Buenos Aires Raid Dec 18, 2010 Reporting In!

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by CuppyCake, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. Petete Member

    Re: PART 1 OF PICS

    Your ass is big, but theirs (Scilons) is hurt :p
    Your heart is bigger, and thats what matters.
    Awww, Im so sweet :D
  2. UMULAS Member

    Re: PART 1 OF PICS

    So why were their so many cops in that place, since when did they cared about what's going on?
  3. ObamAnon Member

    Re: Buenos Aires Raid Dec 18, 2010 Reporting In!

    Can "Crazy Baton Party" be a new meme?


    Well done, Argentina.
  4. Petete Member

    Re: PART 1 OF PICS

    Because cops are corrupt, and the cult loves to lie to them, and to pay them to work for them.
  5. COREarg Member

    Oh you ~ <3
    You mean in the flamboyant gay homoparty sense of "Oh,policemen gangrape at jail! wooooh! ~ "
    Or in the "We're going to die like raccoons being hit with a baseball bat" way?
  6. Petete Member

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  7. COREarg Member

    Even though I wear the mask,I recognize I was scared as Hell.
    Next signs will be from harder material, white with blue and black font color and with light-blue borders,to gather more attention. And I will do the fonts with that rulers with letters, since it would look more clean.

    ...I was in a hurry when I made them,that's why they look also so "meh" =(
  8. Petete Member

    Your signs were great, stop whining about that or Ill chain you to the basement pipes :p
  9. COREarg Member

    ^ Ok ok,I will quit the whining.
    But...I wouldn't despise some chaining. Does it include leather? I love leather!
  10. CuppyCake Member

    What is going on in the forums, everything it sooooo confusing... I'm too old for drastic changes like this. I think I need to keep playing with my dentures. Good work on the video!
  11. CuppyCake Member

    OH DEAR JESUS half of the first video is my ass. :( Time to lay off the dulce de leche for sure, :( Camera adds ten pounds?
  12. COREarg Member

    Stop whining,mine is bigger.
  13. CuppyCake Member

    I would start jogging, but after getting attacked this past weekend, I think I would rather not. Too bad gyms here are SUPER expensive!
  14. Anonymous Member

    when protesting dangerous and scary cults, the rule is "don't go alone!"

    If you're out jogging and scary people are out there, try the same rule.
    Sometimes it is nice to just sweat and not have other people see or smell you, but safety should be first!
  15. Petete Member

    So, excepting your ass, did you liked the videos Cuppy?
    Third part is a bit delayed but in the works and coming soon.
  16. Petete Member

    About the changes Im a bit confused too. Btw, I just noticed in my alerts that Ive been awarded 3 trophies, but when I try to see them it says trophies werent created yet or something (?)
    HALP!? I want my trophies :(
  17. xenubarb Member

    Oh, I really like your logo! It'd look wonderful on a flag!
  18. Zak McKracken Member

    As Ann would say, "Interesting".

    from Argentina

    Member Since: Mar 4, 2009 Message Count: 117
    Trophy Points: 0 Likes Received: 2
  19. Petete Member

    It was on my alarms, it says I had 3 trophies wich were givern on Saturday. I didnt even know about the trophies before, just saw them, and when I clicked there was nothing.
    If you think Im doing protest and translating stuff to two languages to win trophies... That means you dont have something called sense of humor.
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  20. Zak McKracken Member

    I was concerned about your stats. Especially the "ZERO TROPHY POINTS" and "ONE LIKE"
    so I upgraded them. Do you mind?
  21. Petete Member

    I just mind that people who dont know me or what I do, not only in WWP, judges me for a silly joke, maybe because they didnt get it, maybe because they dont have nothing better to do.
    WWP is no the only place where I post. While some people lives here, Im working doing a lot of things. Thats all.
  22. Anonymous Member

    I don't believe you!
    I don't believe you!

    What are your crimes!
  23. Anonymous Member

    Warning AR:
    I think you should all disconnect from Petete. He does not seem trustworthy, and he is a silly joke who has nothing better to do than post on WWP.
  24. Petete Member

    Trolls never learn....
  25. You're not helping things bro.
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  26. Petete Member

    Thank you Rufus. Obvious envious trolls are obvious
  27. and you shouldn't feed them.
  28. Anonymous Member

  29. Petete Member

    Should I let them attack me while Im just doing my job? I mean, seriously. I translate videos and articles, I protest, I post here every now and them. Then, a troll attacks me for a silly joke. Nobody bans him, If I dint report him he can continue attacking. Should I be silent while trolls keeps annoying people and making them chose to leave wwp? I think trolls should be banned. If they are free to attack, we should be free to use our freedom of speech to at least answer. Is not my fault if trolls has more freedom than the people they attack. We should be more valuable than them for wwp, because we really are.
  30. CuppyCake Member

    Well I think people are all getting a bit defensive. Can't we all just get along? :) Very good video work, can we use photoshop to make me look like a supermodel or something :D

    Don't listen to silly trolls, I think if people are smart enough, their bull shit detector should tell them not to believe them. Petete keep up the good work, and don't waste any time on such foolish 10-year-olds.
  31. COREarg Member

    Petete, no le des pelota y dejalos que vivan comiendo aire. Los forros seremos siempre forros.

    Translation: Haters gonna hate.
  32. Zak McKracken Member

    Petete: I apologize for trolling in this thread.
    I did not mean to insult you, and I did not intend to speak badly of your work, or that of Argentine Anons.
    All of you have done amazing and wonderful things, and I am very grateful that you have and continue to do so.

    I made a joke about "statistics" using the language that Anonymous persons in the other subforums do,
    not for the purpose of attacking what you have done or seen,
    but trying to point out how absurd and useless the forum statistics are (and how especially useless Trophys are).
    I thought it was a funny joke. I guess now, it was not funny and actually stupid.

    You are right about my being a coward. I admit that, and also admit to be a troll.
    Sorry for disrupting the thread, and I will stay out of threads where you are trying to work, in the future.
    I delayed answering because I wanted to try and remove any bits of "troll" from my system.

    I'm quite serious though, when saying that I respect your organizing and planning and effective resistance against Scientology in your part of the world.

    Thanks, very much,
    and sorry for troubling you,

  33. Petete Member

    Thank you. Apology accepted. No need to stay away from our threads, just dont troll us.
    It's all good, and thank you again.
  34. Petete Member

  35. COREarg Member

    ^ Here we have a direct embedidergh version for all the lazyfucks who don't want to go to youtube because they are part of the complot with Facebook to stop anonymous and other tinfoil theories :p

  36. Petete Member

    I copypasted the embebbed link but didnt worked, so I edited and copypasted the browser address.
    How did you do it?
  37. caleb Member

    Yeah baby!
    EPIC .......... (fill the blanks) ;)
  38. COREarg Member

    Use el boton de "MEDIA" que hay ahora cuando escribis un comentario. Pones el link y listo.
    :S weird
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  39. COREarg Member

    4th part of the protest we did at 18th of december last year.
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  40. Petete Member

    Thank you honey.

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