Brainstorm Megathread!

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Skepticus, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Weak points in the Scientology organizational structure.

    What are the weak points in the organizational structure?
    How vulnerable are the "middle-men" to enturbulation?

    How would one de-motivate a mission-holder for example? (Other than trying to decrease recruitment, which is the aim of many existing anonymous activities)
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    Ideally the perfect org is a place where everything is "on policy", all the staff are properly trained, where Scientology actually works, the public is enthusiastic, and nothing is promised unless it can be actually delivered.

    I doubt very much ANY org is at all like this. Those above points could all be exploited.

    I don't know how vulnerable the "middle-men" are to enturbulation but I do know that just about everyone joins staff because they think that they are going to become auditors and that they think they're going to become OT on the "staff discount" price or even for free. That's got to be a sore point with them because by now they know that is just not true. They are now doing something else entirely.

    You could ask them quetions like:

    How come you're not an auditor yet?

    How come you're not OT yet?

    Why is it that staff always get screwed?

    Why is it staff are promised regular training/auditing but never get it?

    Why is it staff are promised the world but never get a thing?

    Why do they always turn it back on you and tell you it is your fault/responsibility?

    The C of S has millions and yet they always want you and the public to pay for ANYTHING. Why is it ALWAYS like that?

    Deep down inside they are aware that something is wrong. Even I knew that when I was in the cult. These questions are not going to make them feel any better.
  3. your6 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    when I am viewing web sites and the § blue ads show up I make contact with these sites either thru the contact forms or if possible their own forums and COMPLAIN I tell them I find the ads offensive and that §cientology is not your friend
    I would say to ANON to do the same do not accept the ads on your sites you visit...
  4. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Sign ideas aimed at Scilons, and two lulzy video ideas.


    pic of LRH and underneath


    IS NOT




    Video idea No 1 (lulzy)
    The best way to think of this, is as a video produced by a very mental Miscavige fan.
    Do a slide show of David Miscavige photos proclaiming him to be the worlds greatest religious leader, more important than the Pope, more influential than Gandi, and even more spiritual than the Dali Lama.
    And make sure to use the song "I'm The Leader Of The Gang" by Gary Glitter as the soundtrack. Gary Glitter is a well known British pedophile. The song is below..
    YouTube - Gary Glitter - I'm The Leader Of The Gang (I Am).1973.

    Video idea No 2 (lulzy)

    Do a video proclaiming LRH as the worlds most famous psychiatrist. "The man who out thinked Frued" "A fool proof system" "the world foremost authority on the harms of alien infestation" etc etc
  5. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I was looking at some YouTube videos about Scientology and Anonymous when I noticed one of the video responses. It was from a bible belter and it was the usual stuff about how God is coming and you better show him some respect and all that scary stuff. So I went to his channel to tell him but he didn't allow any comments so I went to his channel and posted there.

    At first I was going to tell him what a jerk he was but then I noticed all the other comments were from other bible belters. So I left this message:

    LISA McPHERSON -- February 10, 1959 --- December 5, 1995 RIP

    Pray for her. Thank-you.

    Hope the next person who comments there sees it. It's better than nothing. What if everybody did something like that? Couldn't hurt. Maybe they'll Google her name.
  6. TorontosRoot Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Not bad, maybe will do.
  8. Perikles Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I iz haz idea. Will wait until touching flesh with Londoners.

    Idea should have happened earllier...will happen soon.

    The caek is a gorgeousness.
  9. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Free Personality Test today!

    Xenu and Body Thetans tomorrow!
  10. moarxenu Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!


    Hai thar, Chuck!
  11. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Scientology official members will always be Xenu and "body thetans" vulnerable.

    Always explaining "body thetans" and how the "upper levels" of Scientology are factually "high volume exorcism of dead space alien souls, supposedly" is a permanent major problem for official Scientologists.

    The point is that Scientology leads towards high volume exorcism, period, that's the truth of their spiritual technology. High volume exorcism.

    "Get your 'body thetans' here!"

    The Scientology "advanced organizations" where they teach the "upper levels" exorcism, makes sense only to us outsiders.

    Hubbard doesn't let the members put the whole story in world historical context, so they don't see what they are selling the world even.

    They are learning how to invent a science fiction past lives history for themselves, and they are engaging in multi year drawn out high volume exorcism of these supposedly "real" dead space alien souls that supposedly infest all human beings, and Xenu's just the bad person who did the mass murdering causing the supposed surplus of these dead alien souls.

    Explaining this story to Scientologists, ruins them, one Scientologist at a time.

    Xenu and "body thetan" story laid out simply, erodes the confidential secretive bubble world the movement is stuck inside.

    Handing out Xenu dolls to Scientologists, I noticed is like handing garlic to a vampire. They won't have anything to do with Xenu dolls!

    Moar Xenu and "body thetans" products (T shirts, toys, signs) are automatic garlic to Scientologists.
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  12. chuckbeatty77 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    "Billions and billions of 'Body Thetans' exorcised here at [fill in the blank with the name of the Advanced Org one is standing in front of]"

    "Take a free Personality Test today! Learn how to exorcise your 'body thetans' tomorrow!"

    "Learn high volume exorcism of the dead space aliens that encrust your body, here!"

    "Pay as you go, high volume dead space alien soul exorcism, here!"

    "Xenu made the 'body thetans' problem. Hubbard discovered Xenu's dastardly deed and for all mankind has solved the problem with his "upper levels" which are high volume dead space alien souls exorcism."
  13. Anonymous Member

    "Life could be worse" youtube vid idea.

    Image of a man.

    He (voice over) says:

    i lost my job.

    my wife emptied the bank account.

    she took the kids and left me.

    the repo man took my car.

    the bank is foreclosing on my house.

    i've lost everything.

    New Voice Over - "Dont worry. Life could be worse. You could be a scientologist."
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  14. Anonymous Member

    Start a twitter bomb.


    Don't answer the question or explain it's meaning.
    Do it on twitter and retweet it.

    alt version would be
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  15. another123 Member

    Was browsing flashmobs on YouTube, and came across one done in Toronto that doesn't take a lot of people to execute, but yet unrelated pedestrians can participate in. Could be used near stesstest booths and ORGs for incentive to hurry past said establishment.
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  16. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ I wonder what people's reaction to a starting line would be?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Has anyone thought about getting a lot of the names and addresses of politicians (their offices) and having them placed on the Advanced Org Magazine mailing list? I mean, polis get a lot of stuff about cults bad groups etc., can you imagine their reaction if they got an AO Magazine? That would be more damning than a CD they may never view.

    Or, someone could KR every politician for not supporting Scientology and c.c. them in on the report. LOL
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Now i like that idea, but when i suggested something similar i got barked at by some moral fags. Oh and doing the c.c. means it counts as spam, and thats illegal, so expect a warning about encouraging illegal activity. Still, a good idea is a .....
  19. increase in organized parades in front of scientology centers. I've noticed that during a lot of protests, sometimes, when you guys hold up signs detailing the deaths of a person, etc., the print is too small to read from afar. Creating the parades gives us the ability to make massive billboards that everyone can easily read, thus making it 9,000 times easier to get our point across.
  20. Loki's spawn Member

    Well, I'm not that smart at internet stuff, so if this idea wouldn't work, just explain please.

    Scientology's main website is scientology. org. right? What if someone made a scientology. com or something close to it, that was a parody of the original website, with the actual facts about the organization? It would probably come up close to their official site on google when it's searched. please give suggestions or help.
  21. Anonymous Member

    Random poster idea. Might be too silly.
    "If you believe Dianetics, I have a bridge to sell you."
  22. I'm going to guess there's a reasonable number of anons who are aware of the Principia Discordia. Any thought of using Discordia tech in protests? Namely:
    Revealed by the Apostle Dr. Van Van Mojo as a specific counter to the evil Curse of Greyface, THE TURKEY CURSE is here passed on to Erisians everywhere for their just protection.
    The Turkey Curse works. It is firmly grounded on the fact that Greyface and his followers absolutely require an aneristic setting to function and that a timely introduction of eristic vibrations will neutralize their foundation. The Turkey Curse is designed solely to counteract negative aneristic vibes and if introduced into a neutral or positive aneristic setting (like a poet working out word rhythms) it will prove harmless, or at worst, simply annoying. It is not designed for use against negative eristic vibes, although it can be used as an eristic vehicle to introduce positive vibes into a misguided eristic setting. In this instance, it would be the responsibility of the Erisian Magician to manufacture the positive vibrations if results are to be achieved. CAUTION- all magic is powerful and requires courage and integrity on the part of the magician. This ritual, if misused, can backfire. Positive motivation is essential for self-protection.
    Take a foot stance as if you were John L. Sullivan preparing for fisticuffs. Face the particular greyfaced you wish to short-circuit, or towards the direction of the negative aneristic vibration that you wish to neutralize. Begin waving your arms in any elaborate manner and make motions with your hands as though you were Mandrake feeling up a sexy giantess. Chant, loudly and clearly:

    The results will be instantly apparent.
    Incidentally, used to use this against the Dianetics centre in my home town when I was in university. For best results, have five people stand in a pentagon.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Make a small leaflet to give to culties.
    have a picture of Hubbard with a qoute next to it.
    The qoute is "No man is infallible, including me, especially me" - L Ron Hubbard
    Thats should play with or on their mind.
  24. I never heard that quote before but that sounds like a great idea. I wish I still had a copy of New Slant On Life because I remember a lot of good stuff in there to use against them.

    I think one essay in there was called something like "Is it possible to be Happy?" In it Hubbard slipped in the line that: FINDING HAPPINESS MAY NOT BE POSSIBLE. Scientologists somehow don't think too hard about that one. To me that comes off more like one of Hubbard's little jokes or at the very least one of his many "escape clauses". His works are peppered with "escape clauses" like that. I may start a thread about that subject one day if I could find enough examples. Of course that would mean going to the library and reading those books again. Not sure if I want to do that just yet.
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  25. Anonymous Member

    I made that qoute up. But the scilon would have to go and double check. The aim is to have the recipient think that LRH is capable of not getting everything right every time.
  26. I wander how scientologists would react if a bunch of people in corpse paint wearing spikes showed up. Black Metal Fans, you know what I mean XD
  27. Anonymous Member

    Sign ideas targetting Nation of Islam members:

    Dianetics is the first step to slavery.
    Dianetics is the first step to Scientology.
    Dianetics is Scientology Light.
    The bridge to total freedom is a bridge to total slavery.
    Hubbard will be your new slave master.
    Scientology is mental slavery.
  28. Anonymous Member

    For all you Hockey fans, wear a, or Knight of Xenu, or some sort of Anon T-shirt to one of the Stanley Cup playoff games. Maybe the cameras will pick you up when they do a crowd shot. At least some of your fellow spectator will see it. If you have no shirt, make one with permanent markers and a white T-Shirt.
  29. MikeHdgo Member

    I need followers in Mexico. HELP ME OUT!!!!
  30. Anonymous Member

    Go to the Mexico planning area. Help yourself out.
  31. MikeHdgo Member

    give me a link or something, just while i figure the site out
  32. TorontosRoot Member

    Maybe submitting articles and clips to aljazeera would be a great idea to get our efforts highly known. The cult won't stand a chance, nor will anything else who censors free speech or human rights.
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  33. subrosa Member

    Perhaps a united effort to maybe throw small, hideable audio recorders over the fence at Gold so disaffected prisoners of the cult can record ‘tender moments’ with cwazy widdle davy might be appropriate!

    Would this at least increase his paranoia factor?

    Cheap easy to use recorders like the ones hidden in a pen would be ideal.
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  34. Anonymous Member

    Not sure if this has been suggested before.
    Can we somehow compile data on divorce rates in Scientology and also for people who leave but their partner stays in.
    The results would (probably) show the effects of the dissconnection policy and would be good fodder for the media.
  35. Anonymous Member

  36. Anonymous Member

    idea for tshirts, flyers, posters at protests

    you are in a cult and you have been brainwashed ---- but tshirts are expensive,

    so fliers: dear scientologist, you are in a cult and you have been brainwashed

    it might help someone to think
  37. Anonymous Member

    "Entheta is Mind Control" might work.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Or, "'Entheta' is Non-Confront" :)
  39. Anonymous Member

    yes, ok

    how about something simple

    if you had a family member in scn you were trying to reach with a note, what would it say?
  40. Anonymous Member

    they are so dedicated, brainwashed there is not much to say that they wouldn't laugh off

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