Bulgaria backfires

Discussion in 'Other Countries' started by Anonymous, Jul 19, 2013.

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    To thank France’s ambassador, on July 13, a group of demonstrators had re-enacted ‘Liberty Leading the People’, a 1830 Eugene Delacroix painting, complete with 19th-century costumes and antique rifles.
    “Europe, where are you? Freedom! Revolution!” screamed Tania Ilieva, the model playing the mythical role of the bare-chested goddess leading the revolutionaries in Delacroix’s painting, AFP reported. Ilieva brandished both the Bulgarian and European flag as thousands of demonstrators chanted “Resignation!” in front of the government’s offices.

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    That there is a palpable tit! No TOGTFO for her! She's SERIOUS!
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    It could mean that you live the life of a fuck monkey which might be fun.
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  14. Those people are pro-government left wing phony "anonypous"organization:

    All they do is slander the anti-gov protesters and circulate fake news and lies. They are owned or paid by a notorious Bulgarian oligarch Delyan Peevski. They are absolutely fake and are a shame for this movement. You have been warned!
  15. This protest was known to be organised by the political opposition. Do you understand what "Colour revolution" means? I doubt it. United States think tanks operating in Bulgaria created the protest, when US company received a known project, this protest was dead. Learn facts, not blaming people who fight for real.

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