Buenos Aires 9 of July - Argentina Independence Day

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Petete, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Petete Member

    There is no better way to celebrate the Argentinian Independence Day for Anonymous Argentina than "enturbulating" Scilons. Minutes before 3 P.M. Caleb, Julieta and I arrived to the Church of Scientology. There were no police, nor Gustavo Libardi nor anyone waiting for us at the door (Libardi is the head of Scientology and OSA in Argentina), but they wasn't closed either. They closed minutes later when they noticed our presence and get nervous. But a bit later they opened the wooden gates again, closing the inner glass doors, and opening them again, just to close them again later. Very inconclusive these people who says to be so decided and to teach people how to be able in life.

    After that, started to arrive Coco, Kevin and Jess (new members of our cell), the "3 stooges" who made their debut in May, and our beloved Core, who as Caleb came back after being absent in many protests but present in our hearts so full of BT's. We beat our record of anons present in a protest with a total of 10 (we were always 5 or 8 in previous protests).

    I had the pleasure to see Libardi, local leader of the cult, who as usual filmed us with a wicked smile, wich I erased some time later asking him annoying questions about dirty businesses (wich he must still wondering how the hell I knew of), or why Gustavo Altieri, president of one of their many front groups "Youth for Human Rights" recently published a disclaimer in that foundation's website saying it had nothing to do with Scientology (same thing he said in an interview in a "23 magazine" interview in 2010 but what Libardi himself denied claiming the contrary). Apparently being related to the cult of Scientology affects the political carreer Altieri is trying to have behind our current Minister of Economy and candidate for vicepresident Amado Boudou (soon ill write about it in our blog).

    Of course they called the police, of course the police was on our side, without kicking us out, realizing that the accusations the cult made about us were unfounded, exaggerated and lies, and that they are not a church.

    As always there was very good reception from the people on the street, both from the ones who just knew about the subject because of us and from the ones who already knew, like a couple who was invited to a conference or course in the United States (I didn't talked to them, I was told) by a couple of friends of them, who unlike them fell in the claws of the Scientology brainwashing leaving their families and friends and loosing all their money on the road to the nonexistent total freedom the cult promises.

    The only ugly thing was that when leaving, 4 of the Anons where followed, the 3 stooges and Jess. The latter realized that a guy took a picture of them when they were talking relaxed, unmasked and careless some blocks from the cult. Then they followed the guy who took the pic, who stopped at a bus stop next to a girl he apparently already knew, and a bit later both ran away and entered in a McDonalds, where the anons (unmasked) followed them. A bit later Libardi came out of the McDonalds, videocam in hand, and finished taking their faces with it. And not happy with it he followed them for a while with the other cult zombies and foreign Sea Orgs that I filmed previously.

    Soon "It's Me", one of the harassed anons, will post a detailed comment. He, like the rest of them, far from being intimidated because of the incident, now are more decided than ever before to keep the fight against this cult, wich espionage manners they learned the hard way because they underestimated them and were careless. Soon, Libardi my dear, you will understand how bad is to do these illegal things to a peaceful group wich never violates the law, and never will, and for that reason will always run with advantage over yours. Your ineptitude and wickedness will be your ruin. We are here to stay, and as you saw, we are more every time, despite all your attempts, wich accomplish nothing else than fail, turning against you.

    Soon I will add images and videos. Be patient and come back to check the updates. And I cant say goodbye without thanking the portrait of this Anon, known as Petete and also as Ozymandias, drawn by the talented hand of our dear DJ and graphic artist Core.

    Spanish report in our blog:
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  2. It's me Member

    My two cents, regarding what happened on July 9th after protesting against Scientology Argentina.

    As we are walking away of the protest, just chilling and trying to find a mutual friend that was going to meet us after the protest, we make a big mistake, just a few blocks away from the CoS, and without many precautions we take away our masks and chill smoking a cigar.

    Suddenly Jess, notices that someone has just took a picture of us, and starts to panic, we follow them through the crowd in a ver busy street here in BA, and we finally get them, as they see us coming they start running and calling someone with their cell phones (later we found out it was Libardi, head of CoS Argentina).

    They sneak into a Mc Donalds, and we wait outside, a couple of anons answer our call, and we decide to get in and face them, but just as we entered, out of nowhere Libardi comes out of the Mc Donalds, with his camera filming and getting a clean front shot of us.
    I stand still and firmly say to him, "Great you got me on tape! What now Libardi? What are you going to do now?", we turn 180 degrees and start walking away, knowing that they are following us, we lost them at the corner and crossed the street, I took a glance at them, and they seem lost trying to find us, we quickly proceed to disperse.

    Ok, now my opinion regarding all this bs.. it has several consecuences, one of them is the reafirmattion of our commitment in the fight against Scientology, to prosecute and to denonuce the methodology that they use, that brings back not so happy memories of the civil rigths abuse we suffer in the last century.
    It's also a warning and a reminder that we should never underestimate Scylons, they are serious in their roles, and although they are a bizarre combination of 007, daffy duck and Opus Dei, we should have always in mind that they have almost no scruples.

    We are Anonymous. We are Legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us
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  3. Petete Member

    Amen to that my friend :D
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  4. Anonymous Member

    Scilons underestimate that if they keep a file and pictures on someone, that person would do.
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  5. COREarg Member

    Ohai guyz, now is time to Corita to report. <3 (Also,new av is related)

    I arrived late to the protest because I decided to play it wise and use buses instead of the subway or train. Buses are done to make you get late to everywhere in Argentina,so the plan was a fail.

    I arrived, greeted some anons on the corner of Ayacucho who were giving fliers and leaflets and greetings to the people passing by Santa Fe avenue (told you I already saw that flier way too much), found Petete already filming and everyone just passing a good time,being all anon,enturbulatin' da org.

    <3 I got my Guy Fawkes mask,and after fitting it in (dear lord,it was really hard since I had to directly tie it around my head >:c stupid) I prepared mah "sound system". For the protest I bought a portable speaker, since I wanted to protect just a bit the speakers of my cellphone. And the speaker is in shape of a pig!

    ...Don't believe me?

    His name is Mr. Tocinete btw

    Anyways,I set the music with the pig-speaker and everything was fine. Saw Libardi twice, etc.

    When we got the news that the new guys got filmed/photo,I got a little nervous. Sorry about that. Will keep fighting though, I seriously can't believe you can threat for peacefully protesting. But scilons always shit on logic,so meh. I will keep on the good fight,never giving up or letting down.
    After we got the news and since it was getting late,we left with Petete angry-munching and Julieta being Julieta. LOL

    ...Taking extra care in case of being followed,of course.

    It was awesome to meet the new guys <3 And I can't wait to see you guys again,and enturbulate.
    I heard that Libardi got a little scared with Petete asking uncomfortable questions,so I really can't wait to see the video myself (I arrived late for that. So sad)
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  6. Petete Member

    Nice, thank you for adding to the post-game report Core!
    Btw Caleb and Kevin left with us too. But let's dont talk more about that or next time the scilon assholes will try to stalk us too.
    Anyway, I won't be nice with them if they try it. Protesting is legal, but following people is illegal piece of shit assholes, think about that next time.
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  7. COREarg Member

    ^ We should try to drop smoke bombs and then hide like ninjas next time...!

    As I said somewhere in facebook,this protest should be called "Pinto la OSA!".
    And I know you will not be nice. I wouldn't be nice either if they tried to follow time we will be careful, all of us, and let's stick together to avoid this things to happen again.

  8. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Great reportage Argentinanons!
    Play smart, stay safe, and has fun! (and watch out for eachother!)

    Kudos & cakes!
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  9. moarxenu Member

    Well done, my beloved faggots!
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  10. COREarg Member

    Thanks sir good sir. <3
  11. Petete Member

    Thank you, thank you, and thank you.
  12. moarxenu Member

    Petete, I read your long article on your blog. It is superb. You guys are doing awesome work.
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  13. Petete Member

    Wich one? The spanish version of this post-game report? In any case thank you :D
  14. moarxenu Member

    Yes, the Spanish one. It reads quite well in googletranslate.
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  15. caleb Member

    I´m really enjoying this... thanks for the invitation to the party.
    GLaD 2 c u again, looking 4ward 2 b back in action soon.
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  16. Petete Member

    Nothing to thank faggot, you are one of us, and you better keep coming.
    And thanks again MoarXenu, glad to know googletranslate doesn't suck so bad :p
  17. COREarg Member

    I was GLaD 2 c u again,Totoro man.
    Try to be more present next time,or we should have to get a cardboard image of you to replace you. >:C

    ...Also: You don't want Petete to be iMAD rite?

    BTW: Petete,can we has just a picture or anything from the videos? Plz? Stop killing us with the waiting </3 That's so down the tone scale from you
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  18. Petete Member

    Soon there will be a trailer, I still need to finish the march protest, one or two parts, and then they may protest, wich video was shorter. Be patient. Juicy trailer coming soon!
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  19. caleb Member

    Juicy? Yummy! XD
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  20. COREarg Member

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  21. Petete Member

  22. Anonymous Member

    ...When the videos will be ready? It had been months since this protest!
  23. Petete Member

    Im still working on the previous protests videos, and many other stuff that you can see in our channels, so be patient.
  24. The Wrong Guy Member

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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    Anonymous Argentina can be contacted here:
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