Buenos Aires Raid Dec 18, 2010 Reporting In!

Discussion in 'Rest of the World' started by CuppyCake, Dec 18, 2010.

  1. COREarg Member


    ¿Por qué sospecho que si no es de Wikileaks o Egipto no lo van a ver? ... Forros! D:
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  2. Petete Member

    Gracias Core :D
  3. caleb Member

    si, bueno, viva nosotros, el resto: keep on blowing -_-
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  4. COREarg Member

    Part six,and please,spare some love. Petete had been working really hard =C

    Petete will not blur the shit out of people's faces. LIKE A BOSS.
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  5. Petete Member

    LOL! Thank you as usual honey, for spreading it, and for your personal support :D
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  6. caleb Member

    Love is in the air... (wait till monday please!) XD
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  7. Petete Member

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  8. COREarg Member

    Part number 7, posted and ready for all anons of the world to enjoy.
    Because we never gonna give you all up,or let you down <3
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  9. Petete Member

    Thanks for posting it hon.
    Great protest last caturday btw :p It was crazy.
    There is only one part left of this series, that it will be uploaded in a couple of days.
    Ill start last caturday protest videos then.
  10. COREarg Member

    Last part of our protest.
    I hope you all enjoy it.

    ...I loved the last part! =C Baaaw'd!
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  11. Petete Member

    Ty again for posting it. And glad to know you liked it :D
    Now, to work with last caturday protest video...
  12. caleb Member

    superb! Hope nobody claim copyright on the OST of this last part though
  13. Petete Member

    They wont. They were paid by big pharma and the psychiatrists so we could use it
  14. vaLLarrr Member

    Muchas gracias chicos y chicas! Muy bien!! El $cientologista es puto.
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