Brian Ambry

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    Brian Ambry

    One e-book, 'Brainwashing Manual Parallels', and one essay, 'Sly and tall edgy lurks':

    Brian Ambry
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    Did he not co-author "Messiah or Madman"?
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    No. That was Bent Corydon
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    Re: Brian Ambry

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    Re: Brian Ambry

    Yes it was Bent but I believe Brian Ambry was his co-author and main researcher.
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    Re: Brian Ambry


    Good research!

    Dox plox?
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    I don't have dox - just going off memory. I'll dig around.
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  9. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Brian Ambry

    I just recently picked up the hardcover of this, with the "Dear Bookbuyer" note as the cover. Brian Ambry isn't listed on the cover though. Any one know the reason?
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    L. Ron Hubbard Jr. was the contracted co-author for the first edition. Ron Jr. caved under pressure from Scientology and left the project half way into the first edition. The publisher, Lyle Stuart, decided to go ahead anyway, and used Ron Jr.'s name on the first edition.

    Later editions (including the 2005 Russian language hardbound) omit Ron Jr.'s name, and there are about only five or six pages of material from Ron Jr. in the book.

    Ambry is quoted extensively in the text from an early piece titled, 'Critique on Scientology', but functioned mainly as a researcher and ghost writer for the beleaguered 1987 first edition.

    He assumed more control as time went on, working directly with publisher Lyle Stuart.
  11. ZeLyt Member

    Re: Brian Ambry

    Thx. I've been wondering as I read it why Ron Jr. was a co-author as he didn't have a lot of info in it(though his involvement was important)
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    Good stuff
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    Great! Added both to the list
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    Here are two more items for the List:

    Hubbard's secretly authored and published 'Brain-Washing, A Synthesis of the Russian Textbook on Psychopolitics', 1955

    3rd edition of 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?', 1996, 464 pages. ISBN 1-56980-009-X
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    Re: Brian Ambry

    Although an examination of the 'Brainwashing Manual' is useful in understanding Hubbard and Scientology, Hubbard's fraudulent "Russian" 'Brainwashing manual' seems to be in a category of its own, and probably doesn't belong on the above list.

    The Brainwashing manual: Timeline

    Brian Ambry

    Still, it's Hubbard's only non-copyrighted work and, if closely examined, possibly his biggest foot bullet. It remains, also - for some, who really *do* believe it's a "Russian textbook" - a very convincing hoax.
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    I don't know how much longer the links to Ambry's Brainwashing Manual Parallels in Scientology, and his Sly and Tall Edgy Lurks will be operational. If anyone has an interest in preserving these documents, it might be a good idea to make copies. (See Brian Ambry link above.)
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    I'm still waiting for the full text search feature to be implemented on Wayback's webpages.
    When that day comes, I will be one happy camper.
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    Incidentally, there is no full text of the book, 'L. Ron Hubbard, Messiah or Madman?' on the Net, except for the 1998 scanned 1987 first edition - with the "emergency cover."

    The 1992 second edition, while expanded and updated, had to be rushed to the printer due to Scientology meddling and harassment, much as the 1987 edition had.

    The 1996 third edition is the preferred copy to read, and definitely the preferred copy to scan - if anyone wants to put this text on the Net.

    The first edition and third edition are hardbound. The second edition is a paperback.

    It would be nice to see a good scan of the third edition on the Net.
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    Which edition is this?
  22. Anonymous Member

    That's the 1987 402 page edition that was scanned onto the Net in 1998. I think the 1992 second edition has 460 pages, and the 1996 third edition has 464 pages and an Index that begins on page 461. Possibly, Tory "Magoo" might have a copy to spare.
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    That's the 1987 1st edition.

    The 1996 expanded 3rd edition also has a hard cover.

    Be careful if buying a "hardcover" copy, that you get the 3rd edition - with the red and orange cover.
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  25. Does AnonLover still post here?
  26. Anonymous Member

    Beats me. The information was posted because I came across it, and because sometimes, seeing the latter edition (red) Madman? book cover, people buy what they think is a latter (larger and updated) edition only to be sent the earlier (smaller, rush to print) edition Madman?

    In this case, someone re-formatted the old 1998 scan of the 1987 book, and then used the 1992&1996 book cover with it.

    It's confusing.
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