Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by Petete, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Not complaints here!!! Very cool!!!
  2. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    How did you get the press to cover this?
    I'm sure that many other cities around the world would like to know.
  3. tazor Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    This is beautiful. I am crying, I'm laughing so hard.

    "Dont talk about my mask because I dont talk about your face, and I can think you are ugly, but Im respectfull and I dont say it".


    Great job!!
  4. peterstorm Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    If this can be spread to spanish speaking countries...

    Keep up the good work.
  5. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    I called them :p Via phone, emails, I would start making smoke signs if it would be necessary :D Of course I gave detailed information to them.
    And thank you Tazor :D Glad to make you laugh :D

    Me pregunto Buttons como obtuvimos cobertura de la prensa. Dice que seguramente otras ciudades del mundo quieren saber. La respuesta es: Los llame :p Via telefono, mails, hubiera empezado a hacer señales de humo de ser necesario :D Por supuesto les di detallada informacion
    Y gracias Tazor, complacido de hacerte reir :D
  6. Anonymous Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Such passion! Epic win Buenos Aires!

  7. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Its all because of you, Anonymous of the entire world.
    We love you too.
  8. frettchen007 Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    can haz tango dancin anons nao?

    luv & hugs to all
  9. nonentity Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

  10. anony.max Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    EPIC WIN!!!!!!!

    It feel so good to have friends in "Rest of the world"!!

    LOVE YOU!!!!
  11. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    I cant believe I forgot to tell this part:
    While Gustavo Libardi was lying in the entrance to the TV crew, a very young boy (20 or less) came out from inside the building to the street. Libardi turned his head to him, his face showed PANIC, and he inmediatelly grabbed the boy from his arms, walked him back inside the building, and closed the doors. I think he whispered something to the poor kid but I couldnt hear it. What I do heard was one of our buddies shouting from behind me "They dont let them see the sun!". I laughed loud and shouted "No! They dont let them see THE TRUTH!".
    God, that was another good one, ppl laughed all around. I felt like Mel Gibson in Braveheart shouting that.
    I think I must start my comedian carreer or something. Someone wants to be my agent? Im a mine of gold.

    No puedo creer que olvide contar esta parte:
    Mientras Gustavo Libardi mentia al equipo de America TV en la entrada, un muy joven muchacho (20 o menos) salio del interior del edificio hacia la calle. Libardi giro su cabeza hacia el, su cara mostro PANICO, e inmediatamente agarro al pibe de los brazos, lo paseo de vuelta adentro del edificio, y cerro las puertas. Creo que susurro algo al pobre pibe pero no pude oirlo. Lo que si oi fue a uno de nuestros amigos gritando detras mio "No los dejan ver el sol!". Yo rei y grite "No! No los dejan ver LA VERDAD!"
    Dios, esa fue otra buena, todos rieron alrededor. Me senti como Mel Gibson en Corazon Valiente gritando eso.
    Creo que debo empezar mi carrera de comediante o algo. Alguien quiere ser mi representante? Soy una mina de oro
  12. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    anony.max said:



    I think we deserve to have a separate section ;)

    Remember I had the great honor to be touched by a "clear", the actual HEAD of Co$ in Argentina, WOW,... respect dudes.


    Kidding, I like to be part of the "rest of the world"!!

    Thanks for the support Anons!!!


    (Written words can be misleading, so I want to make it clear that this is a JOKE. We are cool. I am NOT demanding a special section.)
  13. the_cloak Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Wow you guys kicked ass! Glad your media is willing to get involved. My own local media is still scared of the scilons.
  14. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Touched? That sounds almost... sexy. I would say shoved, pushed.
    And I second that, we deserve an Argentina Action thread or something. At least South America-Argentina. "Argentinian Chronicles" sounds good too... What do you think anons of the world? We are risking our necks here, enturbulating the empty head of scientology argentina Gustavo Libardi, and making the world Laugh.

    Tocada? Eso suena casi... sexy. Yo diria sacudida, empujada.
    Y coincido, merecemos un thread Accion Argentina o algo. Al menos Sudamerica-Argentina. "Cronicas Argentinas" suena bien tambien... Que piensan anonymous del mundo? Estamos arriesgando nuestros pescuezos aca, enturbulando a la cabeza vacia de scientology argentina Gustavo Libardi, y haciendo reir al mundo.
  15. Lizzy0lizzard Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid


    Don't fight!!

    It was a joke, c'mon!! Don't take it seriously, I didn't propose a special section!!!

    Everything's alright!!!

  16. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    You guys make me smile so much. And you do it in two languages - in stereo!

    Love you. Love your joy. Love your winnage. and LURV your logo!

  17. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Who is fighting honey? You are very sensitive or you have a lack of humor issue...
  18. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Now I will start a fight...
    Im the only one typing in two languages...
    At least lately :p
    Some lazy ppl dont like to translate you know..... :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p :p
  19. Math Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Very Good Argentina :D
    Rest of thw world can do it too!
  20. Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Usted todo should estar muy orgulloso de se. Siempre haber bueno impreso información a billete afuera al personas en la calle. Siempre acto en un pacífico y gracia costumbre hacer haber un pregunta por mi hermanos y hermanas en Argentina. Lata cualquier un de usted averiguar cualquier información acerca de scientology's barco llamado el Freewinds " Creo está siendo trabajado en en un astillero en alguna parte en Brasil. Si cualquier de usted lata averiguar información en la sitio de la Freewinds " estaría épico! Sé Buenos Aries es de lejos Brasil , pero mayo estar usted tipos lata obtener esto información. Una vez de nuevo , excelente empleo mi amigos!
  21. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    ^ what he said
  22. caleb Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    I´ll do my best to translate this to english (I´m not from USA, so excuse me if my english isn´t the best, but also the original text is not 100% in spanish, it seems to be an "automatic translation", besides that, here is my personal transcription from it, I believe you´ll get the main idea of someguynameddavid's post)

    "You should all be proud. It always causes good impresion to inform people outside on the streets. Always acting peacefully y thankfull I have a question for my brothers and sisters in Argentina. Do you have any information about a Scientology Ship named Freewinds?
    I believe is working in a shipyard somewhere in Brazil. If any of you got any information about this on the Freewinds site would be great.
    I know Buenos Aires is far from Brasil, but on may this guys will be there obtain this information. (not quite sure about the correct translation of the last part ofthis sentence)
    Once again, nice job my friends!"
  23. ARC Member

  24. none given Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    ARC is correct. You should have an all spanish forum; it will be a lot faster for you than translating everything and safer in case the central site goes down but please keep us informed of your wins.

    Great work BTW, thank you,
  25. themadhair Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Anonimos Espana

    ^ Up for grabs. First BA anon to call it gets it.
  26. IncognitoNYC Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Que bueno fueron! Much respecto de Nueva York!
  27. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Hey buddy, ty for your warning! But please, just type in english, most of us can usdertand it very well and translate it to spanish ourselves, dont worry about that. Automatic translators always sucks.
    But again, massive thanks.
    Hey Math, you are from Brazil, what do you know or can find out about this? Im sure you can help us, and btw, Brazilean ppl is really hot and passionate, even more than us. If you get to reach cool people, maybe giving leaflets away in universities or something, Im sure you will be the founder of the Anonymous Brazil. You are in fact, but you need a little army to start protesting and that. Anyway, just searching for info like this will help all latin america a LOT. Thanks for your support, and thanks in advance for this favor we ask you.
    We need to kick out the freewinds from our waters, because it polludes every place where it goes with blue asbestos, higly canceringeous (it has to be Scientology). Hey, calling Greenpeace Brazil would be a good idea Math, please alert them, and the media on your country

    Aparentemente, por lo que dice someguynameddavid el Freewinds, barco donde dan cursos de niveles elevados en la secta, y que contamina las aguas de cada pais donde va con asbestos azules, altamente cancerigeno, esta en Brasil y vendra a Argentina en Mayo. Propuse a nuestro amigo Math llamar a Greenpeace Brasil ya que el vive ahi. Y nosotros debemos hacer lo mismo aqui.
  28. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Sounds reasonable, just let me-us know who we need to inform, it would be cool to inform people from many countries, but we are new on this. Please light our way a bit more. TY
  29. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Thanks for the warning but I just watched their site and is not even in brazil now, not going there. About south america it will go to Venezuela (stupid president Chavez welcoming killers but kicking out coca cola, dumb ass) and Colombia. If there are anons from those countries they should be warned about The Cancer Boat going there, but I have no Idea.
    Btw, we speak spanish, but we are not spain (España). Spain is in Europe, we are in South America.
    Maybe Lizzy was right about us having our own place to talk.... Any idea bosses?

    Gracias por la advertencia pero recien me fije en el sitio de Freewinds y no esta ni siquiera en Brasil ahora, y no va ahi. Sobre sudameriac ira a Venezuela (estupido presidente Chavez dandole la bienvenida a los asesinos pero echando a coca cola, pelotudo) y Colombia. Si hay anons en esos paises deberian ser advertidos de que El Crucero del Cancer va hacia alla.
    Por cierto, nosotros hablamos español pero no somos parte de España. España esta en Europa, nosotros en Sudamerica.
    Quizas Lizzy estaba acertada acerca de tener nuestro propio lugar para hablar.... Alguna idea jefes?
  30. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    One more thing: If we have our own spanish forum or whatever, the US Scilons will know anyway because Libardi will tell them... No way to keep secrets....
    I wonder if Miscagay is starting a file about the dangerous Petete....
  31. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    ejem, some pics :p

    [SPOILER] 14032009361.jpg [/SPOILER]

    [SPOILER] 14032009363.jpg [/SPOILER]

    correct me if I´m wrong but i think we are the first Anon comando that succeded in tagged the scions with a graffiti! Am I right!??

    jajaj sweet!
  32. caleb Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    More from last saturday's raid, the following audio is from today, the show is called "Onda Verde" (Green wave) its aired from mon to fri 2pm to 6pm, you can listen to it on Radio Uno.

    Link: 20090316 Onda Verde - Radio -

    Audio Transcription...
    Message from audio listener (read by Woman) - "Greens, don't let them say that you speak bad about all cults... I don't remember hearing you speaking bad about scientology.
    Do you know that last weekend the group anonymous protest again them at the 'church' that they have in recoleta (neighbourhood)? Regards"
    Woman - "I don't know..."
    Man 1 (interrupting) - "Now we are gonna talk about scientology..."
    Woman (continues) - "if we spoke bad, but we laugh a lot, for example from Tom Cruise and all the crazy things he do because of..."
    Man 2 - "Till death..."
    Man 1 (interrupting) - "They took off the money from rich people, it's a religion for reach people... that want to donate... " (mocking) "well, it's ok... "
    Woman - "It's like the Robin Hood of the..."
    Man 1 - "yeah, fuck them" (not really "fuck them" but is the closest translation that I can think off)
    Woman - "the Robin Hood of churchs."

    Obviously they need more info about CO$... (and they will have it)
    PS: I don't mind writing "in stereo", but also consider a good idea to have our own site.

    Mas sobre el raid del sábado pasado, el audio es de hoy, el programa se llama "Onda Verde" está al aire de lun a vie de 2pm a 6pm, pueden escucharlo en Radio Uno.

    Link: 20090316 Onda Verde - Radio -

    Obviamente necesitan mas información sobre el CO$... (Y la tendrán)
    PD: No me importa escribir "en estereo", pero tambien considero que es una buena idea tener una pagina propia.
  33. CantPickaName Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    If you get your own site please keep us informed of your epic wins
  34. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Probably. I can't approve the property destruction. The effect is great as graffiti goes...
  35. LachendeMann Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Thank you Caleb, I´ve just send a mail to Radio Uno containing important info about the cult, same info that we send to the media

    Hope they get involve after reading at least as individuals.

    Anything else you want me to take care off:cool:


    Tiny dancer, it is not destruction. we prefer the term ... redecoration! XD jajaja

    and if we consider that they destroy lives! it is not so bad to vandalize their buildings
  36. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Technically, it's an improvement, arguably! :D
  37. Drunk Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Ya tengo mi boleto para Argentina comprado Petete, te ayudare a hacer eso real y Lizzy esta invitada tambien :D


  38. Buttons Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Passion is what makes this thread so unique.

    Thank you for taking the time & effort to translate it into English so that we can share your experience.

    I can't wait to hear/share what you do next.
    Just be safe!
  39. Petete Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid


    Yeah baby yeah!
    It will be a pleasure for us to have you here Drunk.
    Hey Tiny Dancer, Im so glad that you apreciate LanchendeMann`s "redecoration", thats art, not vandalism. Btw, in my opinion... vandalism and destruction of a murderuous cult property would be art too.... :p But I know, I know, we won`t destroy anything but Libardi`s selfsteem, promise.
    At least if he don`t dare to play rough with Lizzy again, and I guess all my male comrades will second that. But lets think about party now instead of violence. Just Laughs and party, like the first time I shouted to Libardi (I didn`t told thjis before) "Hey Libardi, Why are you using glasses? You are not an OT?". That was the first thing I shouted to him interrupting his TV interview a bit, Caleb grabbed me by my arm, lol. He didnt knew all the stuff that was going to come later.
    Ah.... a day to remember, really, I had so much fun guys... thank you all again.
    And Caleb, I heard the radio audio and it was cool, they were sarcastic. I just hope they read what LanchendeMann sent to them, because Robin Hood was (if he was real) a hero, not a psycho killer.
    WE are Robin Hoods, not them. We cut the cash income from the cult protesting, we stop bit by bit their hands emptying the people`s money.

    Yeeeeeeehaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww (sin traduccion porque es un grito cowbow, no voy a poner "Aijuna!" :p)

    Yeah baby yeah.
    Sera un placer tenerte aca Drunk.
    Hey Tiny Dancer, me agrada mucho que aprecies la "redecoracion que hizo LanchendeMann, eso es arte, no vandalismo. Por cierto, en mi opinion, la destruccion de la propiedad de una secta asesina seria arte tambien... :p Pero ya se, ya se, no destruiremos nada que la autoestima de Libardi, promesa.
    Al menos mientras el no vuelva a jugar duro con Lizzy, y supongo que todos mis comaradas masculinos coincidiran. Pero pensemos en fiesta ahora en lugar de violencia. Solo risas y fiesta, como la primera vez que le grite a Libardi (no conte esto antes) "Hey Libardi! ¿Por que usas anteojos? No sos un OT?". Eso fue lo primero que le grite interrumpiendo un poco su nota con la TV, Caleb me agarro del brazo, JUA, el no sabia todo lo que iba a venir despues.
    Ahhh.... Un dia para recordar, realmente, me diverti tanto muchachos... gracias a todos otra vez.
    Y Caleb, escuche el audio de la radio y estuvo copado, ellos fueron sarcasticos. Solo espero que lean lo que les mando LanchendeMann, porque Robin Hood (si existio) fue un heroe, no un asesino psicotico.
    Nosotros somos los Robin Hoods, no ellos. Nosotros cortamos el ingreso de guita de la secta protestando, nosotros de paramos poco a poco sus manos vaciando de guita los bolsillos de la gente.
  40. tofuman Member

    Re: Buenos Aires March 14th post-raid

    Excellent job popping your org's protest cherry.

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