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Discussion in 'USA - Central/Mountain' started by anonymousbranson, Jul 31, 2013.

  1. The failure of my area even knowing about what Anonymous is and what they do is sad and I want to make a group to get the info out.I plan on going out and making signs if any one would like to join me in the branson area.
  2. Good idea! You could flyer all those retirees who do package trips to Branson from Phoenix and area.
  3. mongrel Member

    That was somewhat humorous but don't be a faggot. Or at least be funnier about it.

    There isn't much scilon activity in southern Missouri. Your closest opportunity to join a protest would be the narCONon facility in OK. Or you could head to KC or StL, not sure how active those guys are these days.
  4. I'm not looking to JOIN a protest group..... I want to make ONE! so unless any one has anything to say about joining me in branson please don't respond
  5. Anonymous Member

  6. Anonymous Member

    417 area's here, bro. Thanks for posting. Been thinking of trying to get a group together for a while. Er, more of a committee. A keeping each other up to speed, face to face organization type thing. Been to a few events while traveling, been active online for forever, but there is literally 0 action here in the bible badlands. People here still use dialup, should be nuff said. Anyway... If youre serious, I'm on board. Just a few miles northwest.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Seriously? Branson? Move.
  8. Anonymous Member

    But... silver dollar city...
  9. Anonymous Member

  10. Django Member

    How active is the cult in Branson? Seems to me there's enough of a celebrity culture there to warrant a (small) Celebrity Centre. Though obviously most of the celebrities there are WAY into the Jesus if they're into anything....
  11. Anonymous Member

    If there were a Scientology Centre in Branson, the Jesusphiles would burn it down. It's a very weird part of America. You don't live in places like this for scintillating intellectual stimulation.
  12. Anonymous Member

    NOT suggesting a Scientology Centre would offer scintillating intellectual stimulation.
  13. Anonymous6670 Member

    There is a Scientology Group right down town Hollister on Downing Street. Has been for years.
  14. Ima Madd Member

    Is that where the movie Deliverance was based on?
  15. Rod Keller Member

    what scientology is there in hollister?
  16. Anonymous6670 Member

    Perhaps, it may be worth a walk through Hollister's Downing Street.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Can you take a camera and get some photos, if you have a camera?
  18. So is still a thing or?

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