Brexit: the UK goes full retard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jun 24, 2016.

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    Brexit Britain awoke this morning to some truly earth-shattering news. Well, for some. It’s all about Marmite.
    Despite Marmite being produced in the UK, with UK ingredients, supplier Unilever sought to up prices on its products in the UK due to the falling pound hitting profits on non-UK produced goods. It’s not just Marmite either. Tesco responded to failed negotiations by immediately removing all Unilever products from its online store, refusing to sell them unless Unilever takes the hit rather than passing it on to Tesco or customers.

    While the post-Brexit period has seen hate crimes against ethnic minorities increase by 41%, the value of the pound has dropped to record lows, and the government has absolutely no clue what our exit from the European Union looks like – it is the loss of Marmite which has sent Britons into a flat panic. There has been a run on Marmite and other Unilever staples as consumers stockpiled goods in fear of being without during a protracted dispute.

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    Boris was made foreign security so he’ll spend much of his time abroad, hopefully dressed as a killer clown in Aleppo.
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  8. pensioners abroad and inside the UK allready suffer for the vote for Brexit
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    I think it should say; "The Treason Felony Act be amended to include the following offences:- To imagine, devise, promote, work, or encourage others, to undermine the freedom of speech, thought or expression because they are unable to convince others that they are right through reasoned debate.

    I despair at what’s happening in the UK at the moment.
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    Tory councillor suspended for petition urging EU supporters to be jailed for treason

    A Conservative councillor who launched a petition urging all those who back Britain remaining as part of the EU to be punished under the treason act has been suspended by his local party.
    Christian Holliday, the Tory councillor for Burpham, set up the parliamentary petition to amend the Treason Felony Act 1848, which previously carried a penalty of death, in order to include anyone who still campaigns for Britain to remain part of the EU after it officially leaves.
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    Now we finally know the real reason for Brexit

    Austerity, not immigration, was the main reason people voted Brexit, a comprehensive new study shows. But the media appears to have ignored the findings, with a brief report on “Indy100” being the only mainstream coverage.
    The apparent media blackout comes in spite of the groundbreaking nature of both the study and its conclusions. “Slightly less harsh” spending cuts from the Conservatives (and Lib Dems) could have swayed the referendum result, the district-level analysis from the University of Warwick indicates. In other words, if the coalition government along with the present Conservative one hadn’t presided over such an extreme ideological austerity programme, Brexit may not have happened.
    While the study found that austerity economics was the driving force behind Brexit, it also concluded that the immigration factor has been overplayed. In contrast to toning down fiscal cuts, the study found that even “drastic” changes in immigration levels would “probably” have made no difference.
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    I’d have more respect for his stance if he wasn’t a tax exile.
  13. We Europeans will welcome Britain back in if they decide not to trigger article 50
  14. I really LOL'ed:

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    Boris speaks French, are they sure they want to talk to him?
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    <------Like my design about Brexit?? whats next?
  17. I am not the most perfect person to fight for womens rights.
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    I would have expected you and the KittyKatGrabber to get along better, KKS.

    But seriously, even if Clinton has a massive stroke I am still voting for her and I urge everyone else to do the same.
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  23. Anonymous means wearing pink knitted cat hats ? I am in !


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  25. With friends like that you don't need enemies.

    Sleep tight sweet UK, enjoy your epic fail.

  26. Trump isn't held in very high esteem by Mrs May and it's highly unlikely she will allow him to hold the UK hostage to further his plans.
    He would be greatly mistaken if he underestimates her.

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