Brexit: the UK goes full retard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jun 24, 2016.

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  2. The Internet Member

    The Russian propaganda network grooms and supports "useful idiots" to spread messages that further Russia's aims. It was very busy before and during the Ukraine invasion. Many of its memes were repeated here on libertarian and right wing web sites. So it does not surprise me that the same lot might serve as useful idiots in the UK.
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  3. "The Internet", are you absolutely positively certain that you are not a useful idiot yourself?
  4. Mann Ace Member

    TI has a hard time walking in another person's shoes. They hurt his feet, and he gets blisters.
  5. The Internet Member

    Brexit is not about me guys.

    Let's assume for a second that the EU is awesome. Still we would expect examples of British companies harmed by certain trading rules. Because human beings cannot anticipate every situation when they formulate rules.

    There must be a few British people who can say things like, "My company developed a better way to make pillows but I can't bring those pillows to market without getting a bunch of rules changed." That's the kind of story that would illustrate the down side of the EU.

    But instead of actual problems we get tarted up non-problems about pillows in the pro-Brexit PR. That is weird. We should be hearing the best arguments for Brexit in the pro-Brexit PR.
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  6. Ah the infamous pillow scam argument

  7. fishypants Moderator

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  8. Random guy Member

    It's more a matter of people not being allowed to sell traditional products due to new standardisations and legislation. Here's a Scandinavia example:
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  9. fishypants Moderator

    It's more a matter of stupid and/or lazy and/or unlucky white people blaming dusky-hued immigrants for their own failed lives.


    (c.f. Trump loves the inadequately educated).

    To be fair there is an effect whereby immigration depresses wages in unskilled jobs (evidence) so while the economy as a whole benefits, people in low-skilled jobs (i.e. stupid people, mostly) get a negative effect. Successive governments have done fuck-all to recognise this, let alone put in policies to counteract it.

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  10. Random guy Member

    My comment was an answer to the Internet's question for an instance of EU regulations coming in the way of manufacturing, not a description of the the total of Brexit voters.

    According to the study you just posted, those stupid and unlucky white people have a legitimate case. Their standard of living has been badly hit by immigration and globalization. As long as the only answers to their complaints is "the nation derives great benefit from immigration/globalization, so shut up bigots", then their only real way to air their grievances within the established democratic rules is to vote for fringe parties BNP or UKIP (or Sanders or Trumph in the US).

    Gordon Brown actually says as much in the Guardian today:
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  11. fishypants Moderator

    Yes, that was the point I was making.

    Except you forgot "lazy".

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  12. Random guy Member

    It's actually a very good study you pulled up!
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  13. fishypants Moderator

    Yes, I know, that's why I pulled it up! :)

    I should point out that I'm a very lazy person myself, so I do have some sympathy for the undeserving poor, who are mostly not horrible bigots.

    Some are though...

  14. Mann Ace Member

    This attitude is exactly why they voted as they did. It seems that 17M just slapped you hard, and your head is still reeling from the blow. Calling them names just shows the utter lack of understanding that you have of the issue.
    Keep it up, and you're gonna get more bitch slaps.
  15. fishypants Moderator

    Well, I don't take this attitude directly to them, only here where I'm anonymous.

    I have sympathy for the unlucky (anyone can be unlucky) and for the lazy (I'm very lazy myself) and even the stupid (that's just luck as well, really).

    But if they weren't at least one of those three things then they wouldn't have an unskilled job that can be done better by someone who doesn't speak English.

    If we could keep the immigrants and chuck out scum like the young man in the video below, I'd be pretty happy with that...

    And while we're on the topic, Nigel Farage is an outright fascist.

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  16. Mann Ace Member

    I predict lots of bitch slaps in your future.
  17. I'm feeling the love.
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  18. Boris Johnson

    no free lunch, Tosser
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  19. Random guy Member

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  20. Quentinanon Member

    It's one thing to allow a country into a trade alliance. It's entirely different to share a common currency with that country.
    Low risk in the former. High risk in the latter. The cultural values on use of public funds is different between southern and northern Europe.
    If you share the currency, you share the loss.
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  21. Finnaly you make a lot of sense, well done
  22. Mann Ace Member

    Good article (Vox!). But one thing makes me wonder. The article assumed that central bankers can control inflation and unemployment through monetary policy. That idea was blown to hell with the stagflation of the 1970s. Hearing it repeated now as a tool in the central banker's tool kit tells me the author is a bit behind the times, like 40 years. Oh well. It is Vox.
  23. The Internet Member

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  24. Nicola Sturgeon gets a VERY warm reception in Brussels from EU chief after her Brexit talks - but Spain vows to veto Scottish membership before negotiations can even begin

    • Sturgeon has travelled to Brussels to demand Scotland remains in the EU
    • Says Scotland should stay in the bloc because 62% of Scots voted Remain
    • But she suffered a blow when Tusk's office said he had no time to meet her
    • Source close to Tusk says: 'This is not the appropriate moment to meet'
    PUBLISHED: 19:43 GMT, 28 June 2016 | UPDATED: 18:35 GMT, 29 June 2016

    Read more:
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  25. The English are hypocrits

    Invoke article 50 you butt crumbs.
  26. fishypants Moderator


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  27. Sekee Member

    We can’t because our political parties are too busy with their in fighting to give as shit about the country. The prime minister who resigned after the Brexit vote won’t touch it so we have to wait until we have someone leading the country.
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  28. Random guy Member

    Hasn't all the candidates signalled they intend to go ahead and invoke the article 50? At least Gove, Crabb and May have.
  29. Sekee Member

    They won’t invoke article 50 until one of them is elected Prime Minister by the Conservative party. It’ll take a while yet.
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  30. Mann Ace Member

    I never learned the parliamentary method of govt, since we don't use it, but I'm curious.
    Who governs while there is no Prime Minister? Cameron resigned, the new guy (Farage?) hasn't been appointed. So who's minding the candy store?
  31. Sekee Member

    Cameron is Prime Minister until his replacement is elected in the autumn.
    Farage is a member of the European Parliament and the leader of the right leaning UK Independence Party. They only have one MP.
  32. Mann Ace Member

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  33. When I heard it announced that Cameron was resigning, it was also mentioned that the resignation would be taking place in October - presumably, so that an election can take place first.
  34. Mann Ace Member

    Farage is the UKIP guy. I was thinking of Johnson (I can barely keep US politics straight, much less UK politics), but Johnson just said he was not going to stand for PM. Sounds like things are getting interesting in the UK.

    And it also sounds like invoking Article 50 is going to be a challenge. Good luck, Brits. It'll be interesting. There are several other EU countries looking at the idea of seceding.

    Guess we'll need some popcorn.
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