Brexit: the UK goes full retard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. By Tanya Jefferies for
    Published: 08:04 GMT, 6 August 2016 | Updated: 10:24 GMT, 6 August 2016

  2. Enturbulette Member

    I just have to say, South Afrikaners are the scariest white people.
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  3. Who owns this newspaper ? Good news people ! nothing to see here move long.

    Some birdie told me it was Rupert Murdoch.

  4. 007 has been parachted in bij the Queen ! no worries


  6. The Internet Member

    You shared this in the Trump thread, KKS, but it is relevant to Brexit also. Whoever Cambridge Analytica is, they deserve close watching because they are good at misleading the public.

    When the public have good info, they will largely make good decisions regardless of party affiliation. So there is no greater threat to democracy than slick misinfo.

    I highlighted names for future reference.

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  7. That means France is now officially the fifth biggest Economy in the world?


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  10. So Scotlands only export product is Whisky ?:

    Because sales are booming because of devaluation of the British Pound.
  11. Random guy Member

    Oh, I've no doubt the initiators behind the EU wanted peace and prosperity, especially as peace and prosperity means more money and power for the top echelon.

    The idea that a trade agreement area means more trade, hence closer ties and less chance for a war is a sound one Transforming the same area into a union without consent from the people of said area not so much.

    Seeing how extremely frelled up the US political system is, I'm not sure an European superstate is a good idea, particularly as the EU political system is even more opaque than the US one.
  12. I can see that my country and it's inhabitants are profiting more than average from being in the EU. The Netherlands is alsoo a founding member. As I said what other country do you get health insurance and a reduced benefit pay if you register as a homeless person.? Maybe the Scandinavian ones.

    At least Italy and Greece should get their own coin back. I notice this inflation thing is good for countries with weak governance. Italy was there in 1957 in Rome of course so they utterly failed in good governance. Greece is another matter since it was a dictatorship and the culture of corruption that has brought with it has never been broken. It entered with falsified data about the state of their economy with Germany in the know, maybe that is the reason it is so harsh towards Greece.

    Now the billionaires that where short selling speculating that Greece would have gone bankrupt has been fended of , it may be time to give Greece its bankruptcy to start over again.

    Britain stepped in in 1973 because it was seen profitable. but as you pointed out, there is more than profit alone.

    Britain will be a showcase for the other EU countries. I wish you well but I hate brexiteers ignoring pensioners getting the short end of the stick.These areas have my attention

    1. NHS funding
    2 British Steel and manufacturing as a whole.
    3.Tax reform
    4. Pension security
    5. Employment.
    6. Scientific research
    7. Agricultural reform
    8. the environment
    9. Number of business startups.

    I learned that 15 to 25 % of small business startups are by Immigrants to the UK.

  13. Random guy Member

    There's been a lot of talk about this being the time to reform the EU. Merkel will have non of letting the southern half of the union off the economic hook though. The sluggish economy in the south holds the value of the Euro down, which makes German (and other North European) goods very good value for money. The monetary union wasn't very well thought out in the first place, and will be very hard to fix now after the facts.
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  15. Random guy Member

    I believe all the talk about not actually secede from the union for whatever reason (failing to trigger article 50, another referendum, legal challenge, blocking by the Lords etc) will turn out to be hot air in the end. Ignoring the result of a nation wide plebiscite is going to be politically extremely costly. If e.g. the Lords find they want to stop the withdrawal, it will probably only mean the further curtail of their power, perhaps even an end to the two-chamber system.

    We'll see though. The only thing I'm fairly sure about is that the result, whatever it is, won't make for a very dramatic difference to the current situation. It's not like Britain or the EU are going to sink into the sea over this.
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  16. Mann Ace Member

    They probably did tell themselves they were doing this for peace and prosperity.

    That's one of my points about the Baptist and the Bootlegger. The con job that is politics needs the Baptist as much as the Bootlegger to make it work. One without the other is not an effective con. Politics needs true believers in order to work. But the do gooders are the front for the real purpose of power over others.

    There's an old saying. "When trade good don't cross borders, armies will." But trade requires no agreement, no union, no bureaucracy, just two people wanting to exchange goods and services. So all the rest, the Union and bureaucracy, was about power and who has it. It does appear that the EU has grown far beyond its mandate.

    Things are getting interesting politically. The center cannot hold, as the adage says. That makes for interesting times.
  17. Living in the United States must have been a very traumatic expierience for you. As I said my surroundings and expieriences are different.

    Thank God we have Socialism with restrainth capitalism over here.

  18. Random guy Member

    While KCS has posted a number of economic horror stories, the UK tourist industry and exports are having a field day due to the low pound. On average, it seems the Brits doesn't have voters remorse. YouGov report the Tories are winning confidence, and the proportions of leave, remain and don't knows still stand approximately where they stood a month ago:
    Voting Intention: Conservative lead increases to fourteen points
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  19. Consider the alternative: Labour is still flushing itself down the toilet. The Tories do have leadership I grant you that.

    I am considering visiting the UK myself.

  20. Random guy Member

    I guess we'll have to wait a couple of years before the real effect of Brexit becomes clear, and before we can see if there's voters remorse or not.

    In the 1990s, both Sweden and Norway had referendums to decide whether to join the EU. Sweden voted in and Norway out, both with slim margins. Today the numbers are 52% for and 31% against EU in Sweden, with 20% for and 70% against EU in Norway. I guess it only goes to show people get used to the status quo.
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    View attachment 103748202-GettyImages-533942242.530x298.jpg?v=1467
  22. Chicago Tribune.



  24. Random guy Member

    I checked the original Norwegian language paper, and the "blocking" is one single bureaucrat saying Britain joining EFTA might not be a benefit to Norway. The Goody Two-Shoes Norwegians, with their 70% against EU and their oil have rather strong historical ties with Britain, strong enough to ensure any Norwegian government trying to block the UK from a decent deal will be out of office in short order.
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  25. I am impressed, and I bow deepley, that is some good Investigative Journalism you did.

    Guess who invented EFTA in the first place:

  26. Old poll from 2013:

    This gives some refreshing clarity:



  29. The Internet Member

    This is the bit that bothers me the most about Brexit. The Pro-Brexit side told people hundreds of millions of pounds would return to the government and could be used to support the NHS. But no, not happening.

    Maybe Brexit will work out for the best. I dunno. But the way it went down, with a bunch of propaganda followed by a vote looks bad. People make decisions based upon the info that they have. If they hear mostly about cake and kittens, they will say, "wants!" Thus political leaders can create the illusion of public consent without real, informed consent. This is very dangerous.
  30. Random guy Member

    It was hardly "public consent" going on here. The vote was a fairly even spilt. Uninformed? It looks like that, but from both sides.

    Like a lot of heated debates on principles in history, the principles was a mask for a power-struggle that really had very little to do with it. The surprise this time was that the underdog won, which apparently no-one (least of all the main protagonists) had expected.
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  31. 3116-god-wills-it-jpg.224202.jpg
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  32. I am just happy you two are willing to enngage me in some sort of a "tit "to" tat" so I will only go mental on the 350 million for the NHS some day in the future

  33. If you have been around as long as I have, you know I HAVE to post this:

  34. 17300-s3eh5p.jpg

  35. NO YOU FUCKERS. It is called "NOTHING IS FREE"
  36. The Internet Member

    The "leave" propaganda I saw was really outrageous. Like that red bus and the advert with the poor old mum going to the heartless EU clinic verses the caring British clinic. The "stay" stuff I saw was more like, "hang on a minute, there are a lot of issues to consider here..." Maybe the "stay" stuff was equally manipulative and I just missed it.
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