Brainstorm Megathread!

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Skepticus, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. TorontosRoot Member

    That would be hilariously great!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    I hear ya.
    A small step in the same direction might be to gather up some information and links that you think represents a distilled version of 'just the facts and lulz.' Who knows, perhaps someone with more skills may run with it? And even if not, at least all the stuff you think is relevant is in one place.
    Just a thought.
  3. Beast 소시 Member

    I'm on it.... and I'll reward myself extra helpings of rice & beans when I've collected it all up.
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  4. I think imma gonna do it! When I do, I'll get pix!

    I really want my very own LRH mask! Really!
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  5. another123 Member

    Yeah, Brethren. I foresee a lulztrain forming in the rail-yard of the eternal intertubes.

    Kopimiology: the study of files that are copied and redistibuted. That might make Chanoligists religous scholars of Kopimism (pronounced “copy me-ism”) , since they are known to study, dissect and reorginize information, including the art of statisticization before the act of “kopyacting,” which involves sharing and/or remixing information.

    Go Forth,
    Copy and Seed.
    We are Many.
    Expect Moar.

    US website: (assumed a copy)
    other lolcals listed in right column.
  6. Anonymous Member

    It would be nice to have a good website on Dianetics aimed at the newbie who Googles it, full of accurate & critical info but created and designed to be as easily-digestible as possible.

    Right now, in most places, you get the Wikipedia article (which is okay), dianetics dot org (definitely not okay), the Skeptic's Dictionary entry on Dianetics (okay, but too long & dry for the average reader) and some other random stuff.

    Something similar to the old site (which sadly isn't up anymore) would be great.
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  7. Ikki Member

    I think the biggest blow on Scn would be to find Mr Pat Broeker and interview him!!

    To start he should be located. I read on the web that he's in Czech republic, being a vet and doing translations.
    This needs to be confirmed.

    To me it's the most important stuff to do. Even though I don't think it would be easy to get him to talk....but now Annie is dead, we can't wait til he dies too!!!

    I have no way to do researchin czech republic... If anyone has any idea on this....
  8. Dragononymous Member

    The guy will probably like you already...
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    Yellow pages give 1415 veterinarians ("veterinární") there

    However, "Broeker" or "Broker" is not found with it. You could check (if given) the single websites of course ...
  11. Anonymous Member

    This is for all the lurkers on this board. There is a chance that one of you may be a writer of some sort. Here is my idea and perhaps you could sell this idea to Hollywood.

    Personally, I think you should write a script for a situation comedy about a much hated cult and all the hilarious things that go wrong when all the cult members try to show the world that they are just a normal religion.

    With the release of THE MASTER, I feel the time is right for such a thing. I've even got a title for the series: THE MASTER BAIT AND SWITCHERS.
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  12. Anonymous Member

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  13. Sautez Member

  14. Sautez Member

    I just found out this will not work in the U.S. This is why:
    Anonymary wrote this:
    The Data Protection Act applies to UK only. It derives in part from the EU data protection directive of 1995. There is no US equivalent. In the USA, religions routinely are exempt from revealing confessional materials of members. I wish there were a way to get the information out of the cult's hands and if someone finds a way to do it in the USA, sign me up.

  15. TorontosRoot Member

    That blows. There has to be. Alegal way to get at the information OSA/scientology has on us Ex's, SP's and critics.

  16. Sautez Member

    Well, that would be the project then. Maybe this can be figured out.
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  17. charmer13 Member

    It's been done they call it the bible.
  18. Anonymous Member

    1. Purchase a Squirrel costume.
    2. Get a Copy of a $cientology Book and a Pen.
    3. Take a stroll in the Squirrel suit with the book and use the pen to cross out the crazy shit and write in suggestions to see a shrink or somekind of professional therapist for the conditions noted therein while in plain view of $cientologists, ideally near an Org.
    4. ?????
    5. PROFIT.

    Note: Get this on Camera, make sure the Squirrel costume has sufficient facial coverage, and upload the results to Youtube, especially if the $cilons coem to check you out and Get Tone 40 with you or practise TR-0 Bullbait. This could be soem lulz at Co$ expense.
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  19. Actually, I was considering writing some Sci Fi for the Writers of the Future contest $cn runs... subject matter being a Future Earth where something vaguely like $cn has taken over the planet (Portraying all the evils of $cn overtly, only implying what little good it does) and making some kind of epic theme of Good and freedom triumphing over evil and oppression. Might very well be win.

    If this sounds good to you guiz, then help me come up with specifics to include to make the best possible analogy to $cn getting their asses beat while feeding their ego initially.... with clever enough word play to not immediately and overtly come off as a clear analogy to $cn and thus be seen as Suppressive and attacking... else the Op will have no effect.
  20. The Church of Longcat. I like it. May the grace of Longcat be with you all! (you say, much like a Catholic, "Longcat is Looooong, Mother ((Or Father if you happen to be a male priest)).)
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  21. So you would have thousands of people watching television for the purpose of voting off a Scientologist from a show that's already pre-arranged (like all other shows, it's a business, show business) with as result millions in future revenues because of false high demand for the show? Now be honest, you knew it wasn't a great idea, that's why you posted a smiley, but you were secretly hoping someone would think it is and you would be the one who made it up. The result of posting things you didn't think through is that you waste everybody's time, including your own. In this way you deprive yourself of the opportunity to create something brilliant. Next time, when you think you have a great idea, think even harder untill you improve it. After a while, when you get used to objective selfanalysis, you will find yourself thinking on an entirely different level. Being brilliant is just a matter of practice.
    Besides, you don't really want thousands of Anonymous wasting their time on a tv show, while on the next channel children are dying of hunger, people are killing eachother or animals they should be protecting and entire countries are being enslaved or destroyed.
  22. Anonymous Member

    You realize that you are responding to a post made in 2008, right? Did you really think this through before posting? You know that responding to a 5 year old post is a waste of everybody's time don't you? Next time you think you have a brilliant response to a 5 year old post think about it. Then think again. Then think some more.You don't have a brilliant response, you have a condescending response based on your own sense of self importance. Do everyone one a favor and remember this: it is perfectly acceptable to have an unexpressed thought.
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  23. I like that! I'll remember it. I don't think it's irrelevant just because it's from 2008, you do realize people still think that way. Besides, the kid might not be a minor any more, but chances are he's still thinking in the same patterns, so are many others that visit this site. A week ago I didn't even know about this place, now I'm reading things that I find interesting, some are indeed a couple of years old. As long as the post is there, I think it's ok to comment, otherwise someone would have deleted it already. I understand if you think differently, but I don't see time as relevant here, it's the idea that matters.
  24. I thought again about what you said, but I don't think it works that way. I think thoughts are always expressed, one way or another. If you think bad for a long time and you are not able to express yourself, your body is filled with toxines which eventually can cause cancer. If you find a way to express yourself, you will probably spread the negativity to others arround you, making your issue theirs. If you think positive and you express yourself, some will rub off on people arround you. So, I think it's always good to express yourself, if it does not harm anyone.
  25. TorontosRoot Member

    Dude, this is for brainstorming.
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  26. Sorry! So, how about we encourage people to stop watching tv? It is brainwashing and prevents people from actually doing things by constantly keeping them thinking about useless stuff, such as who killed whom, who got elected, who won a singing contest etc. It keeps your mind away from things that really matter. What do you think?
  27. TorontosRoot Member

    Fuck television. ;)
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  28. Anonymous Member

    And the signal it rode in on!
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  29. Would it be illegal to disturb the signal for a while, just until the people create other habits?
  30. Anonymous Member

    Such as never looking in the box?
  31. I don't understand, why would you want to get what ever it is they know about you? Nowadays, any one with too much time on their hands can find out anything about you. Why would you care? Can they do anything with that information?
  32. You're funny. I was thinking more in terms of never looking at the box. Or at least for a month or so. I mean, it can't be that difficult, considering most tv's now get the signal from the internet. This is the internet guys that hacked what ever they hacked to make some people angry, right? Not that I'm implying you should hack anything. But there might be guys that know how to build something to disrupt the signal. That's perfectly legal. I think.
  33. Seaumas2 Member

    Here's one that ought to help. I remember my professor once telling me that Marx and Engels wrote "The Communist Manifesto" to incite the workers AFTER industrial repression became so great they would have no other recourse. Marx, a philosopher, and Engels, a British industrialist, wanted to actually drive the evils of industry into that state, to get business to perform at the most repressive and psychopathic manner so that it drove its workers to madness and revolt. The Paris Commune failed in 1871, but not the Russians in 1915. The point is that we should goad them, encourage them, cheer them on and drive them to the point of no return. Maybe a bunch of us should infiltrate the cult and do what the Dutch did in the mills and throw our 'sabots' (wooden shoes) in the gears to stop the looms, to confuse the leaders and really mess up things. Meanwhile we have fun doing it and take advantage of every opportunity to show it for what it is and let it destroy itself. When confusion reigns leaders, especially the power mad and the paranoid, will point fingers at one another, sabotage one another, tell lies, play dirty tricks, form cabals to oust one another and seize power- or what is left of it. Poor management will take over as will draining the bank for whatever ineffectual purposes, organization will disintegrate or become so Byzantine as to become unworkable, control will be lost and many disillusioned or disgusted members will leave leaving nothing for labor of resources. Remember how in Medieval times the way to breech the walls of a fortress was to send sappers to dig under the foundations, set fires which would disintegrate the base rock structures and cause the walls to tumble? Remember how the enemy would depopulate the citizenry and the army within the walls by throwing diseased animals over the walls with their catapults and foul the wells and stored food ? Remember how the Sassins destroyed whole governments by sending in 'sleeper' assassins who would become a king's or sultan's most trusted servant, then, after twenty years, slit his throat? And remember the leaders that have literally been shamed or laughed out of their offices as President Nixon was; It took eight years to get him out, but he ran like a scalded dog. (a Southern expression, not a practice I assure you. I love dogs as do most good Southerners). Social pressure is the greatest weapon for righteousness there is, not all the wars put together. But a few figurative "guns" can't hurt. "Give them enough rope and they will hang themselves."
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  34. Seaumas2 Member

    Many people seem to think the way to change things is to have a bake sale, get a few donations to and gin up an ad or a bunch of political cartoons or make humor in the local screed, then relax. Change for anything good is bloody hard and takes a bloody long time and sticking to it- and not giving up. Not being squeamish. It doesn't mean shaving your head, piercing yourself with safety pins, wearing Doc Martens, developing greasy zits or wearing pegged trousers and then yelling "OY!" in the streets. It means getting on the front lines, standing in the street giving out fliers and gluing up broadsides. It means rallying. It means writing letters and sending endless petitions and going to community meetings and being a frickin pest and using logic and writing to expose, making doc films, being interviewed on the radio. Yes, and it means getting thrown in jail, sued, harassed, charged with victimless crimes, using endless and exasperating reason, challenging and shaming the evil doers, the oppressors, the liars, the cheats, the slavers and the psychopaths. It also means being organized very well, being highly mobile, incessant, annoying as hell, stinking up the place and appealing to the goodness in people, even being their consciences-in-proxy. Its as serious as serious can be. Slavery is worse, more evil and more insidious and pandemic than cancers, especially child slavery. Child abuse ranks with pederasty in my book. One must, if one genuinely cares, take this to the very heart. To me there is no greater cause than the liberation of a child from the clutches of a completely evil thing. In my own unqualified opinion what Scientology has done to these women, these children, these young people and to the world-in-general is a terrible and unforgivable sin. Let us sooner be done with them. So lets get with it or get with 'hapint'.
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  35. Seaumas2 Member

    Tonight on Coast To Coast AM this whole expose will be aired by the best there is, John B. Wells. No punches shall be held back and I guarantee you there will be passion.
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  36. Thatcher Moderator

    If you think bad for a long time and you are not able to express yourself, your body is filled with toxines which eventually can cause cancer. If you find a way to express yourself, you will probably spread the negativity to others arround you, making your issue theirs.

    I can communicate without even coming up with a sentence of my own. I am a genius!
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  37. TorontosRoot Member

    Oh it's on!!! :D GO GO JENNA MISCAVIGE!!
  38. But you are fighting the same people you want to save for the purpose of making them think like you, which makes you not so much different from the people you are trying to fight. I know you need to make one see the truth first before (s)he can want and accept help, but I don't belive in making things worst before you try to make them better.
  39. One might also argue you have made my words your own, which is the ultimate goal of a teacher. And if you didn't mean what you said, then it's called reflection, which is one of the ways a genius would use to change another's thinking or behavior. I guess it would be one of the things stuck in the DNA of one who's been indoctrinated for so long by something like Scientology.
  40. Anonymous Member

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