"Butcher of Tehran" Sacked!!!

Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Shhh-IRAN, Aug 29, 2009.

  1. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Huge news from S. Larijani's Judiciary today via MikVerbrugge and others, parleman news.

    Not only has Mortazavi been sacked, but (from MikVerbrugge) many other Regime stooges in Judiciary also replaced with people who are actually qualified for their jobs (rather than only to rape, murder, steal, etc).

    So our dear Spr4rrowh4wk has been sooo correct in his analyses and predictions!! In fact, he's basking in the warm glow of it on twitter right now. :)

    Example tweet-news:

    Tehran Special Homicide Judge to open potentially hundreds of new files on post election crimes.

    Tehran Forensic Dept ordered to give a copy of all files related to anon. graves to Majlis Spec. Committee

    Tehran Forensic Dept ordered to hand over all files related to anon. graves to prosecutor&Hd ofJudiciary

    Judiciary Source: If necessary, Jud. will order exhumation of anon. graves to identify bodies buried there.

    Ayat. S.Larijani to appoint 2 Judiciary officers 2 Majlis Spec. Investigation Comitee 2 add executive force 2 cmte

    Etc -- see MikVerbrugge's page.
  2. Thank you

    Thank you for this news. Hope we'll see a reflection sooner or later in gov news reported.

    Always hoping - /seaofliberty
  3. Shhh-IRAN Member

  4. Visionary Member

    Wow, this is really good news!
    I just hope it won't turn into a whitewashing and back to business as usual after a bit of cleaning out.
    But this may at least be the beginning of the end for Ahmadinejad.
  5. Jakomeyu Member

    thats good to know
  6. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Or the actual beginning of the civil war.
  7. Akhbar Azadi Member

    Now on PressTV

    Judiciary names new Tehran prosecutor general
  8. Visionary Member

    sp4rrowh4wk (sp4rrowh4wk) on Twitter
    From our good buddy sp4rrowh4wk
  9. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Even with this good news, it seems like it might yet take awhile for the new Judiciary to get control of those who are continuing to make arrests (tweets today about 3 more Univ professors arrested) and squirreling their victims away in secret prisons (tweets suggest another one was "discovered" yesterday).

    I just can't believe that the IRGC/AN mafia will go peacefully into jail...

    The new Judiciary may be able to stop the sham trials and torture in the prisons that they control, and will hopefully release the political prisoners. I have my fingers crossed anyway.

    But when they start arresting the goons, how is it possible that all hell won't break loose?
  10. That surely has to be the question. AN & Co. have everything to lose, no way out -- how can they 'go quietly?" On the other hand, if new Judiciary doesn't make this stand, nothing can change. A tragic place to be.

    Hoping still, if perhaps irrationally, for the safety of the Iranian people.

  11. Shhh-IRAN Member

    Hoping for their safety, too! The possibility of a civil war (just discussed by MikVerbrugge on twitter, describing a special invst. committee report to SL) seems to loom large, altho there is some hope the factions might fight it out amongst themselves at the top and leave the people alone going forward.

    OTOH, the people may not WANT to be left out of it.
  12. Dro Member

    The butcher is gone, Finally!:D :D

    I was getting worried Larijani's appointment was just for show and a whitewash was underway with a few unimportant scapegoats offered up in order to calm the situation.

    It seems my worries were unfounded. I feel much better now.

    The next few days will be very interesting...
  13. I think that Ahamadinijad is preparing to start calling some of his own basiji and IRG troops foreign agents, so that he can sacrifice them in a desperate attempt to calm things down. He will do anything so he can stay in power, and the top brass of the IRG will help so they can protect all the business deals they have going.

    If his troops have any sense, they better start getting ready to fight him. They know exactly what happens in their prisons. I'm thinking a lot of them never thought they'd become the receivers instead of the givers.

    They have been saying some really ridiculous things lately.

    For example, they said that Jews control the news that is printed in an Arab news outlet - al Jazeera of all place.!

    Iran diplomat denies UAE weapons ship seizure

    Al Jazeera English - Middle East - UAE 'seizes N Korea arms shipment'

    Friday, AN said that the ones raping and torturing opposition prisoners were actually members of the opposition, and the IRG is blameless. So he is saying the opposition is running the prisons. And today, we have the guy coming out and saying it was the opposition or Zionists or some shit like that who raided and destroyed the university and arrested all the students and professors.

    It is bizarre it is so far out there. Who are these messages aimed at? Who do they honestly think will believe them? Why even bother to make up things so bizarre that they couldn't possibly think anyone would ever believe them? Not even their own ranks, who's minds they own, would believe this.

    Their propaganda is usually aimed at the chior, to keep them in line. But now the propaganda is starting to turn against the chior, and is accusing them of being opposition.

    They are starting to look very desperate. I think, in order to appease the masses, AN will soon start picking out basiji, police and prison guards who his officers tell him are expendable, and then they are going to start accusing them of being foreign agents who were planted to stir things up.

    If the opposition can name and proove who stormed the university, and who has been torturing and raping prisoners, those people are going to be accused of being foreign agents. And they will be on trial themselves, soon, as AN tries to soothe everyone over and make them forget he stole the elections.
  14. Machiavelli Member

    The solution to this riddle is simple:
    They, the inner Mesbah-circle including Ahmadi, were believing their own messages. (Everyone except Mesbah himself probably.)

    It's shocking, but there is no other explanation. And it's not something, that never happened before. After all, Hitler DID believe in his own crazy-weird propaganda.

    Now they try desperately to bring in line their preconceived and unquestioned ideas with the continous observations of the real world out there. It does not square, it cannot possibly square, but they are not yet ready to admit that to themselves.

    If you know Kübler-Ross, you will see that the first of them just entered the "bargaining stage".

    Ahmadi himself is still far from that. His confidence is revealing. He still BELIEVES, he is somehow chosen, special. He is still in total denial. When he reaches the stage of anger, blood will probably be spilt. Be grateful to Allah, he will not be in possession of an atomic bomb, when that happens. He would be capable of using it against Tehran.

    The time is running up, the madmen are nearing their last stand. No one knows, what it will be. But it will be desperate, illogical and utterly weird. Be prepared for everything.
  15. Paleene Member

    what are you referring to? I only know her as a scientist researching near-death experiences.
  16. Akhbar Azadi Member

    You are absolutely right, these are true madmen: and that makes them unpredictable and highly dangerous.
  17. She created model called the 5 stages of grief earlier in her career:

    1) denial
    2) anger
    3) bargaining
    4) depression
    5) acceptance

    the psychological journey, she say, that human beings experience when dying. Example of stage 3) bargaining on wikipedia:

    bargaining — "Just let me live to see my children graduate."; "I'll do anything for a few more years."; "I will give my life savings if..."

    Kübler-Ross model - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

  18. Machiavelli Member

    I apply her "five stages of grief" on a little bit wider scale.

    In essence this process is a restructuring process of the mental operating system. The inevitability of a near death is not part of the person's basic mental framework first, constituting a delusion, but a delusion that is an integral part of the self model. The onslaught of undeniable facts starts a process, that in the end changes that self model to include the obvious. Acceptance instead of delusion.

    I maintain, that this same process is observable in other cases of delusions, that are integrated into the current self model and therefore inherently unquestionable.

    This is not original Kübler-Ross, but I find this assumption gives very interesting predictions. In fact I find it so useful, that I simply use it in all cases of severe delusions I encounter.

    Besides, the assumption fits well with current neuroscience and my Buddhist background.

    If you are a professional in the field, I hope you will not judge my hyperbole too harshly...:)
  19. Another from Wikipedia

    The psychopath is defined by an uninhibited gratification in criminal, sexual, or aggressive impulses and the inability to learn from past mistakes. Individuals with this disorder gain satisfaction through their antisocial behavior and lack remorse for their actions.

    Is that it?

  20. As in most dictatorships, there's a point where the regime realizes the sheer mass and weight of the population's mindset. The floor gives way and everyone walks a tightrope. Will the regime be able to right itself? Will the regime be toppled? In which direction will the heads roll?

    The public trials of hapless and haggard reformers backfired. Alternate plan B is treason trials. "We were betrayed by rogue elements!" Suddenly, being judged by fellow thugs and rapists (as opposed to breaking bread and acting in concert with them) ripens into reality. Life for the politicians becomes invitation to dinner with the Borgias.

    The real danger comes when utter failure is realized. Time to go postal. Hitler wasn't satisfied until Germany was rubble and little boys were fighting seasoned Russian troops with rakes and shovels. Little German boys. He was going...and he was determined to take Germany with him. He almost succeeded. There is no betrayal like a wizened population.

    With no aggression coming from the outside world, the fight becomes a personal one. The final push is war waged against the population. I expect the odd behavior coming from the top is an indication the regime perceives the military numbers aren't there. After all, soldiers have families, and I would wager most of them have had at least one member of their family either incarcerated, tortured or killed. What does a dictator do when he smells his own bleeding in the air?

    The military is the lynch-pin. Generally, the armies of dictatorship are divided into three distinct categories: the elite guard, the thug squad, the regular army. The payola thins as one moves down the ranks. The foot soldier's loyalty is far less dependable than a financially greased toady's. The regular army likes nothing better than seeing their top men dispatched for eager, lesser men - but it is a sign of political weakness easily understood by all. As the population witnesses the great political cannibalization, so the army will see it within their sphere. When the regular army claims the population as it's leader - the finish comes swiftly. If you've seen the newsreels of Mussolini hanging in the square, you understand that declaration of loyalty.

    So, things seem to be advancing according to form. The dictator's pitiful party with it's 90% no-shows is a vote of political confidence and a probable indication of who is moving their financial interests out of the country. Notice that the bulk of political and business wealth is hoarded OUTSIDE the country. If you think 18 billion in a truck headed to Turkey is astonishing, the real numbers would floor you. The ship is sinking, the rats are scrambling for position.

    How appropriate that the iconic symbol of the Green movement is Neda Agha Soltan - The Voice. Communication as been the driving force behind the chaos and implosion at the top and the galvanizing of Iranian and world opinion. There is no greater example of why we fight. We are all Neda, on our way home from a singing lesson with a hope in our hearts and an expectation of some future personal accomplishment. Whether Iranian or American, we want to walk home from work unmolested. We want reasonable employment, decent domestic surroundings, good medical care, healthy food, an opportunity for education that broadens our intellectual vista, a just yet merciful legal system, a police force that protects and respects us as citizens...and the opportunity to love whomever we chose to love. These simple, yet universal desires are abhorrent to dictators and the very reason why they inevitably and predictably fall every time.

    The human heart and mind are repositories for mighty things. Woe to the one whose abuse unleashes a good man's mightiness.

    Keep Greening, Tweeting, writing, YouTubeing, speaking, singing, making music for the sake of righteousness and human dignity. You will win.

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