BREAKING: Iran Tweets warn of government using keylogger and sending results to email

Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by LOLCat2K9, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. LOLCat2K9 Member

    These tweets were just posted on Fark:

    VERY IMP, PLEASE RT. PPL with Yahoo mail, u'll get an email with subject "Carte internet majani" DO NOT OPEN THIS EMAIL. #iranelection Iran

    PLEASE RT. #iranelection the email will install a 32kb KeyLogger on ur system, each 20min will send all ur emails to r*esea*r*c*

    cant confirm anything, but thought you all might want to check this out.

    thanks and good luck.
  2. re*s*e*a*r*c*h at irantelecom dot com is the address.

    Same with OP can't confirm anything, Farkers are saying they are seeing it RTed from various reliable sources and someone suggested this would best be forwarded to you.
  3. Christ said,QUOTE. In the world you will have many trials and sorrows.But take heart I have overcome the world."
  4. Is this verified?

    It sounds a little sketchy, does anyone know if this is true?
  5. That e-mail address seems to bounce as non-existent.
  6. I'm not sure if this is the right thread to put this information, but the website everyone tried to take down yesterday seems to be back up today with maybe a Trojan. I clicked on it and my security system went nuts.

    It's the site with protesters photos and orange circles drawn around their faces. I didn't actually let the page download after my security system went nuts but it's the same link as yesterday with those photos.
  7. Nul.nul Member

    This site is now down, Thanks internet!
  8. Eddie Adams Member

    Has anyone seen a copy of this email or the keylogger? I'd like to get a copy and dig about to ensure that there aren't other email addresses / FTP servers or other alternate delivery methods being used by it. Please PM me if you have details.
  9. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Oh, right, yeah, for sure... Are you nuts?
  10. Actually, if that did exist I'd like to poke around inside it also.

    Am I "nuts" ? Depends upon who you ask. ;)
  11. LOLCat2K9 Member

    I just posted info I saw on Fark, I don't know anything beyond that.
  12. Eddie Adams Member

    WTF? Do you think I'm trying to get a copy so I can unleash its fury on the protesters? What would that accomplish? It's already allegedly out there in the wild and (hopefully) neutered.

    You do know that there are plenty of very effective keyloggers available to anyone? If I were interested in obtaining one for the purposes of evil, rest assured, I'd already have it and wouldn't be discussing it in a public forum.
  13. Hechicera Member

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