Buenos Aires, Argentina, March 19 2011 LRH 100 Birhday Anniversary & 2nd Anonymous Argentina Anniver

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Petete, Mar 21, 2011.

  1. Petete Member

    4 PM. Julieta and I arrived in time in front of the Org, wich was closed except for a blind or two. There was a misterious couple standing near the org’s door, looking to us while talking. They seemed to be killing time, or waiting for someone or something. I couldn’t help to think that maybe they were Scilons or private investigators. I still think so.

    We were the first Anons at the place. I quicly turned my camera on and started to shoot the front of the org from across the street. Then I realized that the man of the couple was filming me with a videocamera in a very obvious way, suprise surprise. So I warned Julieta “fuck, his filming us” and started filming him, filming me, filming him... Gotta love camera duels, it feels like in the Jhon Woo movies when two guys point at each other (but with guns in those cases).

    So. Like 20 minutes later the couple crossed the street and came to us. I was following the guy movements, ready to spot any violent intention. But they just came to us and asked us for flyers, I think with some kind of sarcastic tone, and left walking. Tourist maybe? Who knows. A couple of supossed tourist also took us pictures in our February protest (the third Anonniversary). Maybe many tourist are coming to Argentina, maybe we Argentinian Anons are so fascinating and sexy. Everything is possible.

    10 or 20 minutes later Iggy, Cuppycake and Tete arrived at the same time. And, even being LATE, it was just in time because Julieta had started to whine as usual a bit before they came, suggesting me to pack and leave because nobody else was going to come and everything was a catastrophic tragedy. So I had to be a bit frightening to impose some patience and discipline, and then our reinforcements arrived.

    We gave lots of flyers for more than 2 hours. I printed 500 like in the last two protests, I also had 50 from the last time, and Tete printed 300 more, so we had a lot, lol.

    We only saw one or two people entering the org. In a moment a long hair brunette who looks very... brainwashed, left the building pretending to be ignoring us, but looking at us every now and then with disdain while walking away, just to come back to the org a bit later. And suddenly, aproximatelly at 5:30 pm or earlier, this brunette, another girl and two guys walked out of the building and left to never go back (at last while we stayed there).

    Like 15 mins later a guy stops at the org’s door and hits the ring buttom. It was funny and sad. The guy was waiting nervously there, knowing we was watching and filming him. He was giving us his back, while waiting for someone to answer or opens the door... But nothing.

    The guy hits the ring buttom one, two more times. I could almost hear him snorting, lol. He waited some more sad and difficult minutes, walked to the street, looked up at the windows. I can imagine his confusion, there were a couple of blinds open and lights on inside. But nobody was answering, so the poor guy left. We saved him some money and mental health for the day, and made the org loose some income and victims.

    I guess the four people who had left a bit before that guy arrived were the only ones in the org, because after that nobody went in or out of the building until we leave. Those four members were all young and looked like crap, staffers for sure.

    For the first time since we started protesting in 2009, there were not cops AT ALL this time. Zero, nada. We don’t know if they didnt called them, or if they did and the cops are sick and tired of their lies. I guess the latter. I was guessing we was getting closer to the day when Scilons would call the police, and the blue guys would send them to fly, OT powers or not.

    Why I say this? In our first protest in march 2009 they sent 2 cops, one good and one bad. The bad one tried to bullbait us, and ended bullbaited by me. December 2010, they sent an army of cops, 6 patrol cars parked or patrolling and an army walking around or watching the org. Even the 2nd in command in the neighbohor came to talk with us. But they understood there was no reason for all that blue madness, and most of them left. February 2011, only one patrol car with a female sub-inspector we met in December. We explained everything again with detail to her, adding some new information (FBI investigation), and she stayed a lot listening very interested and talking with us in a very kind and understanding way. She asked us how long we was going to stay, and then left to be replaced by two officers who never talked to us, but didnt annoyed us either. And this time... no cops.

    But the Head of Scientology & OSA Argentina, Gustavo Libardi, didn’t show up either. I guess he didn’t wanted to suffer my enturbulation and bullbaiting again. I gave him a bad time in February. You can see some of that in our channel but im still working on editing and adding english subtitles to the next and final parts, were the madness was unleashed.

    And like in February, the homeless kids who begs at the catholic church on the same block came to us, less this time. Cuppy and Iggy bought them some stuff in the kiosk behind us. A deluded old man with a long beard ZZ-TOP style came to congratulate us for our brave job, and told us some of his paranoid delusional conspirative mystic theories. Julieta and I listened, nodded, and said thanks when he left.

    Anons who participated in this protest: Petete, Julieta, Iggy, Cuppycake and Tete. The rest were busy or sick.

    One last interesting detail:

    We was going to make this protest the 12, the previous saturday, but there was a weather alert for storms and hale, plus some anons were sick, busy or out in vacation. So we cancelled and made it the 19. But that caturday 12 I listened to for the first time the radio program the Scilons has evey caturday from 7 to 9 pm on a shitty new age crap radio station, wich sign I filmed on their door on February.

    Then I heard them announcing the Hubbard 100 Birthday Anniversary event in some party place. The event was going to be on Saturday 19, our new protest date. Julieta did some research in the week, called the party place, and they told her the Scientologists didn’t even paid a dime in advance to keep the event date there, so the people of that place was thinking that the event was cancelled.

    And it was, after our protest I listened that radio show again and they never mentioned the event again. Lack of members/money? Pathetic right?

    And I think that was basically everything. If I forgot any detail Ill add it later. And of course, the videos will be posted soon. I still need to finish the february footage before, lol.

    So stay tuned boys and girls, the Epic Argentinian Fun will continue soon on video.
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  2. Ann O'Nymous Member

  3. Anonymous Member

    Yeeehhh! Tangoanons are go!
  4. COREarg Member

    :C and I didn't joined this epic protest...I has a sad!
    Did someone else bring teh musics?

    About them scilons, I believe that they are either too scared or they are just starting to fade. Everyone is sensing that...the calm before the storm, the last breath before leaping into the soft breath
    Poor guy in front of the door,though...the others left him outside to be eaten by the wild anons.

    lol @ the DRAMATIC FILMING TENSO MOMENT. They are always fun.
    And Iggy and Cuppy earn some "caring anon heart" for giving something for the little kids,m'kay? (Thanks for doing that...I couldn't stop thinking about that poor little kids...chewing dvd's of scientology)

    btw: I remember the radio show last caturday... god, A TRIANGLE OF THREE SIDES?
  5. Petete Member

    Thanks Ann O'Nymous and Anonymous for your support.
    Core: Nope. No music this time, you are the music girl.
    And yes, they are sinking pathetically. We are the storm, and our suppression is powerful and clearly working.
    And yeah, the radio show is shitty. But when Libardi reads (like he did on caturday 12) is priceless. I couldnt stop laughing, he reads like a 7 year old kid with mental problems.
  6. Anonymous Member

    Well done guise.
  7. COREarg Member

    Bumpity Bump!

    Also: Para ustedes chicos. <3

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  8. Petete Member

    In this 4th part:
    Final chat with a cool female police (Sub-Inspector) we first met last december. We kept educating her about the cult and even wikileaks. Tourists took us pictures. I went crazy enturbulating Gustavo Libardi (head of Scientology & OSA Argentina).
    We gave hundreds of flyers and talked with a lot of interested people. Libardi sent a scilon to try to do some damage control giving Scn DVDs that the people rejected (some even said "no, we agree with them" us, Anon :) )
    And more... So enjoy, and stay tuned, more craziness coming soon!
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  9. Petete Member

    Frack, wrong thread, lol.
    Enjoy it anyway, The march protest videos will be posted soon.
  10. Ann O'Nymous Member

    "Libardi voyeur": great line with great impact !
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  11. moarxenu Member

    Doinrite. Amazing what enturbulation you guise have been able to establish and sustain in BA. Also, cool sub-inspector is cool.
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  12. Petete Member

    Hehehe, glad that you liked my/our enturbulation Ann O'Nymous & Moarxenu.
    The "Libardi voyeur" line was very effective indeed, lol, it erased his smile and made him go inside for a bit.
    Im just sorry that I posted that video here when the right place was the previous ppost game report
    Ill keep posting this February Anonyversary series there, and here the March videos when I finish those.
  13. Petete Member

    And the female Sub-Inspector rocks, yeah. Also the sub-comissioner we met in december when we was surrounded by an army of cops.
    But in this march protest there was no cops. and I guess there wont be more cops anymore... They know who the liars are.
  14. Petete Member

    Finally, the first part
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  15. Petete Member

    Finally, here is the 2nd part of our march Scientology Protest where you can see us celebrating the 100 Hubbard birthday and our 2nd Anonyversary as Anonymous Argentina educating people, talking about Bob Minton, anonymobiles (thanks Tony Leigh for your "Cult Catcher" pics), and many etcs. I hope you like it. And talking about liking, if you enjoy the video, please support rating it with the like buttom in Youtube to help us agaisnt some stupid anons who are giving a bad name to all of us... You all know what I mean.
    Third part coming soon, I promise.
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Yay! Tangoanons are GO!
  17. COREarg Member

    Again,why the hell did I miss this?
    U guys missed me! <3 I miss u forros de cuarta so much as well...! also: O u Iggy!

    I loved the photos and the jokes,btw. Nice add for the videos!
    And about that other anons... They give me the grumpy.

    Btw:...I love Falcons. :C Y w can't hav un?
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  18. Petete Member

    Of course we missed you, and as you can see you are always with us even if you can't come. Hope to see you the 9 of July to celebrate our independence day enturbulating the scilons :D
  19. Petete Member

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  20. Petete Member

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  21. COREarg Member

    ^ <3 There is always an old lady that wants to join the videos in a way or other. <333

    btw: Cuando aparezca una vieja como Violencia Rivas,voy a recuperar la fe en la vejez argentina.
  22. xenubarb Member

    So interesting, the lack of event! I wonder if they're dwindling in Argentina, or if all active Scilons know to avoid the Big Events so they don't get locked in and shaken down.
  23. Petete Member

    No idea why the place was so dead. Next protest was in May and there was a lot of people, even the head of Scientology Spain was there if Im not mistaken, and he was very upset with Gustavo Libardi, head of the cult and OSA here in Argentina, because we were 8, the police was on our side, and they couldn't do anything to kick us out. That footage will come soon and you will see it here where in the meantime you can read my post game report (I need to add the detail of the head of scn spain because I noticed it was him watching the footage at home after the protest, ill edit it or add it soon, and the videos will be great, Im just a bit delayed).
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  24. Petete Member

    Head of Scientology Spain: Ivan Arjona
  25. Petete Member

    Btw today we celebrate our independence day enturbulating Scilons, so wish us luck! :D
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  26. COREarg Member

    I'm trying to finish the playlist here lol Can't wait to go,actually.
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  27. ANON74 Member

    I am loving your videos. Please, please from an avid viewer, could the anons do a dance, maybe away from the protest site if you wish. 'sigh'
  28. Petete Member

    Maybe in one of the next ones, lol. Glad that you like our videos, more will come soon. I still have 2 or 3 from this protest, and then will come the May protest videos, and the ones from yesterday. Stay tuned!
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  29. i'mglib Member

    Thanks for the excellent report. Looking forward to the videos.
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  30. Petete Member

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  31. COREarg Member

    Finally,satisfied at last :p

    It seems like the most RONERY street ever,I have to agree. It seems that March is not our month. :S
    also: <3 O u Iggy and Cuppy!

    I cried when one of the kids said "... We will be here begging" :C YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO HAVE A NICE CHILDHOOD,NOT BEGGING ON STREET ;_;
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  32. Petete Member

    Part 6. Only one more is left...
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  33. COREarg Member

    That was...actually pretty damn weird... :|

    Still a nice guy,just too trippy,but nice. He forgot his tinfoil hat at home,though.

    Btw:Nice intermissions... remember to put music on those,to make it more easy LOL
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  34. Anonymous Member

    epic burn at 5:40 sec

    i have never seen such brutality in my life, and i love it.
    i guess that poor woman is going to rot in the RPF for that one. lol
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  35. Silly433 Moderator

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  36. Anonymous Member

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  37. Petete Member

    Part 7. THE END.
    I filmed a Scilon arriving at this part, he knocked the door many times but...
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  38. Anonymous Member

    bravo argentine anons you guys rocks
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  39. COREarg Member

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