Brainstorm Megathread!

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  1. WMAnon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    NO. Anonymous does not do politics.
  2. RedRobin Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Second. NO.

    Nothing will break up a movement faster than mixing it up with politics. There are already politicians, actors, talk show hosts, etc that I now completely dismiss because they opened up their big mouths. Best to keep political opinions to yourself.
  3. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Anonymous doesn't do politics but is angry about the First Amendment violations of the corporation, and is sending letters to politicians about it.

    Let me put it this way: If there was a canidate running that was very pro-$cifi (Hillary?), then that person being elected would be a blow to Anon, so a person running swearing to straighten up the IRS and who is a strict constitutionalist would be a boon if elected. If we don't care what politicians will help us, why do we care what celebrities will? We have a large operation to save Will Smith, and him being saved will have a far lesser impact then if we could ensure we had fair people running D.C.
  4. Slothrop Member

  5. googoomuck Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Politicians (plural) being the operative word here. All politicians. Lining up behind one candidate sows division amongst us and alienates future new members.

    Both major political parties have been swayed into meetings with Tom Cruise to discuss their problem in Germany (this is discussed in Andrew Morton's book). If the Dems and Repubs were both talked into taking Cruise seriously, why should we expect a third party to be any different? I'm sure you consider RP to be an ethical guy who is above that, but Ron Paul can't run the whole government. TL;DR politicians like to meet movie stars, so casting a wide net is best.

    Fair people running DC? I loled. :wink:

    Srsly anon, I see where you are coming from but endorsing a political figure is different from contacting your local elected politicians.
  6. BugSauce Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I'm not a one-issue voter, I don't intend to become one, and I don't advise anyone else to become one either. Endorsing candidates = bad idea.
  7. Cuntw0rt Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I've thought of a pamphlet of sorts, one that would not name scientology but that warns of the Dangers of Hypnosis that could be passed out to the poor misguided fucks that protest psychiatry.

    Of course, to make it a sharp knife you'd have to really be careful not to mention scientology or anon. The way I'm imagining it; instead of naming the E-meter just say, "Often props are used, things you can hold in your hands".

    I'm also down with the Flying SM btw

    Point Driven Home about Politics so STFU
  8. Morriganon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    This, definitely. I've tried to think of a way to do it, but I just don't have the writing skills. It would have to be very subtle-describing TRs etc, but in a way where the similarity to TRs is not immediately obvious. Clever wording that would sink in slowly... then maybe next time they practice TRs they'd remember things they read in the pamphlet? :lrhcries:

    Are there any Psychfags around here? Hellooo??
  9. JMac85 Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    What about exercising our own right to form and practice religion? We could start the Cult (or Church) of Xenu! I can see the sermons now...

    Praise Xenu, for without him, humanity would have never evolved. Think about it, 75 million years ago, when he saw the dire overpopulation problem in the Galactic Confederacy, he took drastic action to curb it. Yes, it may have seemed barbaric, but think of the alternative. Billions of surplus aliens, given millions of years to procreate, would have been a severe strain on galactic resources. We would have had refugees and bandits alike pillaging planets. Earth would have been a prime target. Our ape ancestors would have either been enslaved as beasts of burden, or consumed as livestock. His decisiveness spared our planet and our species from certain doom. Embrace your body thetans! Others would tell you they're a burden, that they're the cause of poor mental health, and should be expelled from your body. To the ignoramus, yes, but to the trained individual, they're a blessing. Inside us all are millions of souls. One who can focus their metal energies can isolate individual thetans and gain the knowledge of an advanced being. Over time, that person could gain the knowledge of a dozen space-faring civilizations!

    [/end bullshit]

    I'm not entirely familiar (I don't know a goddamn thing) with copyright and trademark law, but I'm certain that as long as we reword the space opera, we should be able to get away with fair use. It would be a convenient way to expose the hypocrisy of them hiding behind the rights awarded to them but denying the same rights to others. And, it'll educate the whole Xenu/dead alien souls thing to others. Because despite the South Park episode, many people don't even know what the hell a thetan or who Xenu is. All they know of $cientology is that it's some kooky Holylwood fad.
  10. Morriganon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Yes! This is exactly why I'm a Pastafarian.
    Freedom of religion. The $cifags never shut up about it. Hail Xenu!
  11. googoomuck Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!


    This builds on the doubt they may already be feeling without getting their guard up. And considering hypnosis' tie to psychology it could be some epic fucking win. No copyright violation worries etc.

    I'll pull some stuff together tonight and return with a draft. :text:
  12. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I'm for being Pastafarian. It's an interesting enough ploy to hold Anon's short attention span, and would draw us some publicity with which to double back onto $cienide. "If you think FSM getting tax-exemption is crazy, wait untill you hear THIS"
  13. Randomness Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!


    This is not the place to press your obvious political agenda.

    But on a lighter note, the XenuTV vid in your sig is fucking incredible, watch 5:55 where one of the guys says XENU and the Scieno girl behind him spins around looking like a cockroach just bit her vagina.
  14. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    "Pressing" my "obvious political agenda" is pretty strong seeing as how I haven't pressed it further.
    I've moved on.
    So should you.

    But on a lighter note, you can see the worry on Dan's face when they confront him about his superpowers.
  15. Cuntw0rt Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    A worthwhile poster on SomethingAwful pulled this one about a year and a half ago...or so. It was all fun and games for a while, the thread got a GOLD rating and the website ~~~---->(*/http://www ... a shit ton of traffic but eventually the momentum died and the site got parked. In my opinion it's because everyone involved knew it was bullshit and so there could be no real initiates.

    It takes a lot of effort to lie and the internet is too smart and too adept at calling out bullshit for this tactic to be successful. You'd end up being forever on the the scientologists are currently.

    dude, i know, i'm rolling with ya
  16. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Xenu is red herring.
  17. googoomuck Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Still working on the hypnosis thing, fyi.
  18. Morriganon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that. It does seem that we'll be behind barriers at both sites in London, though, so may not have chance to use it this time. BUT, I'm sure I'll run across a few $cifags in the very near future... :lrhcries:
  19. googoomuck Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Ok, some hypnosis intel, and how it relates to auditing. Warning: long but worth it, huge thanks to my source, and apologies if I've gotten any concepts wrong in summarizing your letter. What follows is one well-versed person's take on Scn and hypnosis.

    As a pre-post disclaimer, and interesting note, my source notes that all religions, and most holistic therapies use some similar techniques: you think you're getting a treatment when in fact you are getting a hypnotic therapy. And that although that's somewhat deceptive, can we really call it wrong, since results are present, regardless of the reason? In light of that fact, are we getting into CoS beliefs instead of CoS misdeeds? I think it would be a real mistake to open ourselves to charges of religious bigotry or persecution.

    Because of the above, the pamphlet might be a diversion from focus on our main complaints- Fair Gaming, Disconnection, abuse in the Sea Org etc. Since it deals with the e-meter (even in an oblique way) it could even be seen as an attack on religious beliefs. If we do this project, it has to be elegantly done with all bases covered. If we can't be perfect on this one, it may do us more harm than good. I'm leaning toward "junk the idea" (for now at least), but am totally open to debate. Nonetheless, this is fascinating, relevant info so here goes. I have my source's permission to copy/paste the below quote.

    TL;DR- Hypnosis can not make anyone do anything that they don't *want* to do. However, that does not stop someone from becoming convinced that something is worth doing - oftentimes against their better judgment.

    Hypnosis itself is not evil. It's a recognized technique for behavioral change that can be used to positive or negative ends.

    This is awesome, useful, well-reasoned info: let's kick around some ways to use it in a legal, humane, fun way- and let's not demonize hypnosis as we do so- out of respect to the source if nothing else.
  20. googoomuck Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Resources regarding hypnosis:
    (my source said he hasn't found good resources online but the following books are valuable.)

    -The New Encyclopedia of Stage Hypnotism by Ormond McGill
    the "bible" of stage hypnotism. Explains the process and procedures of hypnotic suggestion in theory and practice.

    -The Wizard Within: The Krasner Method of Hypnotherapy by A. M. Krasner
    more about hypnotherapy than stage hypnotism, explains the specific steps of hypnosis step by step in great detail.

    -Hypnotherapy by Dave Elman
    useful in that it details the different ways hypnotic techniques can be applied, some of them subtle and brief but nonetheless effective.
  21. Cuntw0rt Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I don't know enough about human behavior to be able to predict what someone under the influence of hypnosis would do with whatever information. Are you or your source concerned that a bungled attempt would bolster their adopted...or implanted...i can't think of the right word, beliefs?

    Remember what I said about a sharp knife. We'd need to keep it clean of both Scientology and Anonymous. Hell, throw in a bit of "here's how the media uses hypnosis" as a distraction.

    Of course, I'm willing to drop the idea too because I think it may be coming too far from the left field, so to speak. When I originally thought of it I was imagining handing it out to these anti psychiatry nutjobs and saying something along the line of "Ya, psychiatry sucks, and you know what they did? They taught religions and the media how to hypnotize people."

    awesome responses btw
  22. googoomuck Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    My main concern is opening anon to charges of religious persecution. My source made the point, and I agree, that hypnosis isn't necessarily all evil mindgames. It can be, and is, used to great therapeutic effect. Although saying "psychiatry sucks, and they taught religions and the media how to hypnotize people," might have an effect on some Scilons, it's also misleading. I guess I'm worried we would be fighting dumb with more dumb. Our approach of using factual info has worked well so far and I guess I'd prefer to stay on that road. Nonetheless I commend your inventiveness, it was a creative idea, and I'm glad you mentioned it.

    Some points re: auditing and hypnosis, and the similarities between the two- these were in my pre-edit post above, but once I got permission to post my source's letter I replaced my clumsy summary with his more educated response.

    1. The hypnotist praising their subject is quite similar to the auditing response of "Thank you". A little praise creates more rapport between the hypnotist and the subject, making them more receptive to suggestion- in both cases.

    2. My source (man, I need another word, I keep thinking of LRH and how they call him "Source", yuck) mentioned emotional investment and investment bias. Here's how this translates to Scilons and the auditing process IMO. Emotional investment is a fancy way of saying "I've gone too far to stop now". Bait-and-switch techniques use investment bias as well: if you've been haggling over a car price for an hour, you're likely to end up cutting a deal rather than walk away- if you walk, you've just wasted an hour and have nothing to show for it (I say this not to imply that hypnosis is a bait-and-switch but to illustrate the concept of emotional investment). Similarly, think of the CoS recruiting technique. The subject has already completed a long and tiresome personality test. They want some payoff so they stick around and give the auditing session a try. Also, investment bias increases when money is on the line. The higher the price, the higher the emotional investment.

    3. The personality test and the routine about "we are the authorities on the mind" sounds a lot like my source's point about establishing the hypnotist as a source of authority.
  23. Cuntw0rt Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I agree. It's too obscure. For full disclosure I was running up a vein Arnie Lerma had been pumping regarding the effect of long term exposure to an e meter having a narcotic effect. I'm currently not able to find a link to this but it's really neither here nor there.

    Let's move on.

    Carry on Think Tank ! :D
  24. anonitard Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I had an idea pop into my mind while reading the Atlanta thread. They said they were going to bring music to their protest, and I thought "Why not provide music to Anons who either can't make it to the protest or are in a different time zone?" I don't have the means to do this myself, but we could do a stream over winamp or something with Anonymous requesting songs, and cut in every so often with reports from the various protests. Thoughts?

    -EDIT- Discuss it here:
  25. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    if you're looking for info on starting a church, read here (from my church): ... protection
  26. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    no politics here.

    we can hammer home 1st ammendment issues to candidates and politicians, but anonymous is legion. think about what that means.
  27. Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    LRH tech is based on a hypnosis method that doesn't pay attention to the ecology of the mind.

    Without an ecology of the mind, the mind will either reject it, or if enough pressure is applied, will break.

    Only a truly graceful ecology of the mind can ever achieve any lasting effects with hypnosis.

    Look at Darren Brown. Search for him on YouTube. Also look at Anthony Robbins.

    These people understand the needs of the mind's ecology.

    I've been working on this for four years, and I am no better at it than Hubbard.
  28. AnonyTsunami Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    *Dramatic sigh* I addressed this already. You can hardly call this a place to mull things over if you keep getting caught on something.
  29. DA and Trolls

    I was going to post a youtube video criticizing our attacks on LRH for DA, but then I realized that to get more views to a video would simply be feeding a troll. So I have an idea now pending your approval ^_^

    For the videos that have some good arguments for Scientology, or that are just plain fail, could we start reposting them with our youtube accounts? Multiple videos, after all, would mean less views, which basically means it won't get as much exposure, but we'll still be able to watch the video if we're just that curious... or don't have the attention span to read a transcript or something :p So, maybe?

    Edit: Now that I think about this though, I do have two other suggestions:

    1. Post a list of youtube trolls so that we know who not to feed, coupled with the above suggestion.

    2. Flyers and pamphlets designed to appeal to lawyers and law students. Just figured that if we plan on taking away the cult's tax-exempt status, we'd need to appeal to people who know the law. So yeah, these pamphlets we'd leave in front of any firm that might be willing to take the case on, or leave it by any nearby law schools. Yes, I know this sounds lame for the moment, but I thought I'd put it out there.
  30. DarthXenu Member

    Can we bribe Tom Cruise?

    I just had this idea while walking. I think Tom Cruise's and Katie Holmes's careers are both already destroyed if they do not get away from the Co$. Should we offer them some support (like buying tickets for their movies) if they detach themselves from the Co$?
  31. tigger Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    No. I say let 'em get back to the real world for a few years, learning that they're not the center of the known universe.
  32. Justice4All Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    Maybe we should dedicate the Protest after Operation Reconnect to the Disabled People, rising up the question why they discriminate them, and stating that a real religion would care for all their people no matter their disabilities. I got aware to it, due to a post of a fellow anon in here, and due to Magoos Response.

    So what do you think?
  33. anon^3 Member

    Anonymous Podcast?

    Anonymous Podcast?

    I was thinking maybe a group of anons could put together a podcast discussing/summarizing each week's big news to keep morale up. It would be a good way to keep everyone up-to-date an all the things that have been happening too. Dunno how much interest there would be in something like this, just throwing the idea out there.

    This could probably be organized over Skype or something like that, do any anons have podcasting experience?
  34. Kaminonymous Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    random thoughts i hope might be of use, and can't think of where else to post them.

    one of the problems of focusing anonymous on anything is holding its interest. shambling through this forum, i came upon a few goodbye posts or rants from /b/tards with ADD-ridden attention spans. now, while obviously nothing of value was lost, anonymous is certainly more powerful when it is bigger. as such i though about things that oldfag anonymous likes of which and the first is obviously memes, even tired ones.
    (by the way, none of that really matters. i just like reading my own words. :D )

    alright, my point.
    why not
    1.) get those "This man is your friend, he fights for freedom' posters...
    2.) shoop them to "Anon is your friend, it protests for freedom" w/masked anony-crowd picture...
    3.) post them near scientology places?
    4.) ?????
    5.) profit! (or harm cult. both are good.)

    like this, but with less fail:

    its not so batshit insane that the average person would flee in terror, it conveys a (relatively) non-threatening message, it does something vaguely productive, and it has some meme-ery for the lulz.

    begin ignoring at your leisure.
  35. halfdark Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I remember seeing some thing on the BBC some years back where they got a plant into CoS. Naturally when she was going in she went through tons of audits on the E-meter. But with training they stated that the E-meter can be thwarted.

    Now here's an idea! What if we just started telling people the best way to fool the E-meter? Just shout out tips outside centres. They can't un-hear information, and this rocks the foundations of how they keep their lackeys in check.
    An OT level 2 or 3 is worried that their superiors will find out about how they feel an interest in anonymous. Then they see some random picket. After their third or fourth psyc test, practising this small tip, they find that they're being scrutinised less. Maybe they can get out after all?

    Does anyone know exactly what these methods are? Controlled breathing, concentrating on other subjects, etc. Epic win if these can be easily summed up.
  36. Morriganon Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I saw something on exscientologykids where a quite young kid learned to fool the e-meter. Ask over there... I would but I need to go to bed...
  37. Hectapus Member

    Re: Brainstorm Megathread!

    I believe it would be a good idea to hold some type of large, benefit style event - such as a rock concert - to bring forth many within and without the movement.
    Although it would only be able to attract a small portion of the Anonymous movement's reach, it could help bring more people to the cause en mass, which could prove extremely effective if done in several cities worldwide. Begin whatever in a light manner, and eventually do a respectful, non-graphic showing and explaining of those abused by the Co$.
    Although this idea would cost $$$, the scope of individuals in conjunction with Anonymous is wide, and land, permits, performers, speakers, flyers, a soundsystem, a stage, and power could be obtained with (hopefully) little financial impact on the average Anonym.
  38. endCOSsoon Member

    ESK faq How to fool the emeter.

    Scroll down to the bottom:

    I think I've found a way of faking F/Ns and tricking the E-meter. There's a certain thought I can think, or a certain feeling I can invoke, that makes the needle F/N. What does that mean?

    Heh, welcome to the club. A lot of Scientology kids have found a way to do this. Each person has their own method. It doesn't mean much, except that the E-meter is fallible.
  39. thephotoman Member

    An Anonymous podcast would be awesome.

    Another idea I've had is to seek out public members of Scientology that aren't celebrities, and set up a pen-pal arrangement with then. Don't start talking about anything even remotely related to Scientology at first. In fact, clearly avoid the topic of religion or medicine. Get to know them first.

    Once you know them, you can slowly bring the topic around to Scientology. It would be inappropriate to send them links to at the outset, of course. Just poke at normal curiosity about their beliefs at first. Then, slowly call into question Scientology's practices. Ask them if they've ever made up wins--odds are that they have. Ask them if they've ever seen a real Clear or Operating Thetan--such things don't exist.

    Once they're doubting, show them, the evidence of Operation Freakout and Operation Snow White, and the truth of staff life. Once you've totally stripped them of their illusions, you can then provide them with information on how to leave the dult and where they can get support.

    Along with regular public members, we need to target celebrities. We can send them letters (okay, that'll get ignored), protest outside their homes and workplaces, and boycott their media. The celebrities will be hard to convince that they've been taken and harder to convince that they don't have the right to trample over others, but ultimately they'll see that Scientology helps nobody--not even them. As we all know that Scientology makes almost nothing off of staff (which doesn't have the money), they will start starving to death.

    I figure that the celebrity boycott should be as public as possible. Leave no celebrity unpicketed. Enturbulate them. Make them choose between their careers or Scientology. Make it impossible for them to get work unless and until they abandon the cult. Perhaps even providing competing celebrity centers might be a good idea--ones that don't promote any kind of religious ideology, and specifically bar any kind of minister.
  40. dionysian Member

    scientology over here had a stand at a food and wine festival with free e-meter stress tests, my mate found out that by controlling how hard he squeezed the handles (im guessing its electrical current or heat based) it made the needle move up and down, he went on to tell them the most fucked up life story ive ever heard while never once appearing to care or be stressed by it, and was told he was the "least stressed person [he'd] ever met"

    hope that helps

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