Brexit: the UK goes full retard

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by The Internet, Jun 24, 2016.


    It seems that toddlers Jimmy and Boris were hitting eachother up at expense of their country.

  2. Random guy Member

    I agree, that seems to me to be EUs main reason they refused to even consider Sturgeon's otherwise not unreasonable suggestion. It's also part of what's wrong with the EU. You risk meeting vetos and stupid policies because of some ego faggotry happening far away that really has nothing to do with you.

    So LESS money for Healthcare

    So a net payment of 8,5 Billion pounds into the EU wich will go on for a few years and gained some extra financial burdens.


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  4. fishypants Moderator

    It's not so stupid.... part of the 'European project' is quite consciously to make the lives of European citizens more interdependent and less remote (this interdependence is one of the parts of the European project that the Brexiters object to) so as to lessen the chance of future war in Europe.

    The idea is that is makes it harder to ignore "a quarrel in a far away country of which we know little" if you've been there and some of your neighbours and colleagues are from there.... that's not a bad thing really.
  5. Mann Ace Member

    It's pretty ironic that your attitude is exactly what drove people out. Your sneering dismissal of the democratic process is telling. You don't actually believe in democracy, if the great unwashed masses don't slavishly follow the dictates of their 'betters'.

    Popcorn. It's gonna get loud here for a while.
  6. Mann Ace Member

    So, it's the anon way to do exactly what you complain about when the opposition does it? Got it. Hypocrisy at its finest.
  7. my estimate is that you will never ever get it.

    I will try with an exampl according to youth and outlook

    Lets revisit project chanology

    a joined effort of mostly youthfull people with some old guard

    In great Brittain most youthfull people, especcially students are bremainers.

    If you don't understand this you are pretty lost:

    Itt: This thread is now about Anonymous caramell dancing !

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  8. Mann Ace Member

    Great video
  9. Random guy Member

    One mans smart is another mans stupid. A project of this magnitude will have lots of forseen and unforseen consequences, some god, some bad. The "one size fits all" attitude sure simplify things, it also make it impossible for Sturgeon to get traction for a proposal that really isn't unreasonable because of things that has nothing to do with Brexit or Scotland. It's a mixed blessing, and it's often the people least likely to be heard that has to pay for the cock-ups.
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  10. The Internet Member

    People make decisions based upon the info that they have. If they are given misleading info they can't make *informed* decisions.

    In the case of Brexit, seems a lot of British citizens were not sufficiently informed about the consequences of a "leave" vote. The fact of all the confusion and surprise and regret is good evidence of this.

    So I wonder if a legal argument could be made that the Brexit vote is not valid, due to widespread misleading propaganda making it difficult for citizens to understand the consequences of their vote.
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  11. The Internet Member

    Fishypants did Brexit?

    Your effort to derail this thread with fake offense over perceived injury to delicate British egos is noted.
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  12. Mann Ace's posts are interesting and spirited, he voices his opinions without being offensive and adds something to think about when he expresses them.

    Mann Ace I luvs ya.
  13. TI you are the sort of person who dislikes anyone who disagrees with your opinion, such a shame.
  14. Sekee Member

    Legally parliament is sovereign and the referendum is advisory, so parliament could vote it down. What do you think would happen if they did though?
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  15. The Internet Member

    People need good info first. That is key. And they probably need to understand how they were mislead. And there should be some discussion about how access to legit info can be secured so a clusterfuck like this doesn't happen again.

    We don't want to be at the mercy of slick PR firms that promise us a van filled with cake when that is a lie.
  16. Random guy Member

    If you took the time to read the article Fishy posted a page or so back, it may well be that the people voting leave were not as uniformed as you seem to suggest. The "one market" approach of the EU is a benefit for the well educated and well off, but for the "semi-skilled laborers" it lowers wages and make work scarce. Considering where the majority of no-votes came from, there's reasons to suggest they actually made very informed choices.

    It's also a question of whether the remainers had their information straight. I have seen a number of young remain-voters fearing that Brexit will stop them from freely traveling Europe or seeking employment abroad. Considering the number of (non-EU) Norwegian and Icelandic people at the Roskilde music festival in (EU) Denmark or working in (EU) Britain, this claim is obviously "not sufficiently informed". Others complaining that "we are the ERASMUS generations, and are used to be able to study abroad", but failing to notice that the program involves 33 countries, i.e. not specifically tied to Britains EU status.

    So I think we can safely conclude that the "uninformed" bit cut both ways.

    Having said that, British politics haven't been this entertaining since "Yes Prime Minister" did it's last round of re-runs here in Scandinavia!
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  17. fishypants Moderator

    You're saying it's not a crisis?

    Poor decision is poor. My opinion doesn't change just because 51.8% of voters disagree. If the facts changed then my opinion would change. Anyway, I could be all the cunts in the world and it would make no difference to Brexit.

    In the words of Edmund Burke...

    It's really quiet here compared everything in to the UK right now.

    ^ of course, that was Tuesday - events have moved on since then - it's not so simple any more.

    ^ note the dates.
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  18. The Internet Member

    We do statistics to ferret out relationships that aren't obvious. So it is possible the statistical sub-group adversely affected by immigration was not perceiving this relationship directly themselves. Particularly if the variability within their group was high. Also, stats are tricky business. Multiple comparisons can increase false positives so it is important that lots of people go over the numbers critically. Some statistically significant findings are not actually meaningful --e.g., a cold remedy that reduces the amount of time you feel sick by half a day.

    Be that as it may, a good argument against current immigration policies may not justify something like Brexit which will probably take years for the country to work out --in just the travel industry alone.
  19. Random guy Member

    Most "informed guesses" (it hasn't been time to do proper research articles yet) and political analysis I've seen point in the same direction: This was the post-industrial, low income, older voters with limited social and geographical mobility potential that voted against internationalization of the economy. I'm sure Fishy or some of the local Brits can confirm these have been giving the short straw economically for the last 30 or so years.

    Older people are used to think in terms of decades in stead of months or years. While the British political class look utterly retarded at the moment, I'm fairly certain thy'll shape up and actually do their job to sort out this mess within their alotted two + years. It's not as if they have any actual choice...
  20. The Internet Member

    That group would probably like the idea of having 350 million pounds a week extra to give to the NHS. Too bad that promise/forecast was bullshit.
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  21. Random guy Member

    Yep, both side lied through their teeth. It's hard to make informed decisions under those circumstances.

    One of the major problems with the referendum is the lack of a credible left leave alternative. In Scandinavia, we have both left and right and even centrist parties that oppose the EU. In UK, the only credible anti-EU pary is UKIP, with predictable result.
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  22. Although the drop of the pound, tax increases and spending cuts have proven to be real.

  23. Random guy Member

    Well, Osborn runs the show, so he can basically do what he wants.

    The falling pound is actually a blessing though. It makes British steel cheaper, and will increase demand for domestic products as imported goods become more expensive.

    But sure, the Brits are going to have to get through a rough patch. My personal contribution is taking advantage of the low pound and order stuff from the UK.
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  24. Yes, the Tourist Industry will be booming now Turkey is on it's ass. Exports could rise in future. Non UK based minerals will be harder to aquire. About that Britisch Steel; How many of the minerals needed to produce steel are indigenous ? At least oil is cheap as chips.

    Finally there is the Tata Steel deal in the making, we'll see how that works out.


  26. Sekee Member

    British Politics Summed Up With Puppets - The Last Leg

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  27. Mann Ace Member

    What I see is all too many Remain types having no clue what the Leave people are upset about, and the reason the Remain types don't see it is because of their own prejudices. The Remain camp can't accept that people don't agree with their opinions. This causes the Remain people to insult the Leave people, which is exactly why the Leave people want to leave, they are tired of the elites calling them vile names.

    None of this is difficult to see, as along as your ideology doesn't get in the way.

    What I've read in this thread is that some people think the Leave camp are racist, stupid, voting against their own interests. This makes it hard to see the Leave people as People. And it makes it impossible for those who say such silly things to listen to the other side. If you think 17.4M people are fools, knaves, or voting against their own interest, then you will NEVER understand the issues.

    And yes, both sides have fools and knaves, that's par for the course.
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  28. Mann Ace Member

    Did I hurt your feelings, TI? Poor boy, maybe Sue should set up a safe space for you. Now, about your continuing insults of people you've never met...have you ever considered therapy?

  29. TI's feelings are always set at delicate it's his default setting and he doesn't like any challenge whatsoever .

    Go back a few years and see what his opinions are on homeopathic medicine and get a proper laugh.
  30. Autism much The Internet?
    You non NT's are a pain in the hole on here and always have been and the sooner you all realise it and fuck off the better.
    There's fucking dozens of you and all of you expect allowances to be made for your so called specialness , your disability, which is nothing more than a crock of piss.
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  31. Random guy Member

  32. Mann Ace Member

    Good article here
    as they say, history doesn't repeat itself, but it does rhyme.
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  33. fishypants Moderator

    On the issue of representative democracy versus direct democracy...

  34. fishypants Moderator

    I think there's a lot in that article that's true, unfortunately.

    I'd add anti-intellectualism to the list. British working class culture traditionally despises people who are "too clever by half". Mr Gove's "we've had enough of experts" is unfortunately true.


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