Brent Hunter's "Rainbow Bridge to Peace"

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by Anonymous, Sep 23, 2010.

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    Brent Hunter's "Rainbow Bridge to Peace"

    I use teh Twitter to spread the word against Scientology. Got a recent follower that seemed odd, so I checked out the linked site ( While there, I read this:

    ...which quickly sent up red flags everywhere. The comment section reeks of socks as well.

    Given that this fellow chose to Follow an obviously Anon account, it's questionable that this is a Scilon front at all, but I want to look into this to make sure. If anybodys heard of this joker before, it'd make things a lot faster.

    Anybody know anything?
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    Re: Brent Hunter's "Rainbow Bridge to Peace"

    Shameless bump
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    Re: Brent Hunter's "Rainbow Bridge to Peace"

    Rainbow bridge to peace appears to be part of International Humanities Center. (

    A long list of organizations are listed on their website under projects.

    Steve Sugarman is listed as CEO, who happens to be featured on this OpEd News next to something written by with Louanne Lee.

    OpEdNews - Society-Culture > Volunteers Non Profits Service: Volunteers Non Profits Service

    Of course, there may be no connection whatsoever. Just some preliminary research. Nothing definitive.

    No idea if this is the same guy: Steve Sugarman - SourceWatch
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    Re: Brent Hunter's "Rainbow Bridge to Peace"

    Thanks, this is somewhere to start.

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