Breaking news is on cnn-mousavi missing

Discussion in 'Iran' started by SOG2Victory, Feb 5, 2010.

  1. SOG2Victory Member

    has not been seen in 24 hours. Aides fear the worst!
  2. ech0 Member

    I don't see a weblink or story.
  3. ManBearPig Member

    They can't be that stu- got a link??
  4. Searched Google, haven't found anything.

    But if this were true... :(
  5. Paleene Member


    The truth is - as always - probably hard to tell,
    but looking at
    - there is no additional information to find (acc to the others posts)
    - and it is a new member who hasn't shown some credibility yet

    it seems not too unlikely this is just an attempt of distraction, isn't it?
    And if so, it really was too bad a joke, SOG2Victory!

    Thank you for the other posters aiming to verify the op.
  6. kazim Member

    havent found anything please help !!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Kruge Moderator

    What kind of help do you want?
  8. This has already been proven to be fake for months. So there's no need.

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