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    Various Ideas

    Since last Sundays raids, I have been brainstorming a bit on how I can help and general ideas to help the cause. Here are some I have so far:

    Multimedia DVD's:

    Well edited multimedia DVD's containing the full tech's and OT's etc. All the materials that the budding Scientologist could want or need PLUS... Our complimentary materials on what is so evil about Co$ and "Why Did They Have To Die" etc. Just put some of our already well presented material in there too. This would be in effort to move the lower ranking or complete neophyte clam, into the Free Zone, Before they have a chance to build a dependence on their auditor and org etc.

    If people are willing to put as much effort as needed, into scoping out the orgs and approaching people who come and go, they can offer the full tech on DVD and just hand it to the newbie scilon without any sales pitch or any other communications. The DVD's might even contain some complimentary materials to debunk the nonsense scilon beliefs themselves but that would be more aimed at the prospect with no commitment to the church, so they can see how ridiculous scilon beliefs are, before becoming one.

    I hope that idea would be a way to undermine the monopoly of worse than worthless information being sold to clams for hundreds of thousands of dollars. We giveaway the information Co$ sells for mega profits, and undermine them. Also, this can be a common bond and shared goal between us and Freezoners and demonstrates that we are not going after the scilon beliefs themselves but the practices of Co$ itself.

    Publicity & Politics:

    I would like to see some speakers at the protest, or perhaps after the protests have a rally and set up a stage in a nearby park, for speakers to address the crowd. Here you can invite local politicians to speak and hear what they have to say about Co$. Many people who would not come to protest might come to a rally to receive more information. We can hear people who are ex-scilon and anti-scilon and even freezoners any SP's that are not actually Anonymous. It would be nice to leave the that kind of motivation that this might engender. Politicians would also be put under more pressure to take a stand one way or another. This is also a good opportunity to hand the incumbent politicians (if you can get them to speak) a petition.

    When we go out we should have an area (checkpoint) and signage set up to collect signatures on a petition, set this up near the protest, but if possible, where there is room for motorists to pull over and have helpers to bring the clipboard up to the cars. Have cameras ready there in case they are scilon stooges and try something funny, they might try to snatch the clipboard or otherwise ruin a page full of signatures. Video the incident and the car rego for publicity. Otherwise we may have to resort to one page per person, explanation (what am I signing) followed by their signature.

    Letter Boxing Leaflets:

    Ok. This is all so obvious but hey, I don't know what is done in other parts of the world. Here in merry old Oz, the letterbox is an institution and it's well commercialized much to my chagrin. Advertising leaflets and catalogs (practically booklets) are stuffed into letterboxes to coerce, plead and persuade, by overwhelming proportions, in any letterbox that doesn't bare the words 'NO JUNK MAIL'. It's a shame this abuse, as letter-boxing is an effective low cost method of advertising for the grass roots organization and even the small (one person) business. Even without a central organization to donate to, people can buy their own ream of photocopy paper and donate some DIY effort to making their own fliers and doing the letterbox drops. It's a kind of self donating of devotion to a cause, that is actually unseen by any central authority and nobody is there to take delivery of your donation. This can produce the greatest affirmation of generosity and self worth, just knowing that you did something generous for a worthy cause, that will not go unnoticed but was not for ego stroking congratulations and external approval, that is the most satisfying kind of philanthropy.

    Charity & Pseudo-Collecting:

    Last night I tried to set up an old laser printer to do my leaflets and as it was an 'off the side of the road job' I found it was (still is) leaving parts of the page unprinted. The software is working and the data is getting through, but obviously there is a minor (I hope) mechanical fault, such as a roller needs to be aligned or a spring needs tightening. I hope to mess around and get it working, I have downloaded the service manual and I am pretty good with gadgets. I was using a bubble jet previously, but they are expensive on ink, while toner is much cheaper, so I want the laser printer fixed.

    What If I can't fix it? Well I am poor and I can't afford to throw money around, otherwise I would just pay to have it fixed. That lead me to think about how I might barter with a printer repair guy. Somebody who knew what they were doing could quite likely fix the thing in minutes. But what if the printer repair guy was sympathetic to our cause? A generous person is happy to donate money to a worthwhile cause. But what about a little bit of time and expertes? I imagined I could explain that I am a poor student I am setting up the printer for use in an activist movement to fight the Co$, because we are Autonomous as well as Anonymous we have no central authority no registered as an official organisation and explain that this is all deliberate to avoid any backlash from Co$. It's also a great opportunity to get out into the community to talk to people and promote Anon while forging allegiances and publicizing the Co$ Scandal.

    It seems to me that this is a general idea that can apply to each of us in many such situations. Would your local college (where sign writing courses are taught) like to help us make some simple and cheap vinyl signs. If not the College what about asking a few sign writers in your area to find one who hates Scientology. Once again we don't need a central organization to solicit donations this way. It's as grass root as it can be. The donor knows that his or her donation is going to what it is intended for, because the donation is very same goods and services that they are giving us, rather than a financial sum that can be spent otherwise. It is also as tax free for us as any other charities donations, as it never produces income. Busy business, people might hate Scientology as much as the next guy but they might not be able to afford the time to be involved. Giving the activist directly what he or she needs, may be the best way for the business person to contribute. If what we are doing is right, then we should consider our cause worthy. That means there should be plenty of generous people out there, with goods and services that they are willing to help us with.

    What I propose is perhaps we should have a 'How To' guide for activists, on the subject of 'Canvasing Business For A Pledge Of Support' for various needs. Keep a registry of needs, both local and general across the whole movement, and also a registry of willing business who pledge to support us Who / What Kind Of Support / How Much. Send them a thank you letter and let them know we will be in contact when the need arises. When an activist needs a service or product directly related to the mission, they can first check the registry and see if there is a willing donor with a pledge that is convenient, or go DIY canvasing. If any Anon, wants to do something helpful, there is always plenty to do. If you have the gift of the gab and a nice phone manner, why not read the 'Canvasing Business For Support How To' and jump on the phone to see if you can rouse up some pledges of likely value. The 'How To' should cover a list of useful products and services to seek out like 'Printer Repairs & Supplies'.

    There are also various other Charities ad foundations that might look fondly on this inspiring endeavor to make Co$ accountable. There Is the Richard Dawkins Foundation, James Randi Foundation, SCICOP And Others. These are mainly anti-creationist and secular / skeptical organizations, but are sufficiently in keeping with Anon's aims to view us as a worth cause. In our particular case, seeing that we can not form our own organization to raise our funds, it might be seen as more worthy for benevolent foundations from legitimate organizations to offer funding for some specific things such as an awareness campaign, funding a law suit or hosting a lecture series for some prominent cult busters / psychologists / ex-scilons etc etc.

    DEC 5. Candle Light Vigil:

    Here's an idea that might move the word (emotionally). On December 5 it will be the anniversary of Lisa McPherson's death. A day that we might consider as more significant than her birthday to be remembered in a sombre reflective way. Why don't we invite the world to a candle light vigil from dusk till dawn, not this time at Co$ orgs but somewhere nice in every local city. Again, let them hear from reformed Scilons and others with a message of hope for the brainwashed and trapped within Co$ and let us reaffirm or remembrance for Lisa and all those who have died either directly or indirectly by the hands of the EVIL Cult Of Scientology.


    Seriously Is your Government or Municipality Outing Your Private Info ???!!!

    In our previous election I was involved with a political party and volunteered to hand out leaflets outside the polling booth. I did this incidentally because I was deprived of my vote. I have not had correct details on the electoral roll for years. In fact, not since I learned of it being a public database, in which anybody who knows your name can look up your address right down to the house number. I am appalled at this and chose not to update my electoral role details when I moved to my present abode. Not giving my address details on the role, has already saved me from being found by one desperate weirdo who wouldn't leave my girl friend alone. Up until the last election it was still possible to do an absentee (away from home) vote, but John Howard decided to kick anybody who had not updated their electoral records to the Curb. This is an aside, but something of interest to a group like Anon. Can your details be found by any such government database that is on public record?

    Two Small Ideas For Signage and Leaflets:

    In the above mentioned election I was given about 5 Cheese board signs to put up around the polling area. These are like crinkly cardboard but are made of thin plastic instead. The material is very cheap, weather proof and makes an Ideal temporary but reusable signage stock. Anyhow, after the election I took down the signs I had put up, and I still have them, the party didn't want them back as they could not be used for three years and they might have new candidates then anyhow. The thing is, the backside of these cheese boards are still white and I also believe that the front side could be preped for painting again too.

    Some parties use these signs in the hundreds at election time, and you would probably only have to volunteer to take them down to be allowed to keep them. This would be much nicer than some of the scrappy, scruffy signs we have had, made from torn open cardboard boxes. So look for an election near you, and ask to collect and recycle these signs. Collect as many as you can and share them with others. :wink: Hint: If you are going to do the painting or vinyl application for all of the signs, put the word out in your local network and as for requests, so you can get the messages people want.

    I was once stupid enough to be involved in multi-level marketing, a money making cult that... well never mind, you know what it is. I am not all that greedy for money. Back then we had something money just can't buy... Poverty. "If it works just 10% as well as the plan shows", they would say, "you will still be comfortably well off". Well I never could prey on my friends and family and the advertising didn't do squat. It was all coercive bullshit and I honestly embarrassed to confess that. Anyhow, one of the marketing tools I used, was a large rubber stamp. It was 1/6 of the size of an A4 sheet (or a bit smaller) and it had the classic MLM blurb on it MAKE MONEY FROM HOME... No Capital Outlay, No...blah blah blah... etc etc. Now I intend to take that stamp down to the company who cuts and fixes the rubber and ask the boss if s/he hates the Co$. Perhaps first I will drop some of our literature of for them to read, give them some time to check out the websites then go back and see if they wouldn't mind helping me out with a love job.

    I intend to just go out and talk to people and ask them for help, share the literature and hunt for resources that we can use. Anyhow that a few ideas to chew on. Here's a little Animation I made in the GIMP. I just worked out how to do that so if I can help with animations (for the cause) for any Anons, I will have a go. 1181547b51ef8b038e.gif

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    Re: Various Ideas

    you know, we've been blamed by sci for
    hackers on steroids,
    paid for by psychiatry,
    paid for by drug companies,
    with the German Secret Service,
    under the command of the Marcab's Fourth or Fifth
    communism (wait, anarchy and communism at once)

    I think we should bring cardboard spaceships, psych couches and some other stuff to parody that...

    do we need permits to have open flames (candles)? like for hubbard's Bday?
    because it seems that the cake won't happen
    the cake is a lie
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  4. Re: Various Ideas

    In a perfect world we would parachute out of DC8's dressed in uniform with maybe a couple of swastikas and hammers & sickles, then give free psychology tests to the general public on a freud couch we set up next to the personality test.
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    Brainstorm Megathread!

    If you have a random idea or concept that you think may be worthwhile but needs to be fleshed out, or a quirky idea you want to hear objections to, post it here. You will not be flamed, attacked as a person, or called a plant. I just ask that you not have any personal attatchment to your ideas - propose them, make your case for them, and let them be evaluated.

    For those wishing to contribute to Anonymous who have critical thinking skills, I suggest regularly browsing this forum and commenting on ideas you see, making cases for or against. You can post simply that you like or dislike an idea, but please make an effort to explain your preference.

    Remember, this forum is for ideas. Bring your critical thinking skills, but leave egos behind.
  6. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Ways to Identify COS plants in a crowd. Are there ways to find out who COS plants are when they are dressed as anon. I think if we could come up with some way to atleast bring attention to them we could try to keep a close tab on them so they can't do anything stupid. IE bomb threats from a pay phone. That sort of thing. Cause I was watching bbc panorama and they used the bomb threat tactic against tom Sweeney
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    1. Wise Beard Man. He tried to do a 'live' chat but it became swamped with too much traffic, and lots of trolls. I think he's wonderful for 'firing up the troops' so to speak, and he really got people to behave themselves as I think a lot of people respect him. Most people post on more than one forum. What if we had a thread, on all these same type forums, dedicated to asking him questions, best questions are then submitted to him, and he tries to answer them 'live'. I think it's not that big a deal, but it would be a lot of fun, especially if he could do another 'live' broadcast before March 15th. I think it would also be much easier for him to get to answer people's questions, and cut down a little on his email account being swamped by everyone asking the same questions over and over.

    2. Dancing with the Stars. Yup. I said it. :oops: I know. Priscilla Presley (also a Scientologist) was chosen. How wrong would it be to ask Anonymous members (worldwide) to vote on DWTS to make sure she doesn't make it too far in the show. :lol:

    Mods-If this doesn't exactly fit in this category, feel free to delete.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I have two ideas, but I haven't had time to really flesh them out. Here they are:

    1. Start an online petition to submit to the Senate committee that oversees the IRS requesting the review and revocation of the CoS's tax exempt status.
    Pro: It would be a way to show the size of the movement to the powers that be, and a way for those who can't show up at the protests to have their numbers recognized, as well as getting our message to the people who can do something about it.
    Con: You have to put your real name on a petition.

    2. We are in the middle of campaign season here in the US, with the highest office in the land up for grabs. We need to write letters to the candidates and make sure they are aware of this issue, and find out their stances on the Church of Scientology, its criminal activities, and its tax exempt status. If we make this a big enough issue, if we show that there are a LOT of voting Americans who are concerned about this -- all we would need is for one of the candidates to mention this issue during a speech or debate to get the mainstream media interested. Once the mainstream media is interested we will get more than a throwaway blurb on a slow news day. We will get in depth coverage, and the general public will hear more than "steroid fueled hackers".
    This will not become a major campaign issue, most likely, but we do need to make sure that the candidates are informed about the dangerous organization that is operating right here in our country with the blessing of the IRS. And we need to make sure that they know that one of the most successfully marketed viral protests in history is associated with this issue, and that any candidate who speaks in our favor is likely to get a huge boost among the hard to reach younger voters by supporting our movement.

    Just a couple of things that occurred to me - dunno how helpful or feasible they will be though.
  9. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    This is a bit of a crazy one but essentially reversing Scientologies traditional tactics on themselves.

    What if everyone who has ever been hurt by Scientology in any way sued them all at once.

    I reckon this would fuck them up good.

    We would need to get an idea of there assets first and how big a chunk this could take out of them to see whether it is winnable but the results would be:
    A massive waste of there funds
    Massive media coverage

    Also remember that why Scientology traditionally wins in the courts is because they counter sue you a million times over. If we slapped enough legal cases on them, they wouldn't have enough resources to counter sue.

    The big question is how big amount of legal bullshit can they take and can we feasibly swamp them.

    If it was actually possible to implement this plan this could be the nail in there coffin.

    However, I don't have enough knowledge of American courts, Scientologys assets or the amount of people we could gather up against them to give you any real assessment of this idea's feasibility.

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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Anyone think trying to get the US military to support Anon would be a good idea?

    The reasons I think we might have a case are thus:

    A) The CoS has conducted ops against the IRS before, so I imagine that at least some people in the government might be interested in getting back at them for the loss of face.

    B) The CoS, from what I've read elsewhere on this forum, has been having its ministers treat, and presumably attempt to convert, soldiers coming home from Iraq. A large number of PTSD-suffering veterans suddenly going without medication or therapy is probably be something the Army would want to avoid.

    C) The CoS seems to have the habit of attempting to assimilate any organization or place they are able to gain a foothold in. It might be in our interest to get the military on our side before they do.

    So, good idea or bad idea?
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Unless martial law has been declared, the military is not allowed to get involved in civil or political actions. They are there to protect all US citizens, and they can't take sides. But we CAN let them know about Scientology's practices and make sure that they know better than to let Scilon "Ministers" near the PTSD troops.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Just throwing out a crazy idea I had about raising awareness.

    I came across a free game today called "ICED" which was a 3D game created to raise awareness about immigration conditions in the US. Now the game sucked, but it occurred to me that Anonymous might be able to do something similar.

    I'm thinking something simple, such as a flash game, to appeal to the casual online gaming crowd who aren't too likely to be aware of this stuff already.
    It could be a puzzle (or even RPG-esque) game where you need to earn money to gain ranks within the CoS, and your rewards at each stage could be based on the Scientology documents we have access to. I think if it was even mildly fun** we could distribute it via Newgrounds or RapidShare to raise awareness, and it would help to trivialise the 'intellectual property' of the church.

    Obviously this is a medium-long term goal and would require sufficient nerd-power from the ranks of Anonymous. I'm sure there are at least a few who would be able and willing? It's hard to believe otherwise considering the quantity of meme-based flash toons/games I've seen X-)

    ** This is of course the challenge of making something like this a success, and I think part of the key to it would be extensive peer review during development. Events to date have shown the effectiveness of the collective thinking of Anonymous. I'm sure that as a group we could come up with something enjoyable & informative (if we could keep the memes to a minimum ;) ).

    Oh, also regarding the above post about the army, just giving my 2c on that if I may. I would say that the military would have no problem with returned soldiers stopping their therapy/medication, because if anything, the army will be helping to pay for it. I'd also expect there to be plenty of CoS members in the military given their similar organizational structure etc. Also certainly at this stage of the game I can't see the military being able to back Anonymous without most of the eyebrows in the country being raised. Anonymous is still a juvenile terrorist group to the majority of the country I think.
  13. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I don't think it is wrong to deny someone "honors" when they are actively partcipating in an organization that is harming people the way the CO$ is. I refuse to watch a TV show, or see a movie that has a "star" in it that donates so much money to the CO$. It is my right. By going to see a TC movie I am in effect making it possible for him to donate money to the CO$. It is an act of conciousness for me, it is my money. I decide where to spend it. I choose not to spend it on things that will contribute, however indirectly, to the CO$. If Pricilla Presly chooses to give her money to the CO$, I can also choose to make people aware of that and decide for themselves whether or not they wish to giveher HONORS for participating in such an unconscionable organization. And, out of memory for THE KING who said, of the cult, "all they want is my money" and ran from them, I say do what needs to be done to bring public awareness to the issue, what THE KING thought and what his wife and daughter are now involved in. Shame. When TC's new movie opens I will be out on the public sidewalk in front of the biggest theater with a sign that reads, "By seeing this movie you are indirectly donating to the Church of $cientology."

    As far as the military is concerned, as a group, no they cannot "join us". However as individuals they are certainly free to speak up. The first amendment applies to them as well. It's what they fight for, the Constitution, (such as it is after Bushitler has finished with it.)
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    One of the way the Co$ attacks people is through vigorous (and frivolous, and fraudulent) enforcement of it's trademarks. What are ways we could disarm them of this weapon?

    1) genericide: by making a trademark become a generic word the claim to trademark is weakened. It is important to not genercize it in a positive way (like Bayer's TM Asprin). It is also important that you don't use TMs commercially, as that will be a valid excuse for Co$ to attack. Use the word 'scientology' anonymously as a slang adjective. Repeat with other TMs. "Man my prof fair gamed me. He totally dianeticked us by burying us in assignments on friday." Co$'s trademark claims are tenuous anyway - there is evidence that the transfer to RTC wasn't legal, as well as it being bullshit that a corporation is holding the trademarks that a 'religion' is using.

    2) scoop up jargon: sure, Scientology and Dianetics are TMed, but 'suppressive person' isn't, nor is 'xenu'. If someone were to make a commercial site that TMed 'Xenu' (and had nothing to do with Scientology) they might be able to sue the Co$ the next time they run the OT3 course. Better then a commercial site - another 'religion'. There's a free thought organization called the 'Church of Reality' that is not only has tax-free status, but is claiming TM to 'Reality'. The absurd is possible (witness Co$)
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Great idea for an end game, but it's not time yet. We need to get them on the ropes financially, pull their tax exempt status, hopefully take them to court for criminal charges first, then when they've exhausted their dwindling resources trying to keep Miscavige out of jail, then we get everyone together and sue the shit out of them in civil court for pain and suffering and the like.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I know a couple of folks in the military, the key is that they cannot wear uniform to a protest or any political event (as this would effectively say "the military as a whole supports this cause/candidate"), nor can they make any unauthorized statements about the military. While what they do in their free time is somewhat relevant to their careers in the military, that doesn't deny them the right to free speech, so long as they are making no false or slanderous statements or engaging in any illegal activities (even civil disobedience). Cavorting with Anonymous might get them in some hot water, since the group did at one point engage in illegal activities, so don't press the issue.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    This is a great idea! Maybe we should collect signatures IRL, during the demonstrations and on other occasions and get non-anonymous people to sign as well. With enough names it should be near-impossible for the Scientologists to try find the anons. Then send the complete lists to politicians etc. With some activity like this beside the great demonstrations those of us who don't get to attend any protests could do something to help the cause.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I am ALL ABOUT this idea. The only things that makes celebrities useful to the CoS are their unwavering fan bases. Granted, Priscilla Presley is a pretty dead target (safe to say that EVERYONE on DWTS is scrambling for attention due to waning "careers") but if she gets voted off quickly by the sheer force of the internets, other scifag celebs might start to worry about the effect their "faith" is having on their respective images.
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    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Hmmm... That really is a worry isn't it. Does any body else see a pattern?

    • Big Superstars[/*:m:35x02eja]
    • Police departments[/*:m:35x02eja]
    • Now the military you say? :shock: [/*:m:35x02eja]

    They are not just into assimilating organizations, they are specifically targeting people of influence. They are becoming people of influence, or people of influence are becoming them, one department or organization at a time. That is really a huge worry. :x They do really mean to rule the world don't they. Fascism anyone?

    I'm not really sure military could get involved directly with a group of activists, particularly as we have no legal identity. The correct avenue I would think is to deal with the government, clumsy and unresponsive as that may be. That and the public seem to be our main options. Then again, military personnel are also members of the public, so anything we do to inform the public includes them. We are just as entitled to approach the military as any religious cult surely, but I don't understand how you say the Co$ are gaining access to the military. If it means they are allowed onto enter military establishments and proselytize to personnel there. Uh Uh... That's a no no.

    That gap if it exists, needs to be plugged and never mind asking for equal rights to infiltrate or indoctrinate the troops with anti-cult propaganda. Just tell our government that we won't stand for cults to infiltrate the military. The problem is that government needs to have an education about what cults are and how they are different from mainstream religions. That opens a philosophical can of worms, because in some peoples eyes (over here please), there is no difference, only a matter of degrees of severity. There should be no such thing as a army pastor or padre. You can bet if the Co$ are gaining access to military establishments that they are using the excuse of religious freedom and equal access. By letting religion stick it's pious nose into every aspect of life, we have made a rod for our own back.

    I am a 'power atheist' with enthusiastic tenacity. It occurs to me that the argument from freedom of religion is self defeating. Once you adopt most religious doctrines then you are required to denounce all others. By this very fact alone, religions are mutually exclusive and themselves oppose religious freedom. Ugggggh :!: Don't even get me started. The best approach I think is to show statistically, that the cult is unhealthy and criminal by comparison to the general population. Whatever it's beliefs are, people are free to adopt those of their own accord, but the church itself should be denied access. The same goes for Clearwater PD and as a general argument against the church for any potential convert.

    We need a well documented, well presented multimedia DVD and present that to the troops as a coming home gift. Make sure our pollies know what is going on (before they join the cult too), get the new comers into the Free Zone, undermine the bastards and close them out of their recruiting grounds.
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    Re: loltraedmarx

    Mainly because the law is absurd. :roll:
  21. Skepticus Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Right :!: I'm soooo pissed now. :evil: I was told the military was there to protect all Australian citizens. :mrgreen:
  22. Skepticus Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    From the first post ^^^^^^

    Wouldn't matter if it was only being sent to politicians would it?
  23. Juan Mala Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    How about making a play or movie, something along the lines of, say, "Rent"? We could use it to raise awareness, and use proceeds to help out people who've left the CoS.

    ...The part about the military was actually just me being in tin-foil-hat mode after having a random thought about the Sea Org being vaguely similar to NOD. :tinfoil: We probably don't need to worry too much about them, but I'd still like to get some sort of outreach to the veterans, if only to say we tried.
  24. RedRobin Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Exactly! That's what I was thinking. After Feb 10th, she would be the first public casualty of the Anonymous' power against the clan. You just know it would mess with their psychy. :lol:

  25. Skepticus Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    RedRobin & Mortified, With all due respects, there is a suspicion within this movement, approaching certainty, that a dedicated anti-Co$ critic and protester Shawn Lonsdale was framed for his own suicide a couple of days ago. The suspect with the prime motive for probable foul play, is the Church of $cientology, particularly in the wake of our recent protest. As we speak the scourge is gloating at their 'big win'. Voting Scientologists off a 'reality' TV show would be akin to attacking the Taliban with pea shooters.

    If the producers of DWTS are going to have Scientologists on their show and it creates ratings for them, they don't care who wins or looses, as they win anyway. I understand that some of their income (if not a large amount), is generated by charging you for the 'privilege' of voting. Would that be right? If you are watching the show and voting the contestants on or off, you are increasing their ratings and their income for promoting the career of famous Scientologists. Remember in loony land, there is no such thing as bad publicity. Lisa Marie will benefit from the publicity either way, and so will the Co$. Your best bet is to boycott the show altogether and spend that time doing something more direct in this war. I'm sorry if that sounds hard on your idea, as I know your heart is in the right place, but I would hate to think you were doing something that you believe would damage the Co$, when indirectly you were actually supporting it.

    Besides, if you watch DWTS just for the entertainment, then I think you might find better dancers with genuine talent for the art, in your local community. Why not go and see a live performance and support someone who deserves the break. Honestly, the idea of these shows that pander to celebrity for it's own sake, really are just so much pulp fodder, for the lowest common denominator. Who said that a former soppie star or singer was likely to be good at dancing? Who wants to watch rank novices, doing something they have no particular talent for, just because they were famous for something else? :roll: I say to all: Please, boycott DWTS, at least while they are promoting Scientologist 'performers'.
  26. Morriganon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    One thing that needs to be addressed is the way they get into events. I was at a big air show last year and they had a stand there. We spoke to some of them until a 'handler' came over and told them 'move away from these people', then videoed us.

    We called the show organisers when we got home and they had no idea $ci was there - they'd used a different name to get in and the organisers couldn't even work out from their list which name they used.

    I'm thinking, if any Anon goes to any sort of event where they're likely to set up a stand, they should make sure they have the organiser's number so it can be reported DURING the event. Then they can check it out. We were told they would not have been given a pitch if anyone had known who they were. Obviously we can't do leafleting or anything unless we wore our masks, which wouldn't be practical. But by the time someone gets home & complains, like we did, the damage is already done.
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  27. googoomuck Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Re: the military: Can we send info to our local military bases, to the attention of whoever might head up the chaplain-type stuff, warning about CoS tactics etc? Despite the fact that vets off their meds would be cheaper for the Army, having vets distracted from their mission would not. Milifags, does CoS teaching directly go against Armed Forces protocols?

    Re: Dancing with the stars. We don't have to watch the show to have an effect. Plenty of discussion boards/forums are devoted to DWTS, and more will pop up as the show gets closer. What do you guys think about commenting on those boards, and on any news stories that cover DWTS, saying you won't be watching and why?
    DWTS forums: ... &cat=23170 ... rds/191470 ... orums.html

    We may get some pushback from regular forum users at those sites but I think they deserve to know where Priscilla's $ is going and that they help support it.

    Also: contact ABC and tell them you won't be watching; and contact the sponsors of the show to tell them the same.

    I understand that in the light of the Lonsdale death this seems like small potatoes- but every bit of awareness-raising helps.
  28. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Just lobbing my two monkeys into the barrel.

    Multimedia DVDs & flash game with secret dox aren't ideas I'd endorse, if only for the simple reason of copyright, even if the church can't actively sue the distributors due to anonymity, it can spread it around that we're flaunting the law, and any crime, no matter how trivial (speaking relatively and in context of course), is aids in our collective pool: People just aren't going to want to dive in.

    The game might work though on a different level, puzzle solving/sim with the goal of making money by exploiting people, building a corporation up, recruiting members, etc, etc, maybe work something in about silencing reporters who come to investigate, keep it humorous and light to begin with, and a little darker as the game goes on. Upon completion, something along the lines of "This is just harmless fun, but the strategies and abuses in this game are practices employed in the real world by the Church of Scientology. To them, it's all fair game, and it's not harmless, or fun. Want to know more? [link to website]" May well be a flawed concept though, feedback?

    I really advise against letterboxing, near enough everyone hates junk mail, and very few people take it seriously no matter what it is, handing out leaflets shows people that you're there to actually inform them of something, no matter how trivial it is, you're there making the effort, doing the footwork, and handing these things out on your own time. Yeah, it requires effort, free time, and determination, but it'll go a lot further than junk mail, no matter the intention.

    Fliers are also good, but that's been going on for a while and shall likely continue for a long while more.

    About all I've seen so far that I've got any real input about that isn't just a thumbs up, or hasn't been said already.
  29. Zzzzz Member

  30. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    An Anonymous Adresses Dave Miscavige vid on the tubes.

    They've already done it with Tom Cruise:
    Before the video invokes Godwin's Law and accusations of homosexuality and starts to fail, it makes some valid points about the silly statements Cruise has made, and statements made by others. Dave Miscavige is know to be an extremely paranoid man, and a direct adress to him would surely make him collapse even further. He is the figurehead, so if he crumbles, it will aid greatly in the collapse of the CoS.

    *Sum up a list of statements Dave Miscavige has made that can be used against him and a list of his "crimes".
    *State the legal consequences his actions can have for him.
    * Optional: A bit of trolling about his length, the fact that he cannot do anything about Anonymous and that he has fled onto the Freewinds because he is a paranoid coward.(keep it short, do not turn it into an insult rant.)

    *Death threats and other such illegal nonsense.
    *Exaggerated accusations, name-calling and other things that will make the vid look juvenile.
    *Using a robotic filter that completely screws the hearability of the message.
  31. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!


    Take down the figurehead.
  32. Dropd4s Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Ok lot's of posts here. And I am not sure if anyone else thought of it so here goes:

    This is an idea that will not work if anyone in $ci is aware of it, however, I can say that it might possibly encourage more people to "snap out of it" so to speak. It is NOT illegal, NOT violent and does not harm any animals. I did some research into the "tech" as it were, and discovered some things about it's hold on people, and the basis of much of it is autohypnosis. The individual essentially goes into a trance, and the tech is basically programming the person. I might know a way to insert a meme into the programming. I am still researching, but I think I have a very viable way to get the meme's across without resorting to subliminal videos. Basically, imagine your mind, everyday is constantly processing it street noise, dogs barking, whatever. Your conscious mind filters out that data as unimportant. The same goes for people who are indoctrinated, however, their filter has been altered by the tech so getting a point across will not register and will be ignored. Think of bypassing the normal conscious filters, thereby allowing one to "implant" an idea, or meme, which could serve to open a particular individual's mind and have them question the tech.
  33. nonanon2 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    i mildly goofed, and started a new thread instead of posting here.

  34. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Target the Scientology celeb fan forums. These probably contain mostly ten-year olds posting Tom Cruise slash, but generating a negative buzz there could help in getting the press agents of said stars to advise their clients to create some distance with the Church. Concerned fan letters are also a plus. Remember, pretend to be a concerned fan. Outright negativity will probably provoke rabid fan mode, and as much fun as trolling rabid fans is, we're here to get them on our side.
  35. Plups Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    REad this comment on It it were done well...

  36. ANNYVVS Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    just some insight and suggestions...
    DVDs ...please do not duplicate thier items. a good bio of anonymous content to explain the reasons of anon plays better at home than helping leg up a budding Scientogist with free lessons. The cost of these lessons is a deterant to moving up and paying more and allows a lull in thought to move the cult out of their pocket. Small amounts of comparison to a cult placed in the dvd as insight allows realizations to become obvious to the viewer. To have in hand...any or part of their copyright items is to invite the police and their lawyers as is recorded in the past.
    Canvasing businesses allows for video of your face. You only use the anon face for the events...or you may find yourself with the police at a store front thinking you are going to rob the place while wearing a mask. No one is anon.
    There is no product movement or money to be made from ANON. Thank YOU anon for your donation of anything to the cause. I want to bring Delicous Cake and peanuts for the screaming squirrels and long cat.
    you said:
    "Seriously Is your Government or Municipality Outing Your Private Info"
    sorry ...this is off topic and does not concern anon. anon has nothing private. one divided by zero.
    Postering telephone post at street corners allow many to see information and keeps you anon.
  37. null Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

  38. anonymous3347 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    :oops: Suggestion removed due to mod warning. Not intended to be harmful, just trying to be lighthearted. Sincere thank you to the mods for helping keep the board organized, clean and healthy.
  39. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I have two things:

    1. Anonymous should support Ron Paul in any way feasible. He is a strict Constitutionalist and has been an advocate for internet freedom since the tubes first connected. He would certainly wield an iron fist at the "C"o$ if he knew they were violating the first amendment.

    2. As a publicity stunt, anonymous should try to get tax-exemption as a religion, or we could all join the church of the FSM, and try to get it tax-exempt. It would definitely get us some attention, and we could use the attention show how ridiculous "C"o$ is.
  40. Morriganon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    (I have already been touched by His noodly appendage...)

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