Buffalo Post Game (March 13th)

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by SOJOA, Mar 14, 2011.

  1. SOJOA Member

    Well four brave solos stood out in the 34 degree weather and protested across from the Ideal Org in buffalo on sunday. We all had signs and one attached to a fence so traffic would see it. We had alot of honks and thumbs up. We had a few cars stop and a few pedistrians stop by to talk to us. We passed out flyers and cards where/when we could.

    The video of "Sam" gives a rundown of why we were there and a little bit of how the org reacted. They sent this poor kid out in the cold to sweep the sidewalk, closed some of their blinds and of course, they filmed us.

    More pictures and video will follow

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  2. Anonymous Member

    You guise are awesome.
  3. AnonLover Member

    Nicely done Buffalo, so glad to hear that building is empty and going to waste!
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  4. SOJOA Member

    Kind of sad really cause the building is absolutely beautiful and its occupied by CoS. The top 2 floors are completely empty from what I know. Also, I found out yesterday that that building used to be part of the architecture tour in buffalo but it was taken off cause the cult had its Dianetics hard sell video playing and they were harassing people. Lol.
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  5. OTBT Member

    Dianetics works and it harasses people.
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Nicely done!
  7. Ogsonofgroo Member

    Awshumness and kudos for Buffalo Anons, y'all ROCK!
  8. ravenanon Member

    love the sign! and love the empty building!
  9. Sponge Member

    Awesome report.
    I think Buffalo was one of the first "ideal org" (or rather "pre ideal org") upgrades when DM started moving towards having these grand street-closing ceremonies celebrating the aquisition of real esate. Glad to see it is still shitter than shit.

    P.S. Talking of "buffalo" There's a news article on the feeds today titled: "Then and Now: Scientol-o-rific" from news blog. DO NOT visit it at the moment. Their adserver is infected with the "system tool" extortion trojan.
  10. SOJOA Member

    Interesting. Ill have to check it out.
  11. amaX Member

    Brave Anons are brave to be out in the still chilly weather. Well done, Buffalo Anons!
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  12. SOJOA Member

    Article was about the renovations to the building and how its better than a parking lot. They later updated the article, the writer did, cause he felt too much credit was given to the church of scientology. Lots of Anon comments.
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