind eye to the murder of demonstrably innocent civilians who were attempting to help the wounded, and it was unlawful for this war crime to become common knowledge. Thank you for clearing that one up for me.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    I was not the same anon that claimed intelligence reports, I was just talking about Wikileaks..
  29. uncoerced Member

    No way is our government looking out for our best interests. Wow. No way. I'm sorry you've been duped.

    This is a perfect example of how hard it will be to get Americans to wake up though. This is what we're dealing with, guys.
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  30. Rockyj Member

    For those who may have missed!
    BTW Goody Anonymous: I don't think most American's would prosecute. Most American's are busy trying to survive and don't know the whole story, only what corporate media dishes out. This will change as more people become aware & deprogrammed from all the propaganda.

  31. Anonymous Member

  32. It's time to call for President Obama to be impeached. While we're at it, can we get that lazy bastard Clarence Thomas too? Really? Five years on the Supreme Court, and not one single question in oral arguments? FML.
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  33. Ah. Fox news. Its all clear now.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Wealth for whom?
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  35. Rockyj Member

    Days after Crowley criticizing Manning's treatment he's OUTED as State Dept. Spokesman!
  36. Rockyj Member
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  37. Anonymous Member

    He who would trade liberty for some temporary security, deserves neither liberty nor security. -Benjamin Franklin

    Fucking dumb ass neo-cons.. Yea lets have another fucking endless war... because the War on drugs is so successful. Lets create the TSA and have your 4th amendment rights violated anytime you would like to travel. BECAUSE EVERYONE KNOWS ITS THE TAX-PAYERS JOB TO POLICE THE FUCKING WORLD... Lets lock up the people that expose corruption in our gov. all you neo-con faux news watching fucks bitch about small government, yet when it comes to taking a step towards that you coward towards you government to protect you.. Fucking Epic fail you troll faggots- FREE BRADLEY MANNING GTFO OF THE MIDDLE EAST, SECURE OUR BORDERS, LEGALIZE DRUGS, MANUFACTURE THEM, TAX THEM, AND MAKE IT ILLEGAL FOR COMPANIES THAT OUTSOURCE TO PAY LESS THEN US MINIMUM WAGE. BRING JOBS BACK TO AMERICA, FIND LUCRATIVE AND REALISTIC ALTERNATIVES TO FOSSIL FUELS AND STOP FUCKING RELYING ON EVERY OTHER COUNTRY FOR OUR OWN OIL STABILITY.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    WOW, Crowley had to resign, just because he criticized Manning's jail conditions?! This is America?
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  39. Anonymous Member

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  40. Anonymous Member
    Interesting statement by Crowley.
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