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  1. We need t-shirts!

    Yellow ones!

    With big, black Industrial-Sans lettering on them that say:


    (Note that we do not use anybody's actual trademark.)

    Sales of the shirts can help support WWP, and Anons (and Anon-friendly others) can have another useful addition to their earthquake kits.
  2. Xaarin Rybak Member

    I still have a book I'm working on written from the Xenu forces' side of Scientology. Could use some help or expanding of it....
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Suggest you start a thread for it.
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  4. Xaarin Rybak Member

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  5. Anonymous Member

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcTQcuqbsYTJt7llpG4T1q30Dlg_rKpd1

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQQEDNjaQV__Y3JJ3KG8nv8z45vZnt_F

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcSACqYi8xTI3Za4rBLqHw-FRFOo5fO-x

    It was only after I saw these signs that I became convinced that protests could use at least one sign like those above.

    My own idea was something like:





    You could even have a large see through jug on the ground with some money in it to get it started. I would fill it with Monopoly money, myself.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    On the note of private investigators, here is some docs to look at:

    These are for California and Florida. Not too much here, the point i want to make, is that in order to be a pi, you have to follow ethics rules. Finding information to be used in a possible illegal manner for the purpose of ruining the reputation of a critic strikes me as being unethical. I think that if anyone gets followed or harassed by a pi, or suspects a pi has been sent to find information on them, that they call the police and file a report, with the police, and the appropriate state agency that regulates pis. I also think the IRS should be informed about the pi and who hired them, Because the IRS would love to investigate to see if a "religious" organization is making taxable non religious expenditures, and to make sure that the proper service taxes are being paid for in the state.

    If this posting is deemed inappropriate for this post, i would ask the moderators to move it someplace were it would be appropriate.
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  7. Anonymous Member

    For our protests, i propose that we organize with local churches that view Scientology as a satanist cult, and have them protest on different days, thus causing more disruptions.

    We should also organize with satanists, to have them protest about how $cientology stole philosophy's from Alister Crowley, and have them protest on a different days from us, and the christian groups. It would also be funny if they wore little devil masks too.

    Lets face it, how do you recover after being protested by Satanists because you are too evil?

    This would be very bad for pr, and would also be more disruptive. We should hide anons at all these protests to film, so that the scilons do not see us filming their responses. That way, if the scilons do break the law, they wont realize that they have been caught, and it is MUCH harder to explain away unlawful activities when multiple groups report it. Also, it will make them MOAR PARANOID, and the psychological warfare from this would damage the cult.
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  8. Hey all, long time Scilon watcher, longer time Jedi ;-)

    How about a clock that is counting the time that has passed since the ground breaking ceremony for the Stupor Powerz!(tm) building plastered somewhere around here on the Internetz? Maybe set up a site or some such? Then any of the other Scientology watching sites can link to it. Imagine Lil' Davey's enturbulation when he sees something like that! And it may force him into having to actually open the thing, maybe........... Not that I think anyone will hold their breath for that............
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  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Anonymous Member

    That's GENIUS!!!!!
  11. TorontosRoot Member

    This is also genius. Oh and the Still Waiting thing too. :)

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  12. Sweet :-D I also think the Satanist thing has some merit too. Maybe try and expose to them what Hubtard was into when he wasn't popping pinks and greys.......... (even though he probably was most of his lie.........)
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  13. Oh so ironic that I missed the "f" in "life"
    Scientology: Lying liars that lie to your face and read your PC folders at 2am with a glass o' Macallen and a group of sycophants

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  14. OK so now how do we go about getting a clock set up? And where should it be? It's own website like I suggested, with links to all the Scientology watching sites we can cram onto a page? And a Guy Fawkes mask as the background :D
  15. Anonymous Member

    No, not a guy fawkes mask, but the pictures of everyone indirectly/directly killed by scientolgy while stupid powers was being built. That will have a more effective impact, and it will remember the victims.

    Also, i think we need a list of all the actors,producers,and writers connected to co$ and with evidence of the connection, this is for CO$ related movie boycotts!! The beauty of this is that we can distribute this list to religious groups/ the masses and they can decide to see a movie if its co$ related or not. Before i was in chanology, i stopped watching Travolta/cruise/ally movies because of the connection. A lot of people are, and If i had know about Leah remmeny being a scilon, i would not have watched king of queens either.

    Further more, if satanists are seen protesting CO$ for lying about their satanist connection and for ripping off Alister Crowley, then the CO$ brand becomes toxic even more, and actors connected to them wont be cast for children's movies.
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  16. With Lisa McPherson's face the most prominent?
  17. Anonymous Member

    This banner may be useful -

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  18. Anonymous Member

    Why not? She wasn't the only one though, nor will she be the last. Really, we should load the site up with as much entheta as we can, because the more we force them to question, the more the doubt forms, and that may cause some one to blow/save a life. We should also list all the money and the postponing dates involved with stupid powers as well.

    But something occurred to me, Maybe we should aim the site towards the public more then the scilons. It occurs to me that DM does not care what the scilons think because he can control them, but if we make the site demonstrate the: scamming, postponements,problems associated with stupid powers, it will embarrass the cult.

    we should hurry up and make this so that it can help promote the Garcia's lawsuit. Maybe turn that into the next media frenzy. then DM would have no choice but to force the completion, and have to spend the money with its upkeep. Stupid powers can be the end for the cult, if we play our cards right.

    But if we wait too long, then a hurricane may come, damage the building, and he can start scamming people all over again + collect federal disaster money while pretending to be a victim.
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  19. I'm starting to think an additional clock under the Stupor Powerz!(tm) clock, this one being how long it has been since Shelly has been seen in public..........................

    And isn't entheta a good thing in Sciloontology? I thought it was enturbulation they tried to avoid................ Oh no wait I remember now.................
  20. Absolutely agree with you. The sooner that this goes up the better, I am not at all good with designing websites or anything like that, I just let my brain have the ideas it has ;)
  21. That'll do quite nicely I think.

    But still, that poor woman. :(
  22. I agree, it will be more powerful and help spread our message across if we use those directly/indirectly killed by scientology. Just as anon said before.

    Maybe if we can get hold of some horrific and powerful pictures, such as the corpses of those killed by scientology, then we can truly have a massive impact.

    Sounds gorey. Hmm.
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  23. TorontosRoot Member

    Gorey is quite good in my opinion. It'll get people really thinking.
  24. We need to pull people out of their comfort zone and feel the need to join our cause by showing them how much pain and rubbish that surrounds the scientologist churches.
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  25. Fucken' A
  26. Goldenrod to represent the suppression that surrounds you in the church. Light-blue for the piece of blue sky that has been inside you all along. And a tear of blood for the suffering created by the most {ethical} church on the planet.

    The design is meant to be for a lapel pin. If I could afford it I would have them made and distributed.

    I have no problem with anyone using the design. I'll even be happy to send you my artwork files. I only ask that you
    1) send me one of the finished products
    2) make a small donation, whatever you can afford, to Tony Ortega, or Anonymous.
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  27. That's freakin' beautiful!
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  28. jensting Member

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  29. Anonymous Member


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  30. Anonymous Member

  31. Anonymous Member

    Slogan for a sign/leaflet/etc:

    Scientologists always say you can't judge Scientology until you have read a book or done an intro course.


    suggestion: add a photo of Lisa McPherson to the sign
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Arte Marten Scientology Vulture

  33. DeathHamster Member

    ^^ Is Freddie Ulan dead, or did Arte Marten knife him out of the way?
  34. tigeratbay Member

    Hardly. Apparently he's helping him bring in more professionals, $ to the cult. These old GO/OSA buddies doing it the OT way with just another business. Since no one comes in the door anymore they have to go out and get them by using the companies products (and BS).
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  35. Should it be left to the Market or need these guys to be weed out, If you search on Youtube they never pop up when you search on Scientology, The smart bastards are hidden from us in plain sight. Great Hubbard tactic
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  36. Why can I not find Suprressa Palooza vids on youtube doing a normal search anymore ??????????????????????????
  37. poetvoice Member

  38. Anonymous Member
    Someone over on ESMB claims this is an authentic email. If so, then it appears that things are coming apart over at FLAG. Someone snuck in a fake Patron status. My guess is it is the work of a mole, who's composing doggerel Latin for "Colossal Moron."
    Patron Colossius Moronius.

    AKA Colossal Moron.
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  39. is this a new insurance scam ? it can haz its own thread ?
    St. Paul police: Visitor steals $5K Electropsychometer from Church of Scientology

  40. The Wrong Guy Member

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  41. JohnnyRUClear Member

    An e-meter isn't worth $5000, except to a brainwashed clam -- or, more specifically, to whomever has contact with a brainwashed clam who's 1 e-meter short of a Hubbard meal.
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  42. Anonymous Member

  43. JohnnyRUClear Member

  44. Anonymous Member

    100 dollars worth , although on Ebay 300 to 700 dollors depending on the model
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  45. The Wrong Guy Member

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  46. tinfoilhatter Member

    Are those e-meters conflict metal free? Has co$ field the proper declarations saying that their new meters are free of conflict metals?

    its a horrible, horrible dox, i know, but section 1502 covers conflict metals, and everyone has to follow it. this includes religious artifacts(like gold rosaries) so NO ONE IS EXEMPT.

    the enforcement of the declaration may mean that the FEDs would have to inspect where they are made, which would mean the FEDs inspecting gold base.....
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  47. The Wrong Guy Member

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  48. tinfoilhatter Member

    "Fundamentally, the US Conflict Minerals Law contains two requirements that are closely connected: independent third party supply chain traceability audits and reporting of audit information to the public and SEC. However, even companies not directly regulated by SEC will be impacted by the audit requirements because information/audit requirements will be pushed down through entire supply chains, including privately held and foreign-owned companies."

    from wikipedia.

    So why has Co$ not put anything out? If the e-meter is so advanced, why are there not documents saying is conflict mineral free? Furthermore, what about other hazmat? are they using lead based solder? they are in California, so i bet there are tons of rules for manufacturing items there. Maybe we can get an EPA inspection?
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  49. Anonymous Member

    idea for protest sign: If scientology works so well, then why are there soo many SPs?
  50. Anonymous Member

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  51. Anonymous Member

    I vote to make it the official David Miscavige song: Lulxy for protest pointing at an image of dear leader

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  52. Anonymous Member

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  53. DeathHamster Member

    Tobyjamesaus removed the mention of Scientology from the article December 19th, but missed the Australian Scientologists category.

    Not sure if a fan or a PR image adjuster.
    The main thing needed is a reference where she self-identifies as a Scientologist. CoS pages are not Reliable Sources, especially for a WP:BLP article.
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  54. Shane Warne is on her website, wasn't he a cultie ?

    View attachment images?q=tbn:ANd9GcR04HZpejtQtI5N-UnCHs26G3Mydw5Rd

  55. This hurts them these days it seems. Posts about it keep dissappearing from the comments about it on Tony's blog

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  56. TorontosRoot Member

    Keep linking them. Damn cult censoring it.
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  57. What do we know about this Jeta person ?!topic/nl.scientology/CSSfazaOjL0
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  58. TorontosRoot Member

  59. Click on it
  60. TorontosRoot Member

    Got it :)
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  61. You ??
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  62. tinfoilhatter Member


    are these pictures copywritten, or trademarked?

    I just got the evil idea for a "captain pedophile" meme using hubbard from the sea org.
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  63. Maybe have a fair use disclamer and such, Some of those disclaimers were eleborate in the old days
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  64. Use the Post Office

    -- Find a Scilon. Not just any ''ho hum Scilon'' but someone who has an OSA connection or who is at least gung-ho.
    -- Mail them some anti-Scientology flyers
    -- For the return address; use the name and address of another gung-ho Scilon. This is in case the letter gets returned for some reason. It might as well go to another cultie.
    -- Repeat the above steps for as many fanatics as you can find


    -- Mail the flyers to your Scilon of choice but change the address so that it goes to the Scilon's neighbour
    -- The return address should indicate in bold letters that it is from the Church of Scientology, along with the org's real address

    The neighbour will either open the letter and see the flyers and be inoculated (hopefully) or he will be a good person and bring the letter to the Scilon. Either way, the neighbour will now connect the Scilon to Scientology if he hasn't already.

    Whatever variation you use, it is going to make the org busy. If they had any sense they would just ignore these pranks but they have nothing better to do and they really don't have a sense of humour when it comes to themselves. Try to time the mailings so it gets there by Wednesday or Thursday because it will be too late to do anything about it (stats, you know).

    Speaking, of stats; it would be especially nice if everyone would do such things like this or anything in this thread each and every time an OSA troll posts on this forum. Or just try to do this every week. It would counter their precious stats which they find so important, for one thing.
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  65. tinfoilhatter Member

    Make sure the post office is in the scilons area, and not yours. As post offices put special identifying stamps over the postage one. For added detail, make sure its in the ORGs zip code.

  66. For an added twist:

    PM other members on this forum that you trust and trade digital copies of flyers with them. This way your flyers are seen in other cities and vice versa. It adds to the variety and the C of S will never quite be sure just who made which flyer (if that matters to you).
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  67. tinfoilhatter Member

    How would they know who made the flyer or not? the trick is to make it seem like it was sent from other scilons. For extra evil, send them a list of previous members of the org that are now declared, and ask why there are more declared then members in the org?

  68. I meant they won't know what city these flyers originate from. If that makes any sense. Either way, I like the idea of trading flyers. I did that once with an Anon here a few years ago.

    While I am here, I might as well mention that another way to spread the leaflets is by giving things away. Instead of donating or giving your old CDs, books, toys, clothes, etc to the thrift stores; you could leave them around in various places where they will be found by people. Just slip in or attach a flyer to each item. Most of us have too much junk anyway and this is a way that kills two birds with one stone. I`ve done that too and it works in my opinion.
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  69. Scottish theme in honour of Tony's Tie ? A Clan Mac Pherson Tie that is:


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  70. Make fun of this ?

    From Scilon Site:

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  71. Idea for a protest:

    Pose as a Scientologist. Why not, they have been known to pose as critics.

    At a Drug Free Marshals event carry around a sign saying, XENU TOOK DRUGS!

    At a CCHR event have a sign saying, XENU WAS A PSYCHIATRIST!

    At a Your For Human Rights event have a sign saying, XENU WANTS TO CURB YOUR FREEDOMS!

    Maybe some of those wog dupes might finally see Scientology in the proper light.
  72. Ersatz Global Moderator

    How about something they can all relate to and is absolutely true?
    "LRH took drugs!"
    "Hubbard went to a shrink!"
    "Hubbard curbs your freedoms!"
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  73. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Urge Volunteer Ministers to go to Liberia and help with Ebola
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  74. TorontosRoot Member

    Brilliant ideas! Next event they have... signs need to be made. :D
  75. There are some intriguing ideas here. Tax exemption as a religion will work because, once written up correctly, they can not say no. Additionally, I have a strong sense that the Pope would publicly back us. I am not catholic, the bible is fiction, but the Pope is the most highly and widely regarded man on the planet and I have a highly honed, exceptionally keen 'intuition' about this. If he were asked by an Anon that could present our idea in the purest, reduced way, he will advocate. I'm certain.
  76. TorontosRoot Member

    Anon could release a message to the pope with a request to reevaluate such things.

    Or those that are in close contact with the pope could easily do it too.

  77. SquAloR Member

    Well Howdy,

    A dictatorial body cannot function without an enemy, the grass nature of anon lends us the advantage of not needing an enemy. Thus then can we strive to find ideals we can unite under and protect? newfag here who has yet to find an underlying basis of motivation. Something Co$ definitely manifests is that they trick the populi into win lose contracts. If it was win win, as long as they weren't together utilizing their momentum and size to create win lose contracts with outsiders; there wouldn't be a problem we should concern ourselves with.

    If a Marine witnesses a grandmother mugging: it is his duty to be a reactionary force against the mugger. It is the duty of those who can to stand for those who cannot to destroy the incentive to alpha the cannot. Yea you all are NMPA but should we not stand against all those who enforce win lose contracts?
  78. SquAloR Member

    Cheers mon, Love it.
    on 2:
    Anonymity could be along the lines of ego denial. The belief in the absolute supremacy of intuition, our inner moral compass the great Immanuel Kant declared could not be described in any way but as "given," over symbolic construct. Following Einsteins "Never do anything against your conscience, even if the state demands it." The belief that following the dictum of Skinner's Reinforcer, outlined in his State funded Beyond Freedom and Dignity, is akin to learning from experiences, not history. And only fools learn from experience. The belief that the only evil is not to think! Not to think for oneself!

    Honestly, a pseudo religion could be fashioned from Ayn Rand's Philosophy:Who Needs It that probably would align with a lot of what I presently see in Anon: but I am but a lowly newfag.
  79. Ogsonofgroo Member

    View attachment 027eb191f6189817e2a45ce029b0e7dd888257cc319ccadc9a

    I'm not really trying to troll this, but ffs most of this is already in play and you is late to the game, so, rather than try and come up with new and fabulous plans that already exist, try to do some reading and maybe choose a different thing to focus on, mainly because stating the obvious is not your forte.
    IOW just frikken do eet or stfu. It either works or it doesn't. Works-go to plan 'A'. Doesn't work-eat cake and think about it, in a corner, away from the pringles and put your clothes on, go out of the residence, and do something that changes the world you live in for the better.

    This is only my un-informed lazy Saturday opinion, and mine only.
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  80. BrainStorm Member

    So because it already exists that means there can't be others doing it?
    I know its easier to talk than to act, you can label me as you wish. Labeling ppl is also easy.
    But I do understand your point, better to show results first, than to convince ppl of an idea.
    point taken =P
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  81. BrainStorm Member

    I am not here to act on my own, I am here just like others.. to team-up in some way.
    "but ffs most of this is already in play and you is late to the game" - If it does exist, please tell me where. Because I would like to be part of it.

    Here is one example of the idea I was talking about:
    "We are a collection of professionals and activists from across the political spectrum. Our organization is comprised of experts in media, crowd psychology, organizational structure, social media and more. Our goal is to teach, motivate, and put all the necessary tools for activism in your hands without charge."
  82. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Join then if ya like it.
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  83. TorontosRoot Member

    Join but be cautious. Also, research them BEFORE joining, just to be sure they aren't in fact, a cult disguised as an activism group.
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  84. inside Member

    Many of the major donors own private companies where they promote scientology among their staff and channel the money/pay back to the organization. Could we let the customers of these companies know that the products they are buying supports scientology?

    By searching the names of donors over 100k we can locate if they have a company registered with a sec of state in the US. We compile a list of said companies and in their Amazon sales we review their products to make the customers aware of what they are supporting. We could protest/hand out pamphlets at their sales locations, trade shows and amazon/other online retailers.

    We could go to the ex scientology msgs boards and get their list of donors by setting the cut off for donors over 100k/200k/400k, we are isolating the amount of work and targeting those who financial support David and fair game polices. I'm not asking us to attack their company, I'm asking to educate their customers on what their purchases supports.
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  85. TorontosRoot Member

    That is one big great idea.
  86. inside Member

    It might be best to start with a donor list before 2008. Many of those who supply large sums are no longer agreeing to have their names released publicly but I've seen old donor lists on ex scientology msgs boards. Plus it shouldn't be that difficult to sort out who is still active members.
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  87. inside Member

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  88. Ersatz Global Moderator

    This is a great idea Inside. Don't be discouraged if others try to tell you it's been done. It can be done again and with fresh eyes. Inside, post a new thread to see if you get some traction. Brainstorm, it is great to have new blood in this old fight. Be careful and go for it!
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  89. TorontosRoot Member

    Stupid spammers. Keep eating them! *bump* this thread cannot fade out!
  90. So I have this idea... we should put some focus towards diseases like cancer. Im sure a lot of us are aware RSO oils have been curing cancer tumors and other illnesses for a while now. If some of us could get the oils, cure some people of disease then teach them about other things ... of course they'd listen at that point. If you save someone's life that gains a ton of attention ... news outlets would want to interview the front man. It would wake people up to new ideas like never before . I have also discovered and tested ancient techniques for growing the best a purest plants . Plants could be a huge part of our progress if used properly. .... I can go further in depth if anyone's interested...
    This message by 3301KS has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  91. I'm curious. Were you guys speaking of using the pope or aligning with him ? You all im sure must be aware he's pure evil along with most the Vatican ...
    This message by 3301KS has been hidden due to negative ratings. (Show message)
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  92. SlappyDM Member

    Loving this idea!
  93. mj18 Member

    How does Anonymous feel about the IRS? Given that it is an illegal entity not connected to the government in any way
  94. TorontosRoot Member

    Well they granted the cult of scientology their tax exempt status. Much the same as the CRA in canada. I wonder if ahem, they got a shitstorm coming that could compromise their windows servers. Not a bad idea exposing their illegal operations, if any.
  95. mj18 Member

    What are your beliefs regarding secret societies (such as the Illuminati and the Bilderberg Group) and the "New World Order"?
  96. TorontosRoot Member

    They're pigeons, blend in well and most don't even know who the hell they are or care for that matter, for conspiracies.
  97. AnoMM Member

    We should target crush porn sites! Just take them down. I can get you IP's if you'd like? Port numbers?
  98. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    You may find people on here willing to take down porn sites. Let me be clear:
    No need to post port numbers.
    We do work against child porn, but DO NOT LOOK FOR IT AND COPY ANYTHING>
    When you find child porn report it to law enforcement. You can report anonymously
    In the thread OpInnocence are other countries reporting information.
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  99. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    IMHO-I have no problem with porn and won't protest it.
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  100. TorontosRoot Member

    NOO!! Use the servers as *cloud storage* once it's taken over, information changed (e-mail, customer information, payment information), hosting plan also changed to unlimited. ;)

    Watch as the lulz erupts... Delete fucking everythang!
  101. DeathHamster Member

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  102. I actually watch a lot of porn and I will stand tall; behind my declaration.
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  103. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Almost posted what "standing tall" might mean. No. Stop.
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  104. Anon_CG3(ITA) Global Moderator

    god bless porn site :D:D:D
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  105. Anon4721 Member


    This video explains the 'untold story' behind the Anonymous metamorphoses.

    Critics and haters beware: All content is inside the video so it is really redundant to post incredible details here.

    Please accept my humble offering, it is not spam, this is global communication!

  106. DeathHamster Member

    tl;dw: 4.5 hours? Conspiracy truther what-is-the-plannery chaos magick.
  107. "I've only registered on this board so I can post a 4.5 hour video, but it's not spam!"
  108. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Oh good Gord.


  109. I think we should enter between their communication usa/rest of the world and send them by planes over the world. Then when they arrived, they get said it was a missunderstanding and they must back. That´s with all of them and they are to busy to do anything others.
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  110. Just a thought... Sea Org day is coming up. Anyone planning any protests? It's August 12, and I figured this would be a good enough reason to picket or protest.
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  111. TorontosRoot Member

    Good idea actually.

    CCHR, or shall I say, SCIENTOLOGY, sometimes takes to the sidewalks and pickets the evil psychiatrists.

    I say this presents an opportunity to take the wind out of their rotten sails. I say that we should help them and picket the evil psychiatrist sp's with our own signs along side our brother clams.

    Signs with wording like this:



    Will this anger the Scientologists and lead to confrontation? Yes, probably. Will this bring down the cult of Scientology? Probably not but if you have a sense of the absurd and want to amuse yourself and create a little piece of guerrilla street theatre; you could do worse.

    You get the idea. The idea could possibly be transferred to annoy their other front groups but I am not sure how. Maybe some smart person here could figure that one out.

  113. Wow! I don't think anyone has done anything like that before.
  114. TorontosRoot Member

    Doubt it, also goes against everything we fought for to get people out of the cult and spread awareness on how dangerous/evil they are. Makes us look like hypocrites.

    I sense same poster used another alias to quote same post. :p
  115. I could see something vaguely like this effective as a counter-protest against an active CCHR picket. To drive home the point that the CCHR aren't just 'concerned citizens' but goofy cultists- and that the original picket was just a sham.

    Absent that context, no.
  116. TorontosRoot Member

    Similar signage except going against scientology, or exposing cchr for what they are. Hahahaha.
  117. J.C. Member

    Our perception of what a "Mental illnes" is
    I'm getting out of a crippling depression from like 5 years.
    I don't really know the exact time when I realize that I didn't want to be alive, I didn't want to feel, I really didn't want get hurt because in my small universe all I ever knew was pain, I know that sounds absurd, and you know whats funny, I know that this sounds really dramatic or some shit like that, but hey, that ws the person I was, and that was the only "reality" I knew. I was so focused on ME, this is hard to explain, but I literally just care about what I think was fine, or what I think is correct, so, tradicing this, The only think I care was me, and I was SO FUCKING DEEP IN THAT TOUGHT, that everything I did, for the past 5 years that I had depression, everithing I did was focusing on making the things work the way I want... And then I realize... dude... I'm not depressed, I'm just a spoiled crying baby, that wants the world to be the way he fucking want... and under that line of tought.... Am I different than a dictator, or what I consider stupid.. I mean, I feel bad because I cant make the world to be the way I want to be... so.... That pretty stupid don't you think.. hahaha But I mean, not "bad" stupid,more like, "ignorant" stupid.
    But hey, I mean, thats cool, I get over a depression I "Feel" good. But the thing is... Is not that simple... When I was diagnosed with "Depression" and some other shit I wont mention, it was, because I have something that I liked to call "A convulsive but not epilectic brain"; and this is the brain that have the "same or similar" brain function as a person with epilepsy, but the difference is, my convulsions did not affect the "motor zone".
    My convulsions did not affect my mottor zone, but they did on my "emotions" zone, si that was the first "reazon" the doctors start to treat me with medicine and that things...

    Now, It is me the 2017 J.C. .. I don't feel depressed anymore... but my brain works the same, and some how, trough the 3 years that I've been taking medicine I didn't feel ny change... And EVEN that.... The medicine, have absolutelly NO EFFECT on MY brain... The doctors even tought more than once, that I wasnt even taking the "medicine" And FUCK! I felt SO FUCKING BAD, because my WHOLE life, i've consider myself a "revel" you know? But like a "kid" revel, not a real one. And for me the fact that I was thaking thinks that I DID FUCKING NOT WANT TO, just for the sake that "those medicines will fix me". So I was against my whole "motto" and you are telling me that even that... Those medicines did absolutelly nothing to my brain in 2 years of thaking them and thaking them the way you are supossed to take them. And the case is so extreme that the doctors dont even believe that you are taking the pills. Ok who cares, they are doctors... But dude, My MOM, help me trough this whole process, she literally help me organize my medicine, I mean SHE SAW ME when I take the medicine, So, How the fuck, does sience explain me that? And believe me I GREW UP WITH SIENCE....
    So then I start changing my attitude with life, etc, etc, etc i'm out now...
    The whole important thing here is... I saw this movie "Split" and fuck I love the theory that this movie puts us in the table, and not just this, I mean, there are A LOT of movies like this, but hey this one gave the idea so fuck you! <3
    But what if... People with what we consider "mental disorders" or "mental illnes"not as a "bad" thing, or as something we should "fix". I mean WE are humans... we are a specie... and under that tought... we hace absolutelly NO idea how does evolution is going to work, I mean, we already change A LOT of the natural order... But what if this "mental disorders" or "mutations" are just the next step in our evolution as a species...
    I don't know... Maybe I'm just crazy... or what ever... But I mean... I love life... And I FINALLY give my life a purpuse... and that purpuse is try to persrve us as a specie... but as FUCKING HAPPY SPECIES... hahhaha, I just want everyone to see wach other as a human being, as a person.
    I just want to make this a better world for everyone, and I think that as a person who REALLY knew what a fucking depression is, and what this shit do with your life.... I know is hard to admit, or even realize that you are depressed, but REALLY depressed, not just sad... So if I can rise my voice, and reach to someone... dude that´s great... And... I think that if we start to see "mental illness" as an evolution, or as "the next step" as humans, we could invetigate and generate so much about our own mind and brain... I came here, maybe to just express myself for the sake of being human and get recognition, or just because I really want to fucking help... what ever is the case, If I reach to someone, and someone is reading me outh there... let me tell you... you are not, alone, I fucking love you, you are unique and special, and I maybe dont know you or who the fuck you are... but believe me, I know how you feel, and I just want to make this a bettert world for everyone.
    Peace and fucking love!
    (I swear a lot because I'm too sensitive, and I'm crying while typing this, so it's like to make a balance you know? xD)

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  118. Well, here some thoughts
    They plan to get every one a RFID-Chip, instead without you can´t buy food or identify yourself. Perhaps anywere in the world my idea is already made real.
    Money has just a symbolic worth. If there is no change money, we should have a portal of market like a website for all goods. For clothes, food, etc. People who produce own goods can trade at this sites for goods also if there aren´t illegal. For other goods or virtual money, not just bitcoin. A site with big traders with virtual money and privat little traders. A little bit like ebay. So if the RFID-Chip comes, there is no need for it.
  119. TorontosRoot Member

    No, they aren't going to ever put RFID chips inside people. Alex Jones and other nutheaded cunt's have been saying that for years and it only happened to the bank and credit cards people use, and smartphones. It won't be being put under our skin unless we ourselves choose to do it. I sure as fuck won't.
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  120. The Internet Member

    My cat has an RFID under his skin. That way if he gets lost somebody can scan his address.
  121. TorontosRoot Member

    That is perfectly okay. But I know they won't be making it mandatory requiring people get those things in their necks or arms. Thankfully.
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  122. If you want to tell people something, try to keep short. Normal people mostly don´t want to read whole novels. This is constructive critic. Try to sum up.

  123. My summary
  124. TorontosRoot Member

    We don't post wall of words on here.
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