Brexit: the UK goes full retard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jun 24, 2016.

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    John Cleese on Brexit, newspapers and why he's leaving the UK | BBC Newsnight

    Watch the full interview between John Cleese and Emily Maitlis where the Monty Python star explains why newspapers have driven him to the Caribbean.

    John Cleese: the UK ‘is in a mess’ | The Associated Press

    "Monty Python" star John Cleese says he’s leaving the U.K. because the country is “in a mess at the moment,” citing corruption in media and politics.

    'So disappointed': John Cleese to quit UK for Caribbean | The Guardian
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    Brexit Update - UK Version | | Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    "On our last episode of the year, we couldn’t show our Brexit segment in the UK because of their stupid ban on using footage from Parliament. What did they get instead? They got this."
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    Brexit III | Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    "The UK could officially leave the European Union next month, which would be a huge change with hugely damaging consequences."
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