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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Anonymous, May 23, 2013.

  1. Anonymous Member

    Found this particularly repugnant:

    Politicians furious over Bronx bus company's 'Ghetto' tour


    Last Updated: 9:42 AM, May 19, 2013

    Tourists are crowding onto a Bronx bus tour that promises “a ride through a real New York City ‘GHETTO’ ” — and local politicians are furious.

    Three times a week, Real Bronx Tours takes riders — mainly white Europeans and Australians — on a trip that includes stops at food-pantry lines and a “pickpocket” park.
    Last week, on the first stop of the $45 tour, guide Lynn Battaglia, from Pittsburgh, pointed out a housing project. She then mocked the Grand Concourse, modeled after a Parisian boulevard.

    “Do you feel like we’re on the Champs-Elysées?” she teased a couple from Paris.
    As the bus idled across from historic St. Ann’s Episcopalian Church, Battaglia launched into a description of the crime, poverty and violence that plagued the South Bronx during the 1970s recession.
    As she spoke, a line of two dozen poor people — including one man visibly agitated by the onlookers — waited for handouts from the church pantry.

    “I don’t know what that line’s about, but every Wednesday we see it,” Battaglia told the tourists. “We see them go in with empty carts, and we see them come out with carts full.”

    Trip Advisor comment from someone who doesn't get how shallow they are :

    “Good company, but horrible Bronx (Ghetto) tour”\
    x.gif Reviewed April 29, 2013
    The company seems to be well run and the guides were pleasant and personable. The bikes were in fairly good condition (mine had a problem with the chain jumping between gears when the bike was in a low gear, but I was able to complete the trip). I would consider this company for a DIFFERENT tour.

    The tour of the Bronx was not something I can recommend. We rode through impoverished neighborhood after impoverished neighborhood. The streets had many potholes. At one point in the tour we were riding down a very busy street and a man from the neighborhood yelled, "I [--] hate [--] white people". (He used the word, I edited because I don't think this would be publishable with curse words). At another point a young man told us to be careful because there had been a shooting up ahead.

    They say that you will feel safe on their website. I live in Stockton, CA (known for its' high crime rate) and am not skittish, but I did not feel safe on this tour.
    Visited April 2013
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  2. A GHETTO? In the USA? Oh, say it ain't so!
  3. Anonymous Member

    What they hope to see

    What they see

    What they are
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Next thing you know this company will be providing homecoming Steubenville Rape Tours
    Imagine the sickos that would sign up for that. Or not.
    Sick tour company is appealing to the imho equally misguided idiot.
    Maybe the "ghetto" will put on a show of sorts- could be lulzy
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  8. A tour taking the "ghetto" folks from the Bronx to Steubenville would be even better. I'd contribute to that.

    Tell 'em it was a black girl who got raped, and watch the lulz.
  9. RightOn Member

    I am waiting for the Clearwater Cult Tour.
    Now THAT would be interesting.
    This Bronx tour wouldn't hold a candle to it.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Back in 1967 there was a bus company that did tours of the Haight Ashbury, calling it the only tour of a foreign country on American soil.

    The hippies walked alongside the buses, holding up mirrors to the passengers on the bus.
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  11. Heavy, man. I really dig that.
  12. anonysamvines Member

    and the difference between this tour and the ones taken by tourists in any other impoverished country is . .?

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